Meet your second wife outrageous wedding

New Wife vs. Ex-Wife: Facing the Facts (and the Emotions) | PairedLife

meet your second wife outrageous wedding

As my husband's second wife, I never once considered the thoughts and feelings of his ex-wife. Rather, I was enjoying my new marriage and. Bitter divorce: Norman's marriage to second wife Chris Evert lasted 15 Norman and Kutner allegedly had an affair during his first marriage to. Last night on SNL, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler played hosts of Meet Your Second Wife, where they introduced currently happily married.

Meet Your Second Wife - SNL : videos

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meet your second wife outrageous wedding

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meet your second wife outrageous wedding

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New Wife vs. Ex-Wife: Facing the Facts (and the Emotions)

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I wanted him to find someone and I didn't regret the decision I had made, yet there were many emotions surfacing that I thought I had already faced. Although I had seen this woman before, I now found myself comparing everything about her to me.

Was it her physical appearance? What was it that she had that I was missing? As I continued to pin-point why I didn't measure up, I continued my effort to befriend my husband's ex-wife. Regardless of my efforts, as the "new wife" I would always represent a failed role in a marriage.

Whether or not the marriage was meant to last, was enjoyable, or even wanted, it had fallen apart. Now that I was enlightened, I had to pick my role as both, an ex-wife and a new wife.

Not only was she the new wife, but also the step-mother of my children. As their mother, it was my job to analyse her every move. I had to, for my kids. Although I should have been thrilled that she was quickly welcomed by my daughters; their eager acceptance made me feel threatened. Defining My Role After seeing the situation from both sides, I realize that regardless of my emotions and fears, I must live my life!

I can't change the past, but I can live the future to the fullest. I made mistakes in my first marriage, but rather than compare myself to someone else, I will learn from my mistakes and grow.

It's my responsibility to respect the relationships of others and to respond in a mature manner. I may never understand everything running through their heads, but I do realize that there are many emotions that are completely unrelated to me. Its not expected that I become friends with my husband's ex-wife or my ex-husband's new wife.

Rather than spend the remainder of my years bickering with someone, I will respect our distance and remember the emotions that arose! Although some may like to think that a divorce is the end to a marriage, it is really the beginning to a whole new world of compromise!

I will breathe a little easier, knowing that my daughters are with someone they have accepted and enjoy. I will be thankful that they have been given an extra set of parents to love and to protect them.