Swim meet gear

The 8 Swim Parents You See at Your Local Swim Meets

swim meet gear

If you're wondering what to bring to your first swim meet — or if you're nervous about forgetting something important — use this checklist to pack your swim bag. Shop swim gear from DICK'S Sporting Goods. Browse all swim gear including swim shirts, goggles, swim caps and athletic swimsuits for men, women and kids. Items 1 - 24 of Shop Our Competitive Swim Products and Equipment. Enjoy Free Shipping on Orders Over $60!.

So yeah, in terms of prepping for fast racing the TTP is pretty much a no-brainer. Watching a local swim practice recently the swimmers were freestyle kicking back and forth without any splash, the only sign of disturbance in the water the brightly-colored snorkels that cut silently through the water. Although they have been patented since by FINISthe front-mounted snorkel only recently exploded in popularity across pool decks.

I wield mine with kick sets particularly when doing long course swimmingand find that it is particularly helpful for developing a more balanced and full stroke. Why does this matter? Because muscle imbalances are one of the leading causes of swimmers shoulder.

swim meet gear

They are cheap, versatile, and will help you become a better swimmer. Now that I have talked about how I love kicking with a snorkel, I should probably mention that my first love is my green, borderline-decrepit kickboard whose logo is so faded I cannot tell up from down anymore.

Spending more time on your kickboard will help you build a bigger overall motor.

swim meet gear

Because your legs are the biggest muscles in your body, and as a result suck up a whole lot of oxygen. Every athlete with big goals tracks and evaluates their training. Janet Evans, the American distance queen at the Seoul, Barcelona and Atlanta Olympics, kept a near legendary logbook that detailed her marathon workouts. At the end of the day, what gets measured gets focused on. Go the Ledecky route and grade your workouts—it will force you to stay honest about your effort during practice.

Track how many meters you are swimming at your goal race pace. Or see how many morning practices in a row you make.

swim meet gear

Whatever it is that matters to you, whatever it is that will get you to where you wanna go, a logbook is the tool to help you stay consistent and accountable to your goals.

Ready to start a training journal? YourSwimBook is the best and most popular training journal for faster swimming. Designed by competitive swimmers, and used by programs like Auburn, NCAP, and more, it features a ten month log book, a full goal setting section, and a bonus mental training skills guide.

Click here to learn more about how YourSwimBook will help you become a better swimmer.

swim meet gear

The purpose of this particular piece of leg muscle-building swim equipment? To develop leg power and endurance in order to power up your swimming. The versatility with these are awesome too: You can do sprinting and regular swimming with them on as well, as their design allows you to swim with proper technique and full range of motion.

swim meet gear

As far as low-tech goes, a simple little rubber band is as Flintstone as it gets. If you want to add some serious power and torque to your pulling motion, this super simple addition to your arsenal is your go-to.

It forces you to keep your arms moving at a balanced and even rate no resting with an over-glide, in other wordsand it will make your legs sink, so you have to be much more cognizant of keeping your hips high in the water and your face down. The purpose of caps is three-fold.

7 Pieces of Swimming Gear Every Serious Swimmer Should Have

First, keeping hair securely away from the swimmer's face allows for easier breathing, better head position, and therefore better body position for all strokes. Second, it allows for a sleek feeling in the water, suitable for fast practices, time trials and meets. We recommend for swimmer to wear their caps for two practices prior to meets, to get used to the change in feeling and hearing.

Latex Caps - These cheaper caps can be good for swimmers with shorter hair, who don't use them as often. They stay in place a bit better, but can sometimes pull hair as you put them on. They require more maintenance and care, but can be a blessing if you have a swimmer who often misplaces things. Swimmers usually take them off between races, or use baby powder on the inside of the cap for comfort and care.

Silicone Caps - These quality caps last longer, fit more comfortably, and require very little maintenance. Turn them inside out and throw them in you bag to dry out. Put your name on the inside somewhere with a sharpee to make sure it doesn't get lost.

Caps take some getting used to, and sometimes take two people to put on.

Eichler Gators

Ask the coaches or a seasoned teammate for help. If your swimmer is having trouble hearing, flip up one side to expose the ear at a meet, the one towards the starter. Practice Suits Suits come in such a large variety, and almost everything is good. Boys have options of Speedos briefs or Jammers like biker shorts ; avoid swim trunks because they cause excessive and unnecessary drag which can be difficult on younger swimmers.

Girls can wear almost any one-piece suit; look for suits with a shoulder strap at least half an inch wide for durability. Check you child's suit occasionally to make sure it is not becoming translucent, especially in the posterior. Remember, a wet suit looks even more see-through than if it's dry.

For age group swimmers nine and older, we suggest wearing two practice suits at the same time.

Swim Team Gear Essentials for Kids | ACTIVEkids

The under suit is usually newer, and fits more snugly. The outer suit is usually a worn and stretched suit formally used as an under suit, and it helps protect the newer suit from unnecessary wear and tear. Team Suits Team members are not required to purchase an Eichler Gator suit, but most do and the sea of matching suits really builds team spirit and makes it much easier to identify Eichler swimmers. We suggest you only use your team suit for swim meets, and otherwise keep it in dry, clean storage.