Want to meet an elephant

Do You Really Want to Meet an Elephant? - J. Appleseed

want to meet an elephant

As World Elephant Day approaches, we pick out 10 of the best places in The centre supports a handful of retired elephants that tourists can meet, as well Fans of elephants will also want to take a jeep safari in Minneriya. A child learns about domesticated elephants and then goes on a trip to Sri Lanka to view Asian elephants in the wild. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A child learns about domesticated elephants and then goes on a trip to Sri Lanka to view Asian elephants in the wild .

So, which of these two options was the right one? Bailed up by a Bull A week or so later, my friend and I put the first option to the test at Lower Zambezi National Parka spectacular combination of flood plain and escarpment in southern Zambia. As surprised by our sudden appearance as we were by his, the bull planted his feet in the dirt and squared off with our car.

So, taking a deep breath, my friend the designated driver that day turned off the engine and we both went as still as possible.

want to meet an elephant

While we sat in our Land Rover, as unmoving and mute as a pair of crash-test dummies, the elephant walked right up to the car and began waving his trunk over the hood, as if trying to make sense of us by sniffing.

Then, as we watched, mesmerised, he dangled one big foot in the air in front of us and began swaying it to and fro, giving me a momentary vision of being stomped into a metallic pancake.

Eventually, the elephant lost interest in us, wandering off to munch on some nearby branches, while we started the car and slowly rolled away. A Speedy Retreat Half an hour later, we got our chance to test that second option.

Do You Really Want to Meet an Elephant?

After waiting about 20 minutes, we crept back up the track and, finding the path ahead now clear, hastily made our way back to our accommodation and some well-deserved beers. And it was possibly unnecessary.

Surely there was a way to gauge the temperament of an animal so that you could keep your distance if need be, but otherwise you could be a little more relaxed about it and make the most of a unique safari spectacle. Warning Signs My experiences on the road in southern Africa since those early encounters in Botswana and Zambia have taught me that, while wild animals are obviously never completely predictable, there are some fairly reliable indicators that an elephant might be about to cause you some trouble, in which case you need to steer clear of it.

When it comes to dealing with an elephant, you should expect the unexpected. Then again, there was nothing wrong with the firm decision to turn the car around, and the memory of meeting my first elephants on an African road is no less vivid or wonderful because of it. Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe Elephant in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe Original Travel Hwange is something of a happy oddity; while many places in Africa elephant populations dwindling as a result of poaching, the opposite is happening in Hwange, which now has 46, elephants.

In fact, there's a concern that the population might not be sustainable, but that's a story for another time….

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Game viewing in the park is impressive, particularly during the dry season July to Octoberwith large numbers of buffalo. Lions are also commonly seen and the park also has one of the largest populations of wild dog in Africa. There are over species of mammals and over birds in total recorded here. The majestic Victoria Falls is only a short drive away. Visitors to the park also have the chance to view barking deer, wild dogs, bison, sambar, mouse deer and the elusive Bengal tiger, as well as extensive bird and butterfly life.

Located in the steamy southern region of Kerala, famous for spices, and close to the plantation town of Kumily, Periyar offers rich biodiversity and great scenic charm encompassing lakes, forests and mountains.

want to meet an elephant

One of the highlights of the park is to enjoy a boat trip on Periyar Lake, which provides fantastic wildlife watching opportunities. Once the elephants are old enough and strong enough, they are radio-collared and released into the national park in small groups.

The first group to be released into the park successfully reproduced in the wild in Fans of elephants will also want to take a jeep safari in Minneriya National Park, close to the famous Sigiriya Rock in central Sri Lanka, which is famous for its migratory herd of elephants, as well as junglefowl the national bird of Sri Lanka and small crocodiles.

want to meet an elephant