Pearl river holiday track meet 2012 calendar

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pearl river holiday track meet 2012 calendar

Sun, Dec 16 Section I Kick Off 2. Wed, Dec 19 Section 1 Challenge. Thu, Dec 27 Pearl River Holiday Festival. Download options. Download calendar. December Achievements · November Achievements · October Achievements .. Fri Dec 28 , Pearl River Holiday Festival Track Meet Weather Make-Up Day If Fri Jan 4 , Rockland County Public School Athletic League Track Meet, Ralph Coleman . All Graduation Dates To Be Determined. The Dream Meet is a gymnastics competition held annually on Martin Luther King Jr. weekend. . p.m. $, individual tickets; Ruby: $10, (2 tables++) Pearl: . River Spirit Casino Resort, Riverside Pkwy, Tulsa. May 16 — Tulsa International Mayfest Invitational Gallery Opening Party.

The Other Side of "It City: The Ultimate 90s St. January 24 - 30, - New restaurants: December 20 - 26, - New Year's Eve parties, new restaurants: December 13 - 19, - Turning point for downtown commutes, call for Christmas meals, new business: November 29 - December 5, - New businesses: Deacon's New South, now reopen: The WannaBeatles, map of downtown developments, tell us what's coming up, convention updates and more.

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Disaster Relief, give real change and not spare change, Nashville Art Walk, convention updates and more. How Does Oak Affect Chardonnay? July 12 - 18, - New business: State of the Art, happy hour specials, stress relief options, convention updates and more.

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What Wines Pair Well with the 4th of July? Nashville B-cycle, downtown dining options, convention updates and more.

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May 17 - 23, - New shopping option: May 10 - 16, - New businesses: Inspirecall for models, Guidebook ads for sale, convention updates and more. March 22 - 28, - New businesses: Rhonda Marko, road closures, beat traffic with B-cycle, happy hour specials, convention updates and more.

Beishan International Jazz Festival, China, October

Fanfare, road closures, downtown dining options, public meeting: April 23, Nashville B-cycle survey, convention updates and more. February 15 - 21, - Last weekend: Unlocking the Secrets of Buddhist Art: The History of North Nashville, Single in the City, Downtown Connect, downtown dining options, cheap parking options, convention updates and more.

pearl river holiday track meet 2012 calendar

January 11 - 17, - New restaurant: January 4 - 10, - New retailer: December 28, - January 3, - Fan Zone on Broadway, Music City Bowl, celebrate New Year's Eve in downtown Nashville, road closures this week, stress relief options, follow us on social media, convention updates and more.

The idea of a jazz festival in a city all but devoid of jazz might have raised a few eyebrows at the time, but in just three years the Beishan International jazz Festival has established itself as an essential date in Zhuhai's cultural calendar, one of the best jazz festivals-and their numbers are growing-in southern China.

pearl river holiday track meet 2012 calendar

Situated on the southwestern estuary of the Pearl River, the city of Zhuhai is just a minute ferry ride from Hong Kong to the east. To the south, Zhuhai borders Macau, and with Jiangmen to the west and Zhongshan to the south, this modern city of 1. Having won national and international awards for its sound environmental policies, the city boasts kilometers of bicycle lanes.

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Green, spacious, famous for its oysters and flanked by mountains, Zhuhai has a lot going for it, and the Xue brothers were confident that a jazz festival would work. From an artistic point of view the BIJF set the bar high from the get-go, with an ambitious program that refused to underestimate a young audience largely unfamiliar with jazz. Jazz was represented in many of its guises, from big band swing to a set of jazz standards, from bebop and hard-bop to jazz-funk, and from beat-box to experimental rock.

The Xue brothers, however, had a much broader vision, and a sister festival, the Beishan World Music Festival was successfully launched inwith a similarly eclectic, open-minded program. The venue, Beishan Hall, was part of the original temple site of Nannping village, and the brothers want to make it once again a focal point of the community. The narrow, bustling streets of the surrounding village are home to tea shops with their Mahjong tables, dumpling vendors, butchers, barber shops and the local market.