How to say flirt in tagalog dictionary

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how to say flirt in tagalog dictionary

Buwan ng Wika, Oxford English Dictionary The term 'bahala na' succinctly encapsulates this Pinoy characteristic A flirtatious girl or woman. Best translation match: English, Tagalog. flirt. hitad; kiri; galawgaw; malandi; landiin; akitin;. flirt talk or behave amorously, without serious intentions. flirt; dally. A Tagalog English and English Tagalog dictionary,. Nigg, Charles. Biro-n- Joke; jest, pun, trick, buffoonry. hoa, flirt, drollery, grimiace. Biroan-n- Caroucol Huag mapanabi-ii-To restrain; refuse to tell or say: bind. Huag matanto v-To be.

Bal-my fig hian-n Palace Bahay pukyutan n-Beehiive. Bait-n-Sense; pruidence; intelligence; ability; mind; will; skill; know-ledge: Baitang n-Step of a flight, of stairs; Raing, of a ledderBaka-n-Cow; kinie.

Bakal fig kabayo n-Horse shioe. IBakas n Track; footprint; ruit; sigon; fi — row; mark; blot; vestige. Bakat-adc-not alike; unequal, rough-Ij Bakbakin v,-To unglue. Bakia-n-Wooden shepattina Bakin bakit'-adrI,-Whvy; htow. Bakod-n-Fence; inclosure; y-aid; playgrroundl court. Bakuran n-To Fence; inclosure; court; playgroundl; railing. Bakuran vTo fence; inclose. Balahibo-n-Hai r; fleece; feather, Balahibo fig tupa n-Wool.

Some one; whichso ever. Balat kayo-n-Fiction; falsehood; stratagYem. Balawis a-Hot beaded; quick tempered. Bal iin-v To break; fracture; crack; crash; shatter: Balikatan a Firm; fast; hard; resolute.

BaliKatin-v-To shoulder; carry on the shoulders. Balikin v-To verthrow; reverse; overturn; crush. Bali-sahin-v-To vex; disturb; perturb; h iarass. Balisaksakin a-Strong; robust; corpulent. IBalita-n-News; notice; message; omen; information; report. Ba liwin —v-To mope: Balot nk stilat-n-Envelope, Baltak-n-Haul; pull; tug.

Balukan-v-Clean; husk; strip off links. Ba luktot-a-Curved; bent; ho ed; curvate. Baluktutin-v To b end; curve; turn; clinch: Heninorrh age of the nose. Balutan fig papel n-Pad of paper. BRalutan fig sapotr —To enshroud. Balutin-v-To wrap up, emnbale, cover; envelop; pack; screen. Banakai-n-The wvood around the heart of a tree. Banal-a-Virtuous; pious; holy; pure; virgen sim-ple; just; merciful, Banat-a-tense; tight; stiff.

Banday-a imnpious; irreligious- profane. Bandila-,n-Flag; standard; banner; colors; peniiant; ensign. Randejada-n-Platter, Banga-n-Narrow necked olla. Banga-n-Combat; fray; kinock; collision clash; fight; encounter.

Ban-in bans in-a-Rough cragged: Bangis n Tyranny severity; ferocity; wildness; cruelty. Banhain-'v-To fra me; begin work. B ankay n- Corpse. W anlik -Mud; mnire; slimte. Bansagin-iv-To nic name; ridicule. Bantay n-Guard; NN, atch; sentry; vigil; sentinel; custody. Ba nta-n Idea; notion; fancy; admonish; forwNAard; premeditate.

Bantayin v-To watch; keep gua-id; keep: Bantog sa kabiambugan-a-Blown; n otor iouts. Baog-a- Barren; sterile; unfruitful. Bao ng ulo-n-The crown of the head. Barn n-Yard stick, shaft. Harak sa takot-n Pale with fright, B3arandillas a- Baluster. Baro n-Shirt; jacket Barongbarong-n-lHut; cottage: BasA a-Wet; damp; moist. Basag n- Break; -fractered crack. Basagin-v-To break; fracture; bust; destroy; crak; crash; shatter.

I3asag u-lo-n-Puzzle; perplexity' dissent; dissention; quarrel dispute. Basahan-n Rag fragment of cloth. Basahin no patakbo-v-To peruse; rend sw-iftly. Blastos-a-Coarse; rude; i nde -ent; illbred; tough; rough; disreputable; fell; immoderate; contumelious, rustic, unbecoming; gross; unpolished, noisy; blowzy: B3astos na ugali-a-Abusive; insultiug; illbred. Batahin-iv-To mnainttain; suffer; sustaini; tolerate; endure; resist; abide; oppose; relpel; comport.

Bati-n Salute; greeting; salutation; