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Mod The Sims - Meet Rupert the Ferret! Now with Rupert Jr.!

meet sims wiki pets

It is a spiritual successor to The Sims: Unleashed, The Sims 2: Pets, and The or visit a park to set up an obstacle course and meet other pet-loving locals. In The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs, you can breed your pets to ensure you have a big, happy family of animals surrounding your sims. Or, you know. Article CleanupThis article requires a cleanup to meet The Sims Wiki's quality standards. Please improve this article if you can. The Pet Trainer is an NPC for The.

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meet sims wiki pets

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The Sims 3: Pets

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meet sims wiki pets

I never realized how dark some of his markings are, so I lowered the opacity a bit to match a ferret a bit more. The pictures are before I lowered the opacity, so his markings aren't that dark and opaque ingame.

meet sims wiki pets

Feel free to alter it yourself if you'd like! Though he may look like a ferret, I'm sure you know he's a cat! Unfortunately, due to how difficult it would be to make height sliders and have them function well in-game, he is still as tall as a standard cat.

🐶🐱MY PETS AS SIMS!?🐱🐶 - The Sims 4 CAS Monday!

Don't let this discourage you from taking in this loving flurry friend! Rupert is a ferret, more specifically a sable-masked ferret. Rupert is always up to shenanigans and is always looking to play. Though he may love to scratch up a couch, zip through your house all day, or prance around your yard like a deer, he's just as loving as any other pet! His traits are Hyper, Playful, and Adventurous, which can match with many real life ferrets.

meet sims wiki pets

He can also be taught to be a hunter, considering he's a ferret after all. Rupert is of course a boy! But of course, you can change his gender AND name after installing him to your game c: And lucky for you, he has no CC!

Sims 4 Cats & Dogs: How to Breed Pets

Now, there's a Rupert Jr.! Is very contrasting in personality compared to Rupert. Though he may not be the bravest ferret around, he's still just as loving!