Sackville lodge balloon meet 2013

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sackville lodge balloon meet 2013

Sackville Grassroots Balloon Meet «Sackville Grassroots Balloon meet. Sackville Grassroots Balloon meet. Sackville Grassroots Balloon meet. In the UK there is a large choice of balloon meets to fly from each year. Select Year -, , , , , , , , in Sackville Lodge Airfield, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom The purpose of the Grass Roots Meet is for as many balloonists as possible to gather on a social basis and fly for fun. Northampton Balloon Festival · Bristol International Bristol International Balloon Fiesta Press Launch . Grass Roots Meet – Sackville Lodge.

For full details go to www. Aerophile Aerobar open for business Fancy a pint of Stella somewhere a tad different well, Aerophile, who make those huge static ride balloons, have come up with a rather novel idea, the Aerobar. It is claimed to be the first flying bar in the world and is located at Futuroscope the second largest amusement park in France. From a commercial point of view, and no doubt helped by the 1.

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It was all change on Friday 1st November when the changes proposed were finally introduced. Delays meant that the original changeover was missed for which the Met Office apologise but now it is in place it should be a lot more relevant. Although the validity times have changed the actual update times In terms of matching update times to forecast runs, the Met.

Grass Roots Balloon Meet

Office has confirmed that the updates will be as follows: As for this year the last Pennine Region Balloon Meet of the year is due to be held over the weekend of the 16th and 17th November and based at Linley Hill Airfield, Leven in East Yorkshire where the sadly abandoned Gannet lives. Hull Aero Club base.

Also this weekend is their annual dinner at the Old School House on the Saturday evening. PRBA Members receive a discount on the dinner price too. With every meet they have organised except one having been flyable this year, they have reported it as a fabulous year!

Clicking on the link it transpires that from April to AugustShelby Enterprises of Suffern, New York using parts brokers, Tara Aviation and Tara Technology registered in Guernsey and Ridgefield, New Jersey reintroduced scrapped jet engine blades and vanes into the aerospace industry. Shelby Enterprises apparently purchased used blades and vanes, the whizzy bits inside jet engines from scrap metal dealers. False paperwork was then generated to conceal to FAA repair stations and the purchasers of the aircraft parts that the parts were scrapped and had previously been rejected as non-repairable by other FAA repair stations, flogged them and pocketed the cash.

The SIB is at: Unfortunately for all of us the trend since then has been downwards but a counter trend appeared with a large number of our clients wanting even bigger and more complicated balloons. So, since those early days we have generally gone from strength to strength but we do have to admit we caught the odd cold along the way too.

One thing we will say about catching the odd cold though is that you build up immunity for the future. In our case we learnt some very valuable lessons. Last year the industry started to feel a bit of a sniffle.

The reasons for this are numerous from worldwide slowdown finally starting to pinch to the riots in Turkey affecting tourist numbers. The time had come to put those lessons learnt into action, to be pro active while still hale and healthy and so we started closely monitoring the market from week to week. Its not all bad news. So after much soul searching, some heavy number crunching and long consultations with all the family here at Lindstrand we came to the decision that we had to right size our business for the future market.

These special shapes are massive character balloons and are coming from all over the world. Extending from their annual Kite festival. Telford 50 Kite and Flight festival is arranging to have an array of Ariel events taken place over the two day event in May. If you would like more information regarding this event or to request an entry form please contact The meet remains informal, un-sponsored and open to all balloonists.

Even better are the cooked breakfasts and coffee and tea from the club house. Also at this meet we have our annual Humber Bridge dinner - always a good night; saw the evening out with a paper plane fight, and so to continue with the tradition in we held the first PRBA paper plane From 06 October to 08 October in North Yorkshire, United Kingdom Returning for the fifth year to this friendly site for another relaxed ballooning weekend, let's hope we have as good a weekend asand perhaps even better.

Bring your choice of tent, caravan or motorhome, or choose a pod or even one of the lovely cottages. Again we are slightly earlier in the month than the norm due to the Pickering war weekend changing their dates.

sackville lodge balloon meet 2013

Bonkers meet for the hopperers and the solo flyers. Great venue bound to belovely area has to be. We always encourage PUTs and training at Sackville. This year was no exception. There were many PUT flights.

sackville lodge balloon meet 2013

In previous years there has always been a check out flight at the event. This year was much better with the following achieved: Congratulations to all of you. We are aware that the following PUT flights occurred: Steve Cook — two flights, one with Mike Gunston.

Matthew Jemmett with Ian Warrington. Caroline Jemmett with Rob Jemmett. Gareth Bufton with John Sproat. Alex Court with John Russon. Jonathan Walton instructor flight with Mike Gunston. Mike Gunston kindly ran tether school which enabled a number of PUTs to have this element of their training signed off. Geoffrey Walton did exceptionally well by flying a farmer's wife and two children on the Friday afternoon, then another farmer and two children on Saturday morning, followed by yet another farmer and wife on the Saturday afternoon, this time landing on his farm!

