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You are in for a wild ride with this one with Mike O'Hearn. I started helping with purchasing food for myself because there were 9 kids and I was already an eater. So, yeah I know, don't do a bodybuilding show and then a powerlifting meet!. Top healthy food selections to eat when training offers nutrients, vitamins, This is the ultimate bodybuilding carb, a delicious, slow digesting breakfast that'll . If you keep it lean, there's no reason to be scared of red meat. by Mike O'Hearn. Still, Mike O'hearn never actually records his record lifts, I smell bullshit All of Anthony Clark's bench press records were equipped. No one.

For macronutrient guidelines, what do you like to tell people? Do you have a certain amount of protein, carbs, and fat that you want them to have, relative to their bodyweight? I try to give them a realistic amount of protein to eat at regular intervals. They were both a little heavy-set. Then I factor in carbohydrates, fats, and vegetables from there. So, their body is used to taking in calories and helps speed itself up. Do that instead of starving the person right from the start and breaking it down.

Do you believe in cheats and if so, what is an appropriate way to incorporate those? Originally, a cheat day, or a refeed day, was always supposed to be a way to get an athlete through a plateau because the body was working so hard and getting in just enough food to support activity levels.

You do the refeed day because your body is just not taking in enough and the refeed gets the metabolism going again. So, what I want people to understand is a cheat is not a freebie. This is how I would like to approach a cheat day: If you have something to get ready for—could be a bodybuilding show, could be a class reunion—then use the cheat meal as a goal. The idea has been diluted from what it actually was meant for. I know a lot of people want it because mentally it helps.

So you just have to be smart about it. Think about all the reasons you might feel that way before getting a box of donuts.

I love my cheat days just like everyone else. Once a week, I think for most people, is too often. You have to do a little more to earn it.

Does it have a place in a diet? Alcohol is toxic to the body. So, I would stay away from it. If you want to use it to celebrate, of course I understand that, but you should also understand what it does to you—how it acts as a sugar, how it disrupts hormone production, how it disrupts sleep. I put in the same category as a cheat. Set goals to get there.

A glass of wine here or there has little adverse affect. Do you believe there are supplements everyone should take? A multivitamin as well. Vitamins C, E, and D are big just for daily life.

In broad strokes, can you go over your approach to that? Also, battling myself and pushing myself. I use it for my time, my alone time. Just to kind of look at life and value what you have. We all get carried away in this crazy life. The good things, the bad things, how I can get better as a person. I would like to learn more about myself and about life.

Meditation can be used for that. You feel energetic and more focused afterward. Your girlfriend, Mona Muresan, is an accomplished fitness competitor. Until I met Mona. And it really changes life and it makes it easier and more focused. That makes you raise who you are as a person. But being with her has pushed me. You trained with Robert. How does Chef stack up? Were you at all impressed, or is too hard to impress you? He was much stronger. What I loved is his drive and his determination not to quit.

Because most of the guys I train with all break. We were living in it together and working out together and he was passionate about it. His mentality is the same as mine. If anything, he hit it harder. People think they peak in high school or college, but, man you can get so much better. He showed me that day when we trained. A lot of people actually just know you for your dogs.

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If the parents said to be home at 9: You know, one of those kind of things. You know, as a kid it was very strict. I loved it because playing football in the street, we were doing our thing. We were working from an early age and I loved it. I got to watch, being the youngest, I got to watch all of my older brothers and sisters do great things and do bad things and then learn from that approach.

It was a great way to grow up, man. Yeah, learn from their mistakes, right? What was life like with your siblings? Did they grow up with the same mentality of discipline that you had?

Were they all in to athletics as well? We were all doing martial arts and the reason I started is, you are going to get your butt kicked by your older brothers, right? But then I was getting my butt kicked by my older sisters! My mom was into marital arts and my dad was a bodybuilder and football player. We all were athletes. We were basically bred to live that kind of lifestyle.

I started working out at 8 years old. By 11 I was in a gym and by 13 I competed in my first bodybuilding and powerlifting meet. Wow, that is amazing! Were you going up against grown men at 13 or were there other kids in your age group? It was 19 and under back then. So, my first show I beat twenty 19 year olds. Oh my gosh, at 13! Then I competed …. Then two weeks later I competed in my first powerlifting meet. I did that and then I won that! Wow, that is crazy man!

Did you have like your dad as your coach or your mom as your coach for these types of things? Where did your inspiration come from at that young age?

Where did the knowledge come from as well? The knowledge came from watching. I would watch my older brothers and sisters train.

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Back then it was …. I would try and I would see if it would work for me. This is at 12 and 13 years old. I was looking at magazines, because I would get the hand me down magazines from my older brothers. So, I am looking at all of these guys in there like Robby Robinson and how he was training. Lou Ferrigno and Arnold Schwarzenegger and so I was watching them.

That is awesome and so amazing. How did all of those activities that you did carry over into athletics? For example, you played football, right? How did that carry over as a bodybuilder and powerlifter? Did that help out or did football take a backseat to that at some point? Everything helped, because of my approach. Even though I was competing at 13 and 14 and 15, I won state at 15 years old in powerlifting against all of the teenagers. I was a monster, but I was going through puberty.

