Uspa powerlifting meet results morgan

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uspa powerlifting meet results morgan presents: USPA American Cup, Los Angeles, CA January 26, American Cup Powerlifting: Classic Raw Division 4 Desiree Morgan . Meet computer: Jim Kerns, Tracie Marquez, Leonetta Richardson. Morgan Aquino Garcia, 10/11/, , kg. Niko Hulslander, 01/ 01/, , kg. Kipp Hinz, 05/18/, , kg. State/Province: TX. Zip Code: Country: United States. Meet Director: Bobby Morgan. Phone Number: Email: [email protected] com.

Below is an example of bar whip. Bar Diameter — The higher the number, the stronger the steel is. Buddy Capps must have known that the Texas Power Bar had bar whip issues.

USPA Iron City Open

This is not an IPF approved barbell. A longer sleeve means you can fit more weight on the barbell. The closer the weight is to the center of the bar, the less bar whip it creates.

uspa powerlifting meet results morgan

Plates are 2 inches further out on the Texas Power Bar. The further away the weight is from the center of the bar, the less force it takes to move the weight as the above diagram illustrates. So again, according to Physics, the weight will require less effort to move.

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Physics matters IPF Approved. Rogue Fitness Steel Calibrated Plates. If training how you compete is important to you, you are going to want to train with an Ohio Power Bar. Eleiko Sport and Rogue Fitness sell calibrated steel discs specifically designed to be used with their bars, unlike the Texas Power Bar. So why do meet directors still use the Texas Power Bar?

USPA Powerlifting - Defeating State Records - 52 kg Lifter

The Texas Power Bar has been around for nearly four decades. Some people have been using this bar for their entire lifting careers.

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uspa powerlifting meet results morgan

Tony Montgomery Tony has been training and doing nutrition programs for the last 8 years now. Working with stay at home moms, NFL players, and strength athletes alike. Tony spent 4 years in the Marines with 2nd Recon Bn. Tony has trained and worked with top level lifters and the top nutritionist to perfect his craft.

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As a world class Powerlifter in the lb weight class she has been actively competing for over 4 years. Her passion for strength sports developed at a very young age culminating into being a competitive athlete throughout high school and college to include a background in bodybuilding. She has been influenced and educated by many of the best dietitians in the fitness industry with over 6 years of experience in nutritional guidance.

uspa powerlifting meet results morgan

Her degree in science lead her to become a Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in Sports Therapy. This course focuses on teaching proper body mechanics along with the fundamentals of strength training for all levels of powerlifters. Her goal is to give one an individualized program to meet their specific needs. What works for one person may not work for another so her goal is to find that optimal style of technique for the individual.

Kaylie Klitzing Kaylie has been training for four years.