One piece straw hats meet garp stocks

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one piece straw hats meet garp stocks

One Piece 0ne Piece, One Piece Manga, Straw Hats, Trivia, Nerd Stuff. More information Zoro's blood stock is huge One Piece Anime, Anime One, Manga Anime, Anime .. Luffy meets the Mermaid Princess Shirahoshi. Lexi Brown. After the Enies Lobby incident, Luffy has already declared war on the . Suddenly, Coby tried to speak out in his mind, but Garp glare at the Being a Marine will make him the laughing stock in the entire world of Pirates. Luffy's Father Revealed!" is the th episode of the One Piece anime. Revelations continue as Garp sheds light on Luffy's early childhood, the whereabouts of Shanks, and the identity of Luffy's father, Monkey D. Dragon. Luffy's grandfather has been revealed to be Monkey D. Garp.

Robin carefully study the guess mate of Luffy's birth and his parents. The theory holds relevant to what's been happening in her side of the story.

Her face grunted while thinking about the past 20 years living the life of corruption and abundance by the World Government. He prepares to fix the wall he broke through earlier with his troops as he continue the conversation.

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After a few knocks on the wall with the hammer, he slowly stop and turns to the Straw Hat crew on staring eyes. The whole crowd are in an amazement and shouted Dragon. The Revolutionary Dragon himself who is fighting a civil war against the World Government. Luffy look dumbfounded by everyone's expression except Robin. Do they all know his father? Why not, ask anyone who Monkey D.

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Although, it's a stupid question to everyone except Robin. Outside, Usopp is at the same reaction upon hearing Luffy's father's name. That's odd," Usopp rubbed his chin puzzled. Then Luffy turns to look at Robin for answers.

She's the historian nuff said. Although, Luffy never been told about his father so it's logical for him to know about his old man. Then again, the words Robin said back at Enies Lobby continue to come up in his 12 year old mind, amazed that he could remember. But there is currently a power that is trying to directly oppose the World Government. That would be The Revolutionary Army and the man at it center would be Dragon.

Luffy, realizing his father is on the same objective declaring war against the World Government, he choked and stare down the floor whispering that this has to be some kind of made up story about a guy Luffy never knew. It's his father and what the hell just happened between his father and the World Government before he was born?

one piece straw hats meet garp stocks

Franky just stood there with the same shocking expression. The guy that is going to be the King of Pirates is the son of the most dangerous man in the world. Suddenly, the quietness in the room dominates and after a few minutes, Garp break up the silence. Seriously, this is the most shocking news Luffy learned. The Revolutionary Dragon is at war against the World Government and where does that bring Luffy in the picture?

Was everything Luffy did those 10 years was to prepare for this? And why didn't his Grandfather nor Ace and the entire village he was raised from didn't tell him the truth? It's unclear whether the moment Robin's past on the incident at Ohara made his father defect? Is there some connection behind the conspiracy of his father and the World Government?

Why didn't Garp not join his father? What about Shanks and Ace? Everyone except Luffy and Robin just stare at Garp all in pale white. This is going to be a long day with answers and questions filled.

Robin is still thinking the same analogy behind the conspiracy, but those 20 years, she was just switching from one place to another. Had she met the legendary Dragon before? Hours after that… Coby and Garp left leaving Luffy on the table thinking about his father. It's confusing and exciting to learn about his father, but the chances of finding him is slim.

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It's a long…long way back to the East Blue so the only way to find his father is to the current direction when they got here in Water 7. It all started with a thief he met at Alverda's ship. Time goes by since he free her from Arlong.

Nami and Luffy have been very close, but there are times Luffy wonder how she takes the news about his father. They're one of the biggest antagonist faction in the setting, but when we look at the behavior of the pirates other than the Straw Hats raiding, pillaging, kidnapping royalties for ransom, etcperhaps such a heavy-handed approach is indeed, necessary. G- 5 Marines Stationed at G-5, a Marine branch located in the New World, those Marines are known for being insane, cruel and merciless, torturing any pirates they can find.

Combines with Asskicking Equals Authoritybecause G-5 marines are tougher than your average mook, and they just keep getting tougher the higher up the command ladder you go. Because You Were Nice to Me: Explains their loyalty towards Vergo. Vergo even calls them that! They're relatively more badass than other Marine goons, though. When Vergo comes to Punk Hazard, he brutally wounded them with Shigan.

Right in front of Tashigi. Most of their acts of cruelty and barbarism towards pirates has been Played for Laughs. Cruel and Unusual Death: Infamous for dealing these out to Pirates. Their cruelty towards captured pirates makes them notorious and feared, even among other Marine branches.

