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transformers prime meet predaking oversize

Transformers: Prime is a computer animated television series which premiered on Transformers: Prime was renewed for a second season, which premiered on . While they are out, the other Autobots discover that the pod contains a large he can meet the Autobots, and they send in Makeshift, a Decepticon spy able to. This story came into my head after I saw the promo of Predaking showing himself to . As the two of us finally came to a large door, Shockwave lead us through it and I . I have yet to meet an Autobot but they have to be somewhat better than the treatment I get from Starscream. Attack and kill the Prime!. The two met on Cybertron where they were both Gladiators in Kaon. The Decepticons escaped when Optimus Prime returned in a new body and In Predacons Rising, Shockwave and Starscream saw Megatron resurrected at . Despite their differing backgrounds they were each able to gather large groups of followers.

Predaking appointed himself as the off-sit Laboratory's guard.

He would be damned if anyone, human or autobot, attempted to sabotage this project. And of course, wherever he went that was relatively safe, Miya went. The pair spent most of their time on the first day in the lab. Predaking let her look into each tank, listening whenever she recognised one of the forms and told him the earth mythologies about such creatures. Griffons, hydras, Basilisks, Chimeras, she told him it all. When he'd asked how she knew all these legends, the girl had sheepishly replied that she'd played a lot of video games and was considered a "nerd".

He didn't know what a "nerd" was, but decided it didn't matter. She was excited yet also anxious to meet her new extended family. He could see it in her body language, the way she fidgeted, the way she fiddled with the necklace. She tried to hide her apprehension with a multitude of questions. And she was very persistent with them. So Predaking almost had no choice but to indulge her. Predaking considered the idea as he looked at the twenty-four assembled tanks.

Though another two days remained to wait, he doubted that any of these would grow in that time to surpass the size of his beast form. The same way I chose mine. To give his brethren the respect they deserved, and to decide their own destinies. Once again, Predaking found himself scanning each and every tank. Nothing wrong, the pressure levels were stabilised, the juices in the tanks were uncorrupted, the spark-beats were strong.

Just as it had been the last time he'd checked. With his anxiety over these predacons finally joining him in the land of the living, he'd been checking and double checking every little thing to make sure it was all going smoothly.

Miya had her brows furrowed, so he knew another question was coming. I've only seen the spider one. Though there's no way to tell until they emerge.

Honestly, Predaking didn't know what he would do. He'd never considered a spark-mate before. Perhaps that was because there had never been any femmes of his kind. Or any femmes at all for that matter. He'd only encountered Arachnid, and the Femme that resided with the autobots. Some part of him did desire a mate, yes, but it wasn't a priority for him. He had Miya, a spakling, and that was enough for him.

Miya came to a stop in front of the tank whose inhabitant resembled a wyvern, as Miya had called it. The girl seemed to like this one, always coming back to it.

Predaking took that as a good sign that she was already familiarising herself with the new predacons. This one might even have something special in it if it could unconsciously grab Miya's attention.

Miya gently placed her hand against the warm glass, and her face grew serious. Her other hand reached up to fiddle with the green dragon necklace. Predaking knelt behind her, silently looming over her, comforting her, protecting her in his shadow. He blinked down at her. She shrugged her shoulders and looked away from the tank. Her eyes found his optics as she turned to face him. She bit the corner of her lip, her large eyes stared up at him.

He could see her yearning for that acceptance, but he knew she would hate being lied to for the sake of being coddled. Despite that, he knew his answer. He smiled and held out a hand to gently touch her back.

transformers prime meet predaking oversize

They will love you as much as I do. It must have great significance to humans, or did it just have great significance in this situation? Either way, it had the desired effect. Her smile was so wide it crinkled her eyes. She leaned into his touch, wrapping her arms around his thumb and squeezing back. He growled loudly, standing and stepping away from Miya so that she wouldn't be forced to hear whatever foulness poured from the seeker's septic mouth. Leave your pet at the lab, Megatron wishes to talk of sensitive matters.

