Mor man ke meet full movie

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mor man ke meet full movie

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FTII would be my moment of clarity that made me want to involve myself in trying to understand the craft of making a film. Joining FTII was a lucky break and the idea for it almost came at a whim.

But on the first day of class when we were shown a film followed by a discussion, it just felt like I was at the right place. Mumbai was all I knew and advertising was the thing to do when I graduated. I did a few odd jobs before I joined a production house as an assistant director. The project initiated me into the physical aspects of making a film, right from scripting to release.

FTII is a space where completely dissimilar individuals come together and feel the same emotion while watching a film in a language none of us understand — it is almost magical.

Mor Man Ke Meet Full Movie HD Download

Each film stands testimony to when, where and how it came to be. I am from Lucknow. My father was a government official so my childhood was spent in various small towns in UP, as he would get transferred every years. At the boarding school I developed a keen interest in sports and painting.

Films happened much later in my life, although I was a film buff for a considerable part of my life. I worked in corporate jobs for a few years and then decided to quit and pursue a course in film direction from FTII.

Being in the film institute completely broadens your horizons with the kind of films you watch and the filmmakers you get to study. For a film student it would be particularly difficult to point out favorite film makers — it would be an endless list.

Masters of the craft like Ozu, Bresson, Fellini, Tarkovsky, Ghatak, Kurosawa, Kubrick and many others have left us a legacy of films that continue to be relevant to filmmakers even today.

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I look forward to the works of contemporary filmmakers like Claire Denis, Kim Ki Duk, Emir Kusturica, Apichatpong Weerasethakul the list can go on and on who are pushing the medium to create a language of their own. I love all sorts of films. There are so many great film makers I admire that taking names of a few would be an injustice to others.

mor man ke meet full movie

The budget actually decided the approach in the making of the film. You are ready to do or explore any possibility that would allow you to make the film that you want to make.

Trying in some way to make up for the lack of money with ways that would be cost effective.

Mor Mann Bhanwara | मोर मन भँवरा | Superhit CG Movie Song | Mor Mann Ke Meet

After some deliberation, we somehow got around to writing a basic caricature of a script with ideas that we had formed with our discussions. So in a sense we knew what to expect out of each other. From there on the things started adding up and falling into place. Turi Ke Chakkar StarCast: Radhe Nirwan Producer: Dau Ke Chakkar Starcast: JethuramPakala Etx.

mor man ke meet full movie

Lala Ram Lahare Producer: Rohit Chandel Music Label: Audio, MP3 Format Converter: Baap Chavvanni Beta Athanni Starcast: Ramu YadavAnita Banjare Etx. Dipesh thakur, Raju Nagarchi Cameraman: Jonsan Arun Sound Recordist: Santosh Sarthi, Parvin, Karishma Etx. Rajesh Avshthi, Santosh Sarthi Producer: Laxman Yadav Music Label: Laxman Yadav Sound Recordist: Shailendra Dhar Diwan Choreographer: Sajal Tank, Vijya Ravat Songs: Har Har Shambhu Mahadev 2.

Mor Mann Ki Meet

Tor Maan Bauraye 3. Mor Gori Gori 4. Goriya Re Ae Goriya 5. Sab Ke Sanam Gori Nari 6. Padam Shri, Padam Bhushan, Dr. Folk Pandwani Music Arranger: Laxman Yadav, Neeraj Verma, Coreographer: We make video only to entertain people and make them laugh. People don't get offended by video. Because it is just for the purpose of entertainment.

mor man ke meet full movie

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