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meet scholarship donor

College of Arts and Architecture – Tips on Thanking the Scholarship Donor. Your award If you have met with the donor, can you make reference to the meeting. Scholarship Donors Meet Recipients at Annual Scholarship Reception. Friday, February 8, Carlos Muñoz CC '57, GSAS '61 went through Columbia on a. From left, Zachary Rippel, Josh McWilliams, Susie Thompson and Ben Temple meet their scholarship donor Luke Bryan.

These are different than scholarships funded by the university. Your donor scholarship helps underwrite, or may completely replace, your university-funded scholarship enabling more students to receive financial assistance. How was I selected for my donor-funded scholarship? The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships matches students with scholarship criteria determined by scholarship donors or by their representatives in consultation with the university.

In some cases, the dean or your college or school may collaborate with faculty and staff in selecting students for scholarships that are specific to a college, school, major or program. What do I need to do to keep my donor-funded scholarship? You need to continue to meet the scholarship's criteria and GPA requirement. If your scholarship is based on your financial need, you will need to complete your FAFSA every year.

Remaining active in campus life and participating in the Donor-Funded Scholarship Programs when asked are also encouraged! What information is shared with my scholarship donors? We report to donors that their gifts are being used in the way that they intended. We often report your name, class standing and major, as these are often included in the criteria of their funds.

Students Meet the Donors Who Funded Their Scholarships

We do not report confidential information, such as your personal contact information. There are no limitations on what you choose to share with your donor in your thank you letter.

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How can I contact my scholarship donor s? While we cannot share your scholarship donors' personal contact information with you, we are happy to contact them on your behalf at any time if you want to share information with them, such as a note of thanks, a special accomplishment or an invitation to an event in which you are participating.

We will cover the mailing costs of any printed materials you want to send to your scholarship donor s. How can I find out if I'm eligible for a donor-funded scholarship?

meet scholarship donor

What kind of paper should my thank you letter be on? Students submit their thank you notes in a variety of ways. Some type and print them on regular paper. Some hand-write them on note cards. Others write them on stationary and include a picture. Whatever method you choose, please make sure to include the proper content and do your best to include a signature.

Will someone proofread my note? But Brandon found Lone Star College to be more than he'd hoped for.

Scholarship Donors Meet Recipients at Annual Scholarship Reception | Columbia College

For example, I didn't know how much I love history! Livingston is making me love history, and this summer I spent so much time seeking out civil war sites every chance I got.

meet scholarship donor

We did it to continue the way they would see someone was working hard and struggling and give them a leg up. They enjoyed helping others reach those goals. Beth and Ann recalled when their father helped his sister, a single mother who had put four daughters through college, pay tuition for one of the girls to go to graduate school.

meet scholarship donor

I don't expect to be paid back. All I ask is that they help others when they can," he told them. The scholarship endowment at Lone Star continues that legacy. It doesn't take millions of dollars to change a life. Lone Star makes is easy to give, and meeting Brandon and other students makes it a pleasure.