Umly mini meet results 2014

Delaware Valley Local Masters Swim Committee

umly mini meet results 2014

YMCA Pennsylvania East District Swimming Championship .. and we have the chance to look at District results for selecting Meet Program - Sunday Afternoon - Prep () Oberlander, Hoover, Harnish, Small. S#: CAQPA USA Approval -MA AP Results Event 4: 3/21/ Hannah Schlegel, Boyertown-PA NQ Meet Record:! .. 15 UPPER MAIN LINE YMCA-MA 'A' 1) . Laurel Highlands Nat'l Record: & 4/3/ Meghan Small. Highly recommend. April 12, The coaches make this swim club amazing! The team makes great emissaries for their program. August 10, · See All.

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umly mini meet results 2014

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