Throughout the weekend the social hub of the meet was the NFU marquee, with Tim, wife Angie and family continually cooking great food for everyone. The hog roast made its customary appearance. After flying on the Sunday morning we held the prize-giving. Adam and Alex were recognised for their checkouts. Chris Dunkley was also given a bottle of whiskey in recognition of his ongoing support and all the recent work he had done in the non-lifing legislation of balloon tanks.

Mike Gunston received a prize for running another tether school and Angie and the girls were recognised for all their hard work. So what did all this work achieve? Fifty-plus balloons turned up to accomplish approximately flights.

Various checkouts were done and we had a successful tether school. There were no landowner issues of note, and probably, most importantly of all, we very much hope that everyone had a great time. As the saying goes you only get out of it what you put in.

News 03.11.13

Everyone put a lot into Grass Roots, and we believe everyone got a lot out of it. As far as Team Sackville is concerned seeing so many enjoying themselves is a great reward in itself. We thank everyone for coming — without you there would be no event. We also thank everyone that made it possible. We look forward to Grass Roots which is scheduled for September — put it in your diaries! When Rob visited Tim at Sackville the site quickly revealed itself as being a perfect venue for a Balloon Meet of the kind Rob had in mind and with little persuasion Tim gave the nod and suggested anything was possible.

If Rob was thinking of balloons Tim wanted to double it to !

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Tim is the latest generation of Wilkinsons to live and farm at Sackville and as the event drew closer he assured Rob that there would not be any landowner problems because he had personally invited 80 surrounding farmers and told them they could fly in the balloons — a condition of entry to the event was that every pilot should fly a farmer.

Tim Wilkinson is one of those guys who can fix most problems in no time he had arranged gas refuelling, a hog roast, toilets, bar etc. Everything was in place to ensure everyone had a great time. He had even negotiated with suppliers that with a couple of days notice they would postpone if the weather was bad. The forecast for the planned weekend of 6 September was awful so the whole event was postponed three weeks until 27 September — this allowed time to secure the use of an NFU marquee free of charge care of the BBAC!

The NFU team arrived and erected the marquee — very professional. All in all, judging by the feedback the initial aims of the first Grass Roots Event had been achieved with everyone enjoying themselves.

What a breath of fresh air greeted me. Breakfasts were fantastic, briefings were exemplary and the constant availability of refreshments was second to none. Apart from the excellent flying, the hog and lamb roast deserve special mention.

The answer is NONE!! Both Tim and Rob had taken on-board the mammoth task of notifying all local farmers and landowners of the meet.

Grass Roots Balloon Meet Sackville lodge Lindstrand Hopper 2012

The outcome was a very healthy tolerance towards the ballooning fraternity. In fairness, one SA was added to the local map but that was already a problem waiting to happen and was not a direct result of the Sackville Meet.

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In conclusion, top marks to Rob and Tim for all their efforts in taking us back to where ballooning should be! A fun sport, to be enjoyed by enthusiasts and a meet which made it clear to the landowners and farmers that the last thing we want is to cause them problems.

A number of local landowners took up the offer and I think that they left with a more positive attitude. Rob — sign me up for !! Please pass on mine and my teams thanks to Barry, Peter and everyone else involved — you all deserve a decent rest now! I look forward to hopefully attending again next year for more great flying. I'm very relieved that those efforts were rewarded with a successful result. I came with both my sons this morning, neither of whom had been up in a balloon before.

Tremendous spectacle to see such an event taking place, although the visibility was not good, the experience was wonderful, and something which my boys have been looking forward to for some time. The tranquillity of gradually ballooning across the Bedfordshire countryside, was a great morning. The gas, the book, the "plonk" and the certificate really were the icing on the cake, how very kind, thank you.

I will be sending my paperwork off the CAA this week! A really great meet, just as ballooning should be. I cannot believe that it has been going for 7 years — still a great event and one we would not want to miss.

The new catering arrangements were really good and all our team and guests made use of them, so I hope they will find it worthwhile doing the same next year.

Thanks to you and your team again for a great event. Flyable all day every day more or less! I got 4 lovely flights in and made some great new farming friends. Where else do you land on someone in the morning, fly them that evening with their girlfriend and next morning they ask if they can do the retrieve!

sackville lodge balloon meet 2013

Rob Bayly Close Panel Tethering — Ballooning activity at the event isn't just confined to the morning and evening free flying. During the day participants are encouraged to bring their old or unusual balloons to tether or 'hop' across the airfield.