Natsu meet his brother wears

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Master Makarov said for them to start and Natsu Chuckled at the confused a smile, he had black hair and black eyes, he was wearing black robes. "Until we meet again, brother" he said as he disappeared in a cloud of. His brother (Natsu) died of a tragic accident when he was very young (I'd say 4–5 ) Zeref Later on in the manga when Zeref and Natsu meet each other in the Alvarez Arc One proof that they are siblings is the necklace that Zeref is wearing. To find out how Natsu will meet Fairy Tail and vise versa, read the story. The boy was wearing a black high-collared shirt, black trousers and.

It was a pink-haired man with onyx eyes.

The boy wore a black T-shirt, white jacket with a picture of two red dragons on the back, red fabric belt on top of it all, white baggy trousers and black sandals. I'm Natsu and your teacher's little brother. Nice to meet you. Still when you look at my brother like that, I'm starting ro think you have a crush on him. What are you doing here? I thought you will be on Tart…" - black mage yelled in surprise. I was here all along, so I saw how you teach them.

Don't protest or else! Do whatever you want! How it will help me to go over my limit? Like for example, I use fire dragon slayer magic and when I'm angry my magic rises in power. In your case, keeping in mind that you use Illusion magic, magic's emotion is daydreaming, if we can call it emotions that is… It is like that because those who use this magic are very imaginative, that's why, when you are daydreaming in battle your magic will have a power-up.

Try to meditate, but at the same time imagine something happy in your mind. Mavis sat down and now was thinking about adventures she could have with Zera, Yuri, Precht and Warrod, if they were in the same guild. Those thoughts made her to feel as if she was soaring through the sky. But in the real world, a lot of butterflies appeared out of nowhere and were now dancing in the sky.

Zera was dancing too, but on the ground jumping joyfully towards vivid dancers. I just thought this would help her out more, than just training. I thought you hated them with all your soul. I still do, Zeref-nii.

But this girl is truly something and I do believe she will do something major in the upcoming future. It is just a matter of time. I… Who are you? He really helped me out today. Nice to meet you! Thanks for whatever you did to make Mavis this happy!

We owe you one! By the way, my name is Warrod! Gray put a shirt on! We need to get to the train station! Happy was downcast too, once again being ignored by everyone. That is the last place Natsu heard anything about a dragon.

The dragon-slayer was laying on the ground, moaning as if he were on his deathbed. When they finally arrived at Rosemary's train station, the group got off the train. Natsu was revived once the train stopped and once again was back to his overly excited self.

Afterwards, we should see if anyone knows what he looks like. We have to know what he looks like. I have a pretty good idea of what he looks like. Natsu still didn't understand. Everyone else was amazed at how oblivious he was.

They walked around asking anyone about a boy with the last name Dragoneel. Nobody seemed to know much about him. I'm pretty sure I haven't seen you before. Still making jokes, are we? Well come on now, I need some help at the shop. I don't have all day! Who the hell is Natsu? You think it's funny tricking your me?

Lucy lit up as everything fell into place. He must have mistaken you for your twin brother! Do you know where the guy you are looking for went? He said he should be back by this evening. Natsu, we found your brother! I can't wait to meet him! Erza glared at him but she was anxious too.

I get to meet my brother! He felt fired up and hoped his brother would join Fairy Tail. Nightfall was just around the corner. I'll be back next time I need parts! Take care and tell Satoshi I said hello. I got Gramps his parts and I should be back by sunset! He started to treck through the woods and his thoughts slipped to the letter he got a few days ago.

I wonder what that letter meant saying I would soon have a visitor.

natsu meet his brother wears

I don't know many people outside the village. He recalled the day he first came to Rosemary. He was about 7 years old when he first met Satoshi-sensei. He was wandering around the village looking for someone. He had hit his head pretty hard in theforest and walked around until he saw the town. He felt he lost some of his memory that day.

He remembered his name and age, but everything else was a jumble.

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Satoshi came up to him and asked where his parents were, but he said he didn't know. The man took him in and he has been with him ever since. He found he was gifted with working on machines, and was often in the shop with Satoshi. Slowly some memories returned, but not all. He lived with the old man for several years now. He was normally quite timid, but he felt most comfortable when dealing with mechanics.

He felt like nothing could hurt him in his car. He remembered it was his first project. He built it with help from Gramps and it was his pride and joy.

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Shaking his head, the boy returned his focus to the road. Still, why did I have such strange memories when opening that letter. The memories I gained were completely different.

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I remember what Mom and Dad looked like. They died died when I was young during the last war. I think I lived somewhere warm after that, and I will have a flash of seeing my reflection, which is strange.

natsu meet his brother wears

But what bothers me is what I remember after getting that letter. It was signed Igneel.