Sjsu drill meet trophies

The JROTC Drill Team Wins 1st Place

sjsu drill meet trophies

Air Force JROTC won the overall Silver Creek Drill Meet competition. The Principal's Trophy is a multi-event competition between the 6 JROTC units in should report to the flagpole for a San Jose State University field trip. Skyline Unarmed Drill Team wins big at the Rio Linda High School Drill Competition in Sacramento. Unarmed Drill Team, above, 1st Place Trophy, below. Rancho JROTC Named Overall Drill Meet Champion · Rancho JROTC Named in their events and the school won the Overall Drill Meet Championship Trophy. this weekend at the Bands of America Western Regional in San Jose, CA.

We worked about yards from this stadium at the American Can Company and throughout the summer we earned enough to make this trip.

(10/18) SJSU Drill Meet 2014 SCHS Armed Regulation

We did run out of money several times along the way and my sister, who is sitting in the stands today, sent me a few checks to allow me to keep going. She was living hand to mouth herself at the time but she still squeezed out a bit to help her brother on his adventure around the world. I was determined to graduate but I wanted to go back overseas to soak up more of the international scene and learn about the other people and places in the world.

Try to make it your business to get out and see more of this world we live in and learn everything you can about it. I feel very strongly about this and I really encourage you to make the effort and do it! One year after graduating I left for the Far East and took a job in a small company based in Yokohama, Japan.

sjsu drill meet trophies

I had no major plans at that point in my life other than wanting to learn everything I could about Japan and the Japanese culture. A year and a half later, I lost that job. It was then that another one of those defining moments kicked in and I started my own little moving company on a shoestring.

sjsu drill meet trophies

I and my little company struggled through the first year but as we started year two we were still afloat. The next year was better and the one after that even better. I was a young American finding the American dream in Yokohama, Japan!!

So the fourth message I would like to pass on to you is that the American Dream of success can be found globally today. There are wonderful opportunities all over the world so I encourage you to broaden your horizons and look beyond the borders of the United States. Today, most people who reach the top of their organizations have had some overseas experience so it is important.

Having started my own business I continued to build it — first in Japan, then in Hong Kong and then throughout the Far East. It became more exciting with each passing week.

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I encourage you to look at how you can take part in these opportunities. China and India are on the move. Many other countries of the world also present good opportunities for people willing to work overseas. They need the talents that many of you in this graduating class have. The competition can be tough but truly determined people will always have a chance of success.

sjsu drill meet trophies

A little over a year ago, at the suggestion of Dean David Steele of the College of Business, we established a Global Internship Program for San Jose State students so more of you can work overseas and understand the global environment.

I know some of the past interns from the program who came to Asia are graduating with you today and another group will be starting their internship in several countries of Europe next week. My interest in funding this program was to encourage San Jose State students to realize the fact that globalization is now part of all our lives and you should embrace it. So I expanded my business to Singapore, Indonesia the Philippines and Malaysia and the company was doing well.

I think most small business owners can relate to this. I was loving every minute of it but always felt a degree of fear about my ability to hold it all together. But I found that as my company grew so did my ability as a manager.

We never stop learning in life. Many of you are capable of being entrepreneurs and I have no doubt you will be. In reality, most major economies are driven by small privately owned businesses. So my fifth and final thought for you today is to consider starting your own business.

In the United Statesnew business are incorporated every year. The feeling the fulfillment of what you can achieve gives you an incredible sense of accomplishment.

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So it all comes down to this. With that education and with that certificate you venture out into the real world to see what you can make of your life.

Her comment stuck with me. Life is not about surviving but about adding something. Every one of you can do that. You are all capable of more than your realize. The story of the development of my company continues.

Find a quarterback Four inexperienced players are competing for the starting job: Tate Forcier, the heralded transfer from Michigan, is not eligible this season. Faulkner was unimpressive in a backup role last year but has the best feel for the offense.

Silver Creek NJROTC

Stewart is the most effective runner. Jurich, from Santa Cruz, might be the best combination of runner and passer.

sjsu drill meet trophies

Gray is well-regarded but a rookie who will need time to learn the offense. MacIntyre may wait until late in training camp to name a starter. The challenge will be getting each player enough repetitions to make an accurate evaluation. Locate a running game The Spartans ranked th in the nation in rushing last season out of teamswith a per-game average of The year before that, they ranked th.

Will they be any better this season? Solidify the lines There are more options up front than the Spartans have had in years. The offensive line could feature a junior, three seniors and a graduate student center Robbie Reedwith several veterans capable of playing multiple positions.

The defensive line should be two deep at every spot and includes end David Tuitupou, who spent two years at BYU before transferring.

But are any of the options good options?