And in Smoker's case, 4 stop corrupt Vice-Admiral Vergo. The things they do to captured pirates are infamously crazy and cruel. They are cruel towards pirates, and overall rowdy. But when they mistakenly assumed Smoker was accusing them of covering up cases of child kidnappings, they got pissed, saying that even though they are army rejects, they still have their pride as Marines.

They can never admit it to the world but working to save the giant children, saving each other, defeating Caesar, and taking down the corrupt Vergo has made them this with the Straw Hats.

They are forced to play up the idea they hate them to keep from admitting the truth. Probably to highlight how uncivilized and thuggish they are compared to the average Marine, G-5's members aren't actually easy on the eyes, other than their leaders. Grey and Gray Morality: Despite all their cruelty, they are one of the few branches in the New World able to defend innocent lives from suffering EVEN WORSE under pirates, most of whom are absolute monsters who probably deserve what G-5 throws their way.

Hero with an F in Good: They're known for doing hideous things that on surface are hardly considered "good", but they have a good heart and they do things that they did to help the populace. All for their lovely Captain-chan, complete with Dying Moment of Awesome. Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Despite all their faults, they truly and honestly mean well for the civilians of the New World, and absolutely adore their commanders.

It's the New World, so they basically adopted this policy just to survive. They are known for disobeying orders. G-5 is basically a group of ridiculously powerful thugs.

There's no other way to describe how they treat pirates, and even civilians. Ragtag Bunch of Misfits: Practically the entire Marine Branch. To elaborate, nearly all the mooks are powerful thugs who mean well, led by quirky commanding officers such as the sword-obsessed Tashigi, who they have a Subordinate Excuse with, and Smoker, who is the shirtless badass that scares the crap out of them while smoking two cigars and obsessing over catching Luffy.

There's also the other two commanding officers as well, who are as every bit as quirky as the other two are. Almost every marine in G-5 was rejected from the main branches, either because they were too brutal, too crazy, or too insubordinate.

Or any combination of the three.

Monkey D. Garp

Which obviously leads to Or at least, they aren't quite as rowdy. Seriously, that thing is so battered and shoddily repaired it looks like a strong wind would destroy the entire thing. They refuse to acknowledge the Vergo attacking them as the real one. Tashigi doesn't have the heart to tell them otherwise.

Oda threw away the "slim and fit" model of most marine soldiers and made each one unique while making them all fleshed out characters. A lot of them seem to have a crush on Tashigi. Surprisingly Elite Cannon Fodder: These guys are more than just your average marine soldiers. Despite all their faults, they truly are loyal to their commanding officers. To the point of being willing to die for them. Chapter 92 MangaEpisode 68 Anime "So what if I dropped you off a few cliffs, tossed you into the midnight jungle, and tied you to a balloon and set you to fly away?

It was to make you a stronger man! Garp is a Marine famed for pursuing Gold Roger back during the olden days.

one piece straw hats meet garp stocks

He's also Ace and Luffy's grandfather adoptive in Ace's case and, ironically enough, the father of the world's most-wanted criminal, Dragon the Revolutionary. Garp is a cheerful, affable fellow, and is a friend of Sengoku and apparently Bartholomew Kuma as well. While he is happy that his grandchildren are making their way in life, he is also sorely disappointed in both of them for becoming pirates instead of Marines, in particular blaming Shanks for influencing Luffy in becoming a pirate.

Garp has been offered the promotion to the position of Admiral several times, but rejected all of them, as he believes the responsibilities that come with being an Admiral would severely limit his freedom.

After the battle at Marineford, he resigned from his position in active fleet service, but stayed in the Marines as an instructor, training and teaching younger Marines. Played for Laughswith respect to the Training from Hell he subjected his grandchildren to. His hair is white in the manga but grey in the anime. During the Marineford War, his adoptive grandson was awaiting execution while his biological grandson is going through hell to save him.

At one point, he breaks down in tears over the former situation, feeling helpless to stop it. Vice Admiral is no "Janitor", but you would think the guy who rivaled the Pirate King Gold Roger would be at the top of the chain.

Garp, however, is perfectly content with his current rank and has refused numerous promotions to Admiral, despite arguably being the strongest marine next to Sengoku and perhaps even stronger than that. Fully played straight after the Time Skipwhere he becomes a marine instructor.

He's still important and strong enough to be assigned as an escort to the Reverie, a post worthy of an Admiral. It became clear during the Marineford War that despite the fear Luffy has for his grandfather, he does indeed love him. As Luffy was mere feet away from Ace, Garp stood in his way out of duty, stating that if Luffy wanted to get to Ace, he would have to kill him. Ultimately, Luffy told him he couldn't do it, but Garp forced his hand — and then he falters, allowing Luffy to punch him and clear the way to Ace, showing that his love for his grandchildren outweighed his duty.

