Difference between artisan contractor and subcontractor relationship

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difference between artisan contractor and subcontractor relationship

Artisan contractor is a fluffy name for a general contractor. Artisan, by definition, is a highly talented artist in a given field. The stone carvers in. As artisans in Bareilly are indeed disguised forms of wage labour, subject to The following section focuses on these aspects of the contracting relation. be seen as one of the main differences between a contractor and a subcontractor. Above, we brought up a lot of different terms in a relatively short amount of space: general contractor, artisan contractor, subcontractor, prime.

A community favorite that gives back? Or is it new and burgeoning? We know that every general contractor we work with wants to provide the best possible outcome for a project, but insurance companies need proof of your reputation to back up your coverage. If a company has been around for a long time, their rate might be lower than a newer company.

Where your company is located. Believe it or not, location matters. If your contracting business is in a rough neighborhood, your insurance rates could go up. Alternately, if you decided to set up shop in a well-regulated business area with low crime rates, you could see lower policy rates.

This relationship between location and rates is not set in stone, but both parties ought to consider it nonetheless.

difference between artisan contractor and subcontractor relationship

What type of work your company does. Are you an excavation company? Keeping an open line of communication as I discussed above, will prevent any possible confrontations from occurring.

difference between artisan contractor and subcontractor relationship

This maintains a stable relationship and gives both parties valuable contacts. Respect Respect for both parties is important in improving the sub and contractor relationship.

difference between artisan contractor and subcontractor relationship

As I mentioned earlier, contractors have a bad reputation for not practicing respect towards their subs. It is general contractors job to change this reputation and start actively showing respect towards their sub.

This can mean a variety of things including speaking respectfully and paying subs the right amount of money on time.

Independent Contractor vs. General Contractor

Subs need to practice this respect as well. When disagreements come up, subs may be quick to argue. Staying calm and sensible ensures that there is a mutual respect between both parties. A contractor is a person or a company that seeks to do business by obtaining contracts and carrying them out.

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Being a contractor is similar to being a business owner — you negotiate your deals, work for yourself, have your clientele and are rewarded on your own merits. A construction contractor offers a particular suite of skills which he can perform for clients on a contractual basis.

As a contractor, you will likely be paid more for work than you would be as a worker because you have put in the effort of finding the customer yourself.

Therefore, any profits from contract work belong to the contractor. What is a Subcontractor? A subcontractor is a type of contractor.

Subcontractors also work on a contractual basis, and they also offer a particular set of skills which they perform for customers. The key point about subcontractors is that they form agreements with the contractor, not with the customer. Subcontractors often specialize in one specific area of construction and try to network with contractors who negotiate for larger jobs that include this area of specialty.

In this way, a successful subcontractor will always have work, thanks to their network of contractors.