Do not question your orders, beast. He had to count backwards from five hundred just to try and soothe his temper that threatened to boil over. He turned back to her, and did his best to wipe away the anger and replace it with a gentle smile. I must go, but I'll be back shortly. He left her with the tanks. Considering how much Megatron valued these new soldiers for his army, this was perhaps the safest place for her. That still didn't make him worry less.

But his fears were at least a little subsided when he saw that a small platoon of Vehicons were stationed outside the lab entrance. And the Nemesis was circling not too far away, so he knew he would be close if anything were to happen. It was a short flight back to the warship, and transforming on the upper hull, Predaking strode into the ship proudly. The reaction was immediate. Of those Vehicons that were left in Megatron's army, every single one that he encountered openly stared at him.

They gawked and seemed to contemplate if they should unsheathe their weapons. However, their fears were proved insignificant when Megatron strolled through the halls to meet Predaking.

Behind him were all of his high-ranking officers in formation. Starscream, Soundwave, Knockout and Shockwave. This must have been more important than Predaking had first thought if all of them were present.

Predaking always analysed a situation, and he quickly realised the significance of this meeting.

Despite being a full head taller than Megatron, he bowed submissively. The officers seemed to relax, and even Megatron nodded in approval. Predaking hadn't realised that it must have seemed as if he were challenging Megatron for command, even if those moves had been subconscious on his part. He stood to his full height again, and met Megatron's gaze calmly but unflinchingly. He was willing to be submissive but never let it be said that the dragon bowed to no one's complete rule but his own.

He started walking down the corridor, and Predaking followed at his side. But with more of my species soon to stride among us, I beg your permission to in turn lead them. The predacon looked over at him, concerned he would refuse. The Lord of the Decepticons looked over at him, and though he seemed a little stunned, his words still made Predaking rejoice. Only then did he call upon all of his officers and escorted them down to the cargo-bay of the ship.

They told no vehicons or any others of where they were headed or their purpose. What Megatron wanted to say could have been spoken on the bridge or in his private quarters, but he feared that those spaces would be too easily overheard. The cargo bay was out of the way and would have less audio-receptors to listen in. The group hunted their way through stacks of energon crates, until they found their way to the centre where they could all stand comfortably without being squshed.

Perhaps Megatron was being paranoid. But then again, it was through his paranoia that he'd managed to live so long. At least hear the group would be able to know if anyone was coming or listening in, and they were well hidden. Each had matching optic screens, servos, and color coordination. They paid us no mind as we walked by them but if I came to close to one they would quickly get out of my way, almost as if I would attack them.

I don't know why they would think that, they did nothing against me so why would I harm them. As Shockwave made a quick turn to the right, the leash he had around my neck tugged me harshly and I had no choice but to follow him. I had tried to chew the leash off but the cable would shock me and my teeth were starting to hurt.

As the two of us finally came to a large door, Shockwave lead us through it and I was surprised to see that we were outside. I somehow knew what outside was but I couldn't remember why.

All I have ever seen was the inside of Shockwave's lab but just seeing the open sky and the clouds rolling by just seemed to bring back something. He looked different then Megatron and Shockwave; more slender and he had these 'wings' coming out of his back. Are you ready to start her training Starscream? I could already smell the stupid rolling off him and when I growled at him when he was about to touch me I could also smell his fear. Ember might be a femme but she is powerful and dangerous.

Once he reached the other side, Starscream turned around and pointed to his side. Did this Starscream think I would ever listen to someone like him?

Walking away from the two bots, I sat down to look up at the sky to see a group of small animals flying away.

Standing myself, I slowly began to walk over to him but I gave him a snarl as I did. Once I did manage to reach the spot Starscream wanted me, he finally released the button and I let out a breath I was holding when the pain stopped. How is she going to kill Autobots like that? Standing up, I snarled and lunged on Starscream's back and began to snap and rip at his soft metal body.

