Mockingjay district 8 hospital scene from meet

24 Things We Learned from The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 Commentary

mockingjay district 8 hospital scene from meet

'Mockingjay' Spoilers Found In These 16 Photos Reveal Which us a hint at which scenes from the Mockingjay book will be included in the movie. It's probably the District 8 attack when the Capitol dropped bombs on the hospital for of his and you'll notice the sharp point meets his neck and if he were. President Snow (Hunger Games character) The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 ( movie) · Bombs "Those people you met, they were expendable. “The hospital scene in District 8 was an important one. It's kind of an anchor for Mockingjay Part 1 because it really solidifies Katniss' position as taking on the.

They were filming in winter, and the poorly insulated building meant the cast were quite cold to the point that the production was actually shut down for a couple days due to sharp temperature drops.

The ruins of District 12 were actually a factory outside of Atlanta that was scheduled for destruction. The white rose is CGI.

Mockingjay Part 1: The Call To Revolution

They considered having Josh Hutcherson lose the weight, but the film schedule — both Mockingjay films were shot back to back — made that difficult to do. The dream sequence where Katniss asks Peeta to stay with her always was shot exactly as the real incident occurred in Catching Fire. A scene was shot where Katniss and Gale exit a building into a meadow to find Beetee Jeffrey Wright studying hummingbirds.

The rebellion was most certainly the main focus point of this movie and it came through so well. With the movie we get other points of view, like when there are executions of people using the Mockingjay symbol, or an attack on Peacekeepers in District 7 when lumberjacks climbed up trees then bombed the peacekeepers on the ground, and when hundreds of people in District 5 were killed when they stormed the dam that powers Panem in order to destroy it with bombs.

mockingjay district 8 hospital scene from meet

Indeed, she is not a trained singer, but the power and emotion she put into the song was perfect and then the song continued into people of District 5 singing the song together as an anthem as they storm the dam. This was only one of the powerful moments of the movie. When Katniss visits District 8 in order to make video of her as the Mockingjay, President Snow learns she is there visiting the wounded and bombs the hospital where the patients were sheltered.

The speech that Katniss makes after this happens is so powerful and heart wrenching, but it represents so much more.

District 8

There will be no survivors. You know who they are and what they do. This is what they do and we must fight back. Well I have one for him. You can bomb us, torture us, and burn our districts to the ground, but do you see that? And if we burn, you burn with us. This movie is a call for freedom from an oppressive government. This is happening right now in the world around us. People are getting killed for fighting for their freedom.

Places have banned this movie because they are afraid it will ignite an actual revolution against the government. In Thailand, the three fingered salute has been forbidden because it suggests protests against the military coup. Citizens are already being detained for making the symbol in public.

China has also banned the movie from being released. In Mexico, there are protests and riots because in September, 43 students that were headed to a protest to commemorate the Tlatelolco massacre of in Iguala, Guerrero being forcibly disappeared by government security forces.

mockingjay district 8 hospital scene from meet

In Hong Kong, thousands of citizens took to the streets to demand an open democratic process after China proposed reforms that would allow it to control who would be able to run in future elections. After days of mostly peaceful protests, tensions increased over the weekend as people opposing the demonstrations began assaulting protesters.

Eventually things returned to normal, but the Capitol blew up one large factory when they found out the talk of rebellion started there. Eventually, when the rebellion was well under way, the rebels managed to eliminate all military targets in the district, leaving only the occasional bombing as the Capitol's presence in the area.

mockingjay district 8 hospital scene from meet

Bombings Katniss during her visit to District 8. In MockingjayKatniss went to District 8 to visit the victims from the Capitol bombings and to broadcast the first propaganda video to air in all the districts and the Capitol. When she was leaving, Boggs - Paylor in the film - tells her that they need to get to the airstrip because of incoming bombers from the north.

In an effort to fight against the bombers, Katniss and Gale climb to the roof of a warehouse that has machine gun nests, running into Commander Paylor.

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Together, they all work to destroy the other waves of hover planes that fly overhead. Bonnie and Twill Bonnie and Twill were two people from District 8 who were trying to escape to District They showed her a piece of bread with a M ockingjay stamped on it, which is the "symbol for the rebels. They were leaving because the factory that the Capitol had destroyed was the one that they worked at. It was a fluke that they didn't die. Twill had worked as a school teacher and Bonnie was her pupil.

Twill and her husband had planned on dressing in Peacekeeper uniforms and escaping. When Bonnie and Twill had finished their school day, they headed to the factory.

mockingjay district 8 hospital scene from meet

However, there were large craters in the roads from the Peacekeeper bombings they had to avoid. Because of this, they were late for work, and were still a few blocks away when the whole factory blew up. Bonnie's whole family died and so did Twill's husband, so the two headed off on their own. They also told Katniss that they thought the Capitol had been using the same tape of District 13 every time they air the surface, and that during the tape, a wing of a Mockingjay passed by the corner of the screen.