Shaft panelists seeking on meet

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shaft panelists seeking on meet

Panel sessions for the meeting will run one hour and forty-five minutes. or fill out a panel should consult the Panelists Seeking Panelists Forum (not yet. I am seeking to join a panel for SHAFR I am working on a project about POW/MIAs of the Korean War, and my paper is on the U.S.-North. The latest Tweets from SHAFR Historians (@SHAFRhistorians). We have an informal meeting just for you, at AM on Saturday, January 5, in Palmer . We are looking forward to a year full of academic achievements, historical . Here's the panel I'll be on at #AHA19 - come see us all!

Those interested in participating can indicate this on the online conference submission form although it is not necessary to be a panelist to participate.


The Job Workshop is open to all current graduate students and newly minted Ph. Priority will be given to first-time participants. Graduate students and new Ph. The Syllabus Workshop is open to all current graduate students and recent Ph.

Proposals SHAFR is committed to inclusion and diversity, and encourages proposals including members of groups historically under-represented within the organization. We particularly encourage proposals from women, scholars of color, colleagues residing outside of the United States, and scholars working in other disciplines. As part of your proposal, we ask you to describe how your proposed panel reflects this SHAFR commitment.

Annual Meetings

Please see below for details. Panel sessions for the meeting will run one hour and forty-five minutes. A complete panel typically includes three papers plus chair and commentator with the possibility of one person fulfilling the latter two roles or a conceptually more expansive roundtable discussion with a chair and three or four participants.

Papers should be no longer than twenty minutes and must be shorter in situations where there are more than three paper presentations. The Committee is open to alternative formats, especially those based on discussion and engagement with the audience, which should be described briefly in the proposal. The Program Committee welcomes panels that transcend conventional chronologies, challenge received categories, or otherwise offer innovative approaches and fresh thinking.

Those submitting proposals for the conference may indicate their interest on the online submission form.

shaft panelists seeking on meet

One need not be a panelist to participate, and priority will be given to first-time workshop participants. Policies All proposals and funding applications should be submitted via shafr. Each participant may serve only once in any capacity on the program for example as a presenter or commentator and not more than twice during the conference.

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Requests for AV equipment must be made at the time of application and are not guaranteed to be fulfilled. Presenters requesting AV service will be asked to provide a concise rationale and to indicate if their presentation can be made without this technology.

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Any special scheduling requests e. Generally, an annual membership in SHAFR for will be required for those who participate as part of the program at the meeting.

shaft panelists seeking on meet

The president and program committee may grant a limited number of exceptions to scholars whose specializations are clearly outside the field of the history of the United States in the world, broadly conceived. Instructions on how to become a SHAFR member will be included with notification of accepted proposals.

shaft panelists seeking on meet

For more details about the conference please visit the main conference web page. We look forward to seeing you next June in Philadelphia! The following stipulations apply: The Program Committee will make the decision regarding all awards. Applications should consist of a concise letter from the prospective participant requesting funds and an accompanying letter from the graduate advisor confirming the unavailability of departmental funds to cover travel to the conference.

These two items should be submitted via the on-line interface at the time the panel or paper proposal is submitted.

shaft panelists seeking on meet

The competition is aimed at scholars whose participation in the annual meeting would add to the diversity of the Society.