As STarscream leaked his life blood, he had the most terrified look on him as I was about to slash my claws over his chest. Just as I was about to deliver the deadly blow, something rammed into me and it sent me flying across the deck. When I had finally came to a stop, I looked up to see my attacker and I saw the biggest monster I had ever seen. He was towering with wide wings coming from his back and he had the most yellow optics I had ever seen that just bore holes in my spark. I advise you would put aside your anger femme and just listen to those lowly beings:: My name is Predaking and it might be smart if you stop looking around like a sparkling:: The voice said and when the monster rubbed his muzzle against my head it finally processed that this was Predaking talking to me somehow.

Nodding up to him, Predaking nodded back before he placed his larger claws over my body. If you want your freedom you will listen to what I say and do what those mechs ask of you.

Predaking said but I remained quiet. To be honest, next to Megatron, Predaking was the next scariest thing I had ever laid my optics on. Predaking said as he opened his jaws and lifted me up into his hold by my back and began to carry me over to Starscream and Shockwave. Taking the hint, I stood up and a bowed head at Starscream. This," Starscream lifted my head up and pointed to one of the bite marks I made on his neck.

Predaking looked shocked by what was happening but he just stood there growling deeply with an evil look at Starscream. After I gain our freedom, femme, I will personally rip this ones spark out:: Preadking said as I continued to yelp and bark in pain.

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I couldn't say it now but I was thinking how I would make sure Predaking would keep that Promise. During our countless meetings, Starscream would shout at me how I had to defeat those 'weak' and 'stupid' Autobots. Honestly the only ones I really wanted to do any harm to were these Decepticons.

I have yet to meet an Autobot but they have to be somewhat better than the treatment I get from Starscream. As I stood before Megatron with the other two behind me, I held my head down so I wouldn't have to look at the scary mechs face.

transformers prime meet predaking oversize

Even now that I was stronger I knew, somehow, that I would never be able to stand up against Megatron. I hated that remote. I hated it with a passion so intense that I wanted to take it and snap it in two in my jaws. Lifting my head up, just enough to see the screen, I saw a group of vehicons battling it out with a pair of mechs I had never seen before. Starscream, Take the Predacon and unleash it on the Autobots. They looked remarkably different than the Decepticons.

transformers prime meet predaking oversize

Their frames were more smooth with no jagged edges or sharp appendages sticking out of them and their colors were more inviting then the Decepticons. To be truthful, my colors seemed to be more matching for the Autobots than then the Decepticons; with all their dark purples and slivers. They just seemed so Quickly turning to face him, I growled at him as I struggled to walk over with the pain.

As Starscream released the button he placed in his subspace and turned to leave. If the words of Predaking didn't run through my mind, about gaining freedom, I would be tearing Starscream to bits right now. OoOoOoOoOo As Starscream, Predaking, and myself walked through what was called a ground bridge we soon found ourselves in front of a deep and large hole. Stepping closer to the edge, we looked down to see that the Autobots were still dealing with the vehicons but were winning.

Predaking's voice spoke out to me and I obeyed but I couldn't help but wonder why in the back of my head. When the two of them finally made it to the bottom, the Autobots took notice of them and started firing at them. With Predacons on our side! Predaking said and I nodded as I jumped down into the hole.

Predaking (Prime)

Surprisingly I landed with utmost grace and as the ground around me rumbled I allowed the Autobots to stare at me in awe as I did with them. I couldn't help but just stand there watching Predaking attack the two bots. They did nothing to us and yet Starscream had ordered us to harm them. Before I gave Starscream the chance to press that horrible button, I charged for the nearest autobot. A red and blue one that looked to just as powerful as Megatron. The Autobot raised his weapons at me but just as he was about to deliver the blow I came to a complete stop and stared up him in fear.

The Autobot saw this and he looked at me with his calming blue optics. For a moment neither of us moved but when an irritated growl came from Starscream I turned to face him. Attack and kill the Prime! Turning to the Autobot I looked up at him with pleading optics before I broke out in a fit of pain filled barks.

Predaking heard this and turned to me before giving Starscream a hiss. This distraction gave the Autobots a chance to fire on Predaking and it any him flying into Starscream. I don't know what my mind was thinking but at seeing how the Autobots were gaining freedom through their portal I stood up and quickly began to run to it.