In fact, Garp's reasoning for his harsh training is shown in a flashback, with this heartwarming line. You probably hate me for being so strict. But the reason I give you such hard training, and want you to become a Marine, is because I don't want you to go down the wrong path. That is my wish. The man throws cannonballs like they're baseball pitches, for Christ's sake! He can throw them with more force than an actual cannon.

Literal in this case too, seeing as he is Luffy's grandfather.

one piece straw hats meet garp stocks

Him and Whitebeard are about the only two people who could fully deliver on a promise to kill Akainu. It took the entire Blackbeard crew to stop Whitebeard, and Garp had to be restrained by Sengoku. Wears the exact same suit as Sengoku back when Roger was still around. Makes sense, as they kicked ass as a team. He's as loud and brash as he's powerful.

The crap he was able to get away with, including arguing with the Fleet Admiral both 20 years prior and recently, the former when he's asked for a promotion and going wherever he wants to without his superior's permission, is balanced by his amazing service and legendary status among the Marines, as "Garp the Hero", who alongside Sengoku, in Kong's words, "carried the Marines on their backs".

He is considered one of legendary figures during the era of Roger, having been the only one to corner him and battle as his equal. So that would give him a little lee-way amongst their ranks which he still holds even after retirement. Garp can easily punch through rock and metal, throw cannonballs with his bare hands at speeds higher than if they were fired from a cannon, carry and lift an iron flail that is several times larger than a battleship and, according to himself, pulverize EIGHT MOUNTAINS by using them as sandbags in preparation for his fight against Don Chinjao.

Hell, bear in mind that he was repeatedly offered the position of Admiral despite having no Devil Fruit powers. Imagine how strong Garp must be to be considered on their same level without any special powers at all, only physical prowess.

A trait he shares with Luffy. The Coats Are Off: Does this sometimes during his Let's Get Dangerous! His taunt action in the Pirate Warriors series of video games is actually him removing his Marine coat. See above to see the type of wear he had. Eiichiro Oda used the same design for Garp as he used for Luffy's unnamed grandfather in the Romance Dawn pilot stories, but didn't want readers to realize this too quickly. So he gave Garp a bulldog mask in his initial appearances. He wasn't revealed as Luffy's grandfather until Chapter of the manga and Episode of the anime.

He doesn't like his grandson being a pirate, but he isn't exactly in a hurry to arrest him either. He also took Coby and Helmeppo under his wing and turned them into badasses. During the Whitebeard War, he loses to Luffy.

Despite being the only person in the series who has ever genuinely scared Luffy. He obviously took a divethough. He has been offered the promotion to the rank of Admiral multiple times, and rejected all of them, claiming that the rank would only keep him from having the freedom he already has.

He was this to pirates, and with good reason, as he is remarked to have cornered the Pirate King several times. He's also this to his grandchildren due to the Training from Hell he subjected them to during their Hilariously Abusive Childhood. Luffy, is your grandfather really?

Don't try to fight him! Appears relatively early in the series as an officer who takes Coby and Helmeppo under his wing, though his face and importance are not revealed until hundreds of episodes later.

He also appears with a different backstory in one of the Romance Dawn chapters, making his Early Bird Cameo arguably earlier than the series itself. It's the size of a Goddamn battleship! After the timeskip, Garp does not seem to be troubled by his grandson's increasing infamy. This was shown when he was not the least bit concerned that two members of the Yonko are after him.

He even laughed at the thought of the pirates actually teaming up over something. Ace Edit Garp visiting an imprisoned Ace. Garp adopted Ace from Gol D. Rogerwho requested Ace does not deserve to be treated as a criminal just because of his family ties. While Garp initially thought of adopting Ace as a preposterous idea, he eventually agreed to Roger's final wish, as the latter pointed out that after multiple confrontations, he trusted the vice admiral much as a friend.

Indeed, Garp was troubled when Ace was about to face death and claimed he had no pity for a pirate but believed family is different. He cares about him deeply, crying for his grandson as he's about to be executed for being a pirate and desperately asking why he could not have just been a Marine.

In fact, Garp wanted to kill Akainu as revenge for killing Ace. When Ace was an infant, Garp would use his vacation and often visit the village and pull funny faces to cheer him up.

Later when Ace was a troubled child that beat anyone up that insulted his father, Garp seemed amused with Ace, yet Garp never scolded Ace for his actions as a part of him felt sad that the child did not fully accept Roger as his father. After Luffy, Sabo and Ace got along well, Garp would sometimes visit them and train them by beating them up and destroying most of the forest in the process.