Usagi and seiya meet

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usagi and seiya meet

Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance - K. Seiya/Sailor Star Fighter, Usagi T./ Serena/Bunny/Sailor Moon - Chapters: 17 - Words: 37, In fact, he was meeting a nice girl in the park that morning. "Seiya!" she exclaimed, "Usagi's upstairs in her room, you can just go right in. "I wish I could've met you sooner, Odango " — Seiya's words to Usagi before the Three Lights final concert in episode Seiya Kou is one of the members of.

usagi and seiya meet

It's only been two weeks since our break-up, and she's already seeing another guy. Before it, he was walking over to Usagi and Seiya. Seiya nervously glanced at Usagi. Usagi looked at as if she was trying to signal Mamoru to stop. Why haven't you come to visit me yet? You always used to come see me right away.

Weren't you mama's old boyfriend? And what is Crystal Tokyo? And I do not live in Crystal Tokyo, I don't even know where that is. I live in--" "Wait! All through Mamoru and Chibi-Usa's talk he had remained silent, looking more and more confused, "Will someone please explain what the hell is going on? I was told that this girl is Odango's cousin, and I know she just said that she was the daughter of a King Seiya.

usagi and seiya meet

Who the hell is King Seiya? And why does he have my name? Why did you bring these people here? Quietly, she explained what had just happened. Then they walked back to Mamoru, Seiya, and Chibi-Usa. For years, everything on Earth will be frozen solid. Then, Usagi's Silver Crystal will activate, and defeat the enemy that caused the ice age. The Earth will unfreeze. When the people awoke, a curious thing happened.

They remembered the Moon Kingdom, and the great Queen Serenity. I do not know why that happened. They saw the true power of the Silver Crystal, and unanimously decided Usagi should rule the Earth, following the footsteps of her mother, Queen Serenity. Thus, she became Neo-Queen Serenity. Seiya, you being her husband, became King Seiya. Small Lady is your daughter. Small Lady visit's here from the future quite often, because her mother feels that it's best for her to train in the 20th century.

Usagi wasn't surprised by this news at all. The only thing new to her was that it was King Seiya and not King Endymion. Mamoru, on the other hand, didn't take the news too well. This is not right! Usako is supposed to marry me, and we are supposed to rule Crystal Tokyo together as King and Queen.

Chibi-Usa is supposed to be our daughter, and is supposed to look 'normal. You are just a liar," said Mamoru. It still has the possibility to change," said Pluto simply, "besides, I think it's time for you to return back to your present time. Chibi-Usa, please stay with me; I'd like to talk to you.

Seiya, will you be alright?

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Pluto touched her staff to the ground, muttered a few incomprehensional words, and once again, Seiya, Usagi, and Mamoru were whisked off in a flash of pink light. Once they had gotten back, Mamoru had grabbed Usagi's hand and was dragging her away. Seiya had punched Mamoru to get him to let go. All at once he turned into Tuxedo Kamen. But Seiya had already turned into Sailor Starlight.

Then he chanted, "Usako. The lights go out due to power outage and Seiya takes Usagi in his arm and told her that everything would be alright. This warmth is like Mamo-chan, but it's different. It's a different kindness from Mamo-chan. This outage however wasn't just an accident, but rather was caused by Sailor Iron Mouse, whose target was Kou Seiya. Things are starting to get complex, though at the end Seiya convinces himself Usagi can't be Sailor Moon.

usagi and seiya meet

In episodethe girls from Usagi's school who formed the Seiya Fan Club weren't impressed by Seiya and Usagi's closeness. The leader of the Fan Club challenges Usagi and Seiya in a Softball match, announcing that if their team loses, they must 'break-up'.

Seiya and Usagi // Unrequited love

Usagi denies the fact they're together, but it didn't seem to do any good. Usagi was pretty bad at Softball and so Seiya patiently trains her to catch a ball for the whole afternoon. Soon the night sky takes over and the two take a break while looking at the stars. He tells her he believes in her and that he doesn't want to lose the game. The truth was, Usagi didn't want to lose it either and she tries her best which causes her team to win.

Things start to get bad in episodewhen Aluminum Siren sets a trap for Usagi after knowing her true identity. In order to protect her, Seiya transforms in front of her, revealing his true identity. Usagi is shocked by the truth but realises she has no other choice but to transform as well. Confusion, anger and sadness takes place, with the Sailor Starlights conflicting with the Senshi of the Solar System.

Despite their differences, Seiya couldn't stop thinking about Usagi, he still trusted in her.

usagi and seiya meet

Usagi is also saddened because she doesn't want their friendship to end. In a later episode, Seiya discovered Sailor Moon was vulnerable to Tin Nyanko's bazooka and he runs quickly to take the blast for her.

He is injured severely, losing consciousness and starts to bleed. Sailor Moon is horrified and becomes desperate to help him. The other Starlights appear and take him away angrily, warning them to stay away from them. Their view on Sailor Moon turned into hatred as they blamed everything that happend to Seiya on Usagi. Their chances of seeing each was was slim. Haruka and Michiru also warn Usagi to break all ties with him. Nevertheless, Seiya and Usagi try desperately to see each other- She wanted to apologise for his injury, and Seiya wants to tell her everything about his mission.

He calls Usagi and invites her to one of his concerts, which was held in an Amusement Park. Usagi couldn't get a seat since the tickets were sold out, but notices a Ferris wheel and rides that. From such a high angle, she was able to see him on stage clearly. He was able to tell her his story through his song, all about Sailor Galaxia and his mission to search for his Princess. Soon they were able to reach a mutual understanding.

As time passed, Usagi felt more and more lonely without Mamoru's presence. We soon learn that Mamoru hasn't replied to a single letter Usagi has written to him.

On the school roof-top, Usagi starts bursting into tears and saying everything from her heart. She misses Mamoru dearly, and she can't stand being alone anymore.

These words hurt Seiya, and his anger shows