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when extremes meet tumblr

when-extremes-meet: “ avatar-caro: “ I met Brittney Williams today at New York Comic Con XD I'm can't wait to see her work in the Korra comics. Saturday's episode, “When Extremes Meet,” unites a number of . Want to rant about fictional politics with him on Twitter, or follow his Tumblr?. About me My graphics VK Ficbook.

when extremes meet tumblr

Goddamn, this is intense. I love the title of this episode.


Would they be able to analyze their own privilege in this regard and admit that they are treating non-benders as inferior citizens, intentionally or not? Benders are being targeted by a violent force. Naturally, Tarrlok wants to protect himself and other benders. But my sympathy for him ends once he starts to manipulate those around him for more power and when he further oppresses non-benders. But before things get all super serious here, I did want to comment on how much I enjoyed that the writers spent time in the beginning of the episode purely on character development.

Also, holy shit, Ikki let the cat out of the bag. Lots of this episode is awkward, though. The reveal that Tarrlok himself is going to basically control the Metalbending Police is pretty horrific.

He knew exactly how to trigger feelings of inadequacy in her, and it frightened me. And you can easily view this in terms of privilege, too. But at the very least, she has her friends. Pabu seems to really like Korra. Mako in particular is being a much better friend to Korra. No more of that emotional blackmailing bullshit.

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He actually encourages her to open up about her feelings. They all offer her support. I really loved the bros reminding her that Aang had struggles too, but his friends were there for him throughout the whole thing. Do I look like a goddamn bus??

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She fucking zaps 2 Equalists while driving. They all work together really well.

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Then we have this, which made me insanely happy: Look at how good his aim is! He gets it right in the window! In ep 3 he only firebended at the Equalists they were chasing. It needs a huge overhaul. She's, I'm sure she's listening.

when extremes meet tumblr

I hope she gets the message. So, this is one of Mike's and my favorite ones, especially from here to the end, just so happy with how the music and the storyboarding, and the animation, and the lighting.

Bryan Voice acting, especially, this long drawn out like, tense standoff between Tarrlok and Korra is just ah, it's one of my favorites. And you know, sometimes we get notes uh, from the network that are like, "uh, there's a lot of talking, people are gonna get bored, you know, like we have to keep action" and we're like, this is tension, this is dramatic storytelling, and it obviously leads to a fight but that fight is so much better because you know it's gonna happen you're like Mike And again, the bad guy kinda has a point here.

It's like she does intimidate people with her bending. Mike And he thinks that they would be a good team together if they both used that ability.