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나와 그녀와 그녀와 그녀의 건전하지 못한 관계* The Indecent Relationship between Four Lovers *Author*: Choi Ji-in *Illustrator*: REUM. Facebook To connect with?Jing Forum? .. (Eng + Pinyin) Jing Chang - (MV) Lovers' Fashionable This is the . Wu Ai Jing - Friendship, Love, Relationships - Chinadaily Forum ›. .. It IS complicated in comprehending the four sentences. promovare-site.infouki. com. indecent proposal movie summary · anna belle videos college of the desert palm desert · kilgore football roster .. kazuma four wheelers part . 10 years old · lovers guide video clips . anime suki torrent · recorded tv.

That is if the time a show is put up really affects viewership. Myssa Rei Thompsonbut there are some design difference's despite being done by the same guy! For example Sig doesn't wear her hair in a bun.

I don't even know how popular the manga is in Japan or elsewhere for that matternor if many "gun otaku" watch anime series Anyway - I will at least give the first ep or 2 a try. D Myssa Rei Yeah, I found that little detail weird, especially since the 4koma seems to be running in parallel with the main manga storyline. I mean, how can Sig have a bun in the main series, yet have short hair in the other? Volume 2 takes a different turn from Volume 1 to be sure. Actually made it look a little more interesting potentially.

Still not really my cup of tea, but definitely a little more interesting than when I finished Volume Vallen Chaos Valiant People with an active NicoNico account can watch it in the above link in 1 hr 40 minutes. Utsuro no Hako When I first heard the description of this series, I thought it didn't make any sense, so I decided to watch the first episode to see if that'd change anything.

Still doesn't make a bit of sense. I mean, they're guns, but they're girls, and their butts are their stocks and their I can accept anthropomorphized countries in Hetalia because it's all taking place in a metaphorical world, but this is apparently set in reality, so there must be some reason why guns become cute girls to go to school and If there's some explanation for this in the manga, could someone just mention what chapter I should look for.

The short of it is that there isn't any. The schoolteacher that we see in this episode is just as baffled at the why's and hows as the reader is.

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Things just are, as far as this world is concerned. I've gotten so used to web series and series with somewhat odder premises being 3 minutes that having this be full length was the most surprising part. The nature of the anthromorphification has led to some nonstandard countries being represented here.

I can't remember the last time I saw anybody human or We have Swiss Sig, the one with the bun, is one and later on Israelis as well. And do the girls seem a little wider than what it would usually be the norm?

That said, I find the show a little unique and unusual, have rather high hopes for this to be good! There's only three pantyshots I have seen in this episode, and it looks more faithful to the manga even though it's based on more than just one chapter and has filler material in the beginning before the professor's arrival.

The opening theme add more fun and the ending theme looks sexy, especially in the earlier parts. Despite her shyness and her lovey-dovey moments with the teacher, I hope Funco gets more character development in the next episodes.

And the next episode will be full of action! If you finished chapter 15 then it should be kind of obvious why her hair is shorter in the 4koma.

This is it in a nutshell. Nothing is really "explained" per se, in the manga - at least the chapters that I have read. But you shouldn't read "too much" into it, I think. If you are interested enough to read the chapters of the manga go ahead and do so. Again, Volume 1 is kinda introductory and mostly a combo of ecchi and some "action". Volume 2 seems to be focused almost slowly on "action" thus far.

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Dark Wing In order to hopefully avoid too many spoilers I've started a manga thread. This might be my trashy guilty pleasure of the season. File this in the "now I've seen everything" cabinet. Fortunately, I don't have any interest in specific guns and all of those military stuff, so I think I'll honestly pass on this. Maybe the whole gun thing distracted me from it Yoshihi learns of the time paradox issue and she gets a little upset since she believes that yoshiharu is only using that as an excuse to escape the marriage but she quickly changes her expression as soon as yoshiharu show her his right arm, now partially transparent.

Not wanting to let yoshiharu disappear, she states that after the issue with iehisa's past episode is settled, she will accept everything the shimazu clan is going to impose on her, even marrying with a shimazu's man as long as yoshiharu's life is spared and their marriage called off. After yoshihisa and yoshihiro tell iehisa what happened that day, the shimazu sisters bound is further strengthened and 3 of the shimazu sisters agree to call off the marriage iehisa offers to marry yoshiharu herself in yoshihi's place while toshihisa doesn't seem to completely disregard the idea to becoming saru's wife either when pressed by yoshihi who has now switched to "mother in law mode".

On the other hand Yoshihiro doesn't buy yoshiharu's explanations and keeps enforcing the marriage she doesn't even believe that yoshiharu comes from the future in the first place and doesn't shake at all even when seeing his semi transparent arm as she claims that it's just an optical illusion; actually her main reason for not cancelling the marriage is the fear that yoshiharu might take her little imouto iehisa away from her.

The produced stalemate is partly dispelled when sakihisa who has regained his sense and reverted to his original look in another room enters the room and uses his trump card to change yoshihiro's mind who is also opposed to yoshiharu taking iehisa of toshihisa as his wife due to the difference in social standing by officially declaring yoshiharu his son.

This triggers more harem shenanigans with iehisa, toshihisa and even yoshihisa quarrelling over who gets to marry yoshiharu. Unfortunately yoshihiro's position is still unshaken and yoshiharu's body, which had temporarily reverted to his original form, starts disappearing again.

Conversely, the Ootomo clan is taking adavantage of the situation to gain the northern part of the itou clan's territory, previously conquered by the shimazu clan.

Yoshihi, abiding to the interests of the shimazu clan, moves with her men which had previously surrendered to the shimazu clan to intercept the Aso army, commanded by the cunning general and assassin, as well as yoshihi's guardian and fatherly figure, Soui I might have got the name wrong. Yoshihi's small army is surrounded by the Aso army and it's only a matter of time before they get crushed.

In order to rescue her, yoshiharu convince the shimazu sisters to send a small squadron against the aso army: In addition to calling off his marriage, she agrees to be part of lead the small force: Despite the shimazu sisters great efforts especially iehisa and yoshihiroSoui gets to yoshihi first and, while the sagara princess readies herself to be sent to the afterlife, she reveals that in fact tokuchiyo should be the real lord of the sagara clan as she was born a few moments before her, but she concealed that fact and banished her from the palace to protect her from the betrayals and evil schemes occurring within the clan.

Tokuchiyo overhears that as she arrives just in time to save her from Soui's killing blow. Soui and Tokuchiyo engage in a brief fight but even tokuchiyo is no match for the seasoned Soui.