But I was eating correctly for a young pubescent kid. That was the main thing. I worry about how young, young kids eat today. Tell me about that?

What does that mean? I get worried about young kids thinking they need drugs. Nothing in the world right now could make you grow more than what is going on. Yeah, that makes sense. The wrestlers always dieted. They always wanted to be smaller.

But the football players all ate like me. Peanut butter and jam sandwich every hour to two hours. Either whole milk or chocolate milk at that time. Then I was eating tuna and pasta and whole eggs. Through puberty I put on over pounds. By the time I was 14, I was I was lifting right and I was eating enough calories. I was doing everything correctly at that time. So, I really tapped into that growth spurt.

I am actually 10 pounds smaller! So, you weigh around or something? I am right now. I trimmed off 10 pounds since I was What were you looking forward to at that point in time? Were you thinking you were going to be a bodybuilder or the best in the world or a football player?

What was going through your mind at that age as far as where your career or where you thought you were going to go? I wanted to be the combination of Bruce Lee and Arnold Schwarzenegger. I wanted to be a walking superhero. I was never impressed by bodybuilders athletically. I was truly impressed by Bruce Lee athletically and his mind approach.

So, I wanted to be a combination of both of them, especially because I was competing in tournaments for martial arts. I was doing football. I was doing track and I was bodybuilding and powerlifting. It was a non-stop circle. I was doing everything and I loved it all. I mean I knew I wanted to be something of that combination. I wanted to be like Arnold and doing movies and TV shows. That is awesome, man. Can you tell us your journey into American Gladiators?

I grew up a huge fan, dude. That was such an awesome show, man. How did that happen? At 17, I appeared in the magazines for the first time, because I was winning all the teenage shows in bodybuilding. I need you in California. I am going to bring you down and set you up. This is the coolest thing in the world! I was a young 20 year old, or 21 at that time. Next thing you know, he got me down to California. I was there about two weeks and I heard about tryouts for the American Gladiators.

It was over at the coliseum at USC. They had tryouts and there were over guys show up. We banged heads, man! It started at guys. It started Friday and Sunday night was the last of the auditions and battles. Everybody was going against each other. It was down to me and one other guy and we banged each other for an hour.

At the end of that, they hired us both! Red, his name was Red. It was awesome, because …. We were jousting each other and he stunned me. I was knocked out on my feet and I kept swinging. You hit me in the head and I was gone. We got each other! That is so cool! Was it elimination style or was it kind of …. It was one of the things I loved. I loved it so much …. Then I got American Gladiators again. We would love to have you on there. I will audition like everybody else and fight everybody else.

If I win a spot, then I win a spot. You did earn it! Where did that mentality come from? Is that something your parents instilled in you? At the end of the day, this is about me and me representing me and what I can do. Either you are good or you are not good. I love that, man. That is super cool, to be honest with you. What were some of your most memorable moments from American Gladiator? For example, did someone ever get the best of you? I did not know that.

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The whole experience and going out there and growing up. Because remember, I did American Gladiators. I also did a TV show called Battle Dome for years, where we just got to be violent, which is fun. It was about being able to do it and live in the moment and have fun with it and change from the 20 year old who was so nervous.

Then, you know, you are on TV and you are selected. There are 6 guys in the world that are American Gladiators, you know? I mean, what an honor. It was fun for us Gladiators, we had to fight 6 different kind of guys in one day. While they only had to fight one Gladiator. So, it was nice to have to go against all kinds of ….

Did you see that as a stepping stone in your career at the time? Or in a different way than bodybuilding did? Yeah, obviously TV is the ultimate goal. I continuously work and do guest spots and guest appearances.

Anytime you get one thing, it kind of elevates you and it keeps you relevant or changing and creating a new you. I will follow him.

Those are the ones who are making those who are influential, even more so. If you could go back and tell your 15 year old self some advice that you know now, after all you have experienced, what would you tell yourself? When it comes to training, less is more and live in the moment. When you are doing something, to give you an idea, I won the Natural Universe four times. Enjoy this for a second. Throughout my whole career, I was that way.

You miss a lot of moments, those priceless moments. I think that something that has really showed me how to slow down are my dogs. They live in the moment. It was my biggest thing and I still struggle with it today. I remember seeing a funny meme of like a dog owner and his dog and their thoughts are kind of illustrated on a page.

The man is thinking about business and work and bills and the past and the future. The dog is just thinking about how awesome it is to be there with their owner just sitting in a beautiful park. It is really tough as humans, because …. How do you do it? How do I do it? And do you do it? I will be honest with you!

Two things that have helped me, one is breathing and meditation. I grew up in a very conservative kind of religious culture, where meditation was looked at as weird. They help keep me grounded and in moments when you are doing something awesome. I should be getting that! I think a lot of humans suffer in that area. I think we could talk for hours just about living in the moment.

I guess my style of meditation is sitting on the beach with my pup and just slowing down that time. I remember when we first met, we were talking. This is something that stuck with me that I remembered about you. People that do modeling, bodybuilding shows, they train.

I can relax a little bit now. Something I remember about you is you are always photoshoot ready. That is something you have always done. I think for you and me, education is one thing. But that experience and staying tuned to what you can do with your own body is something else. Being able to change our body how we want and by nutrients alone is an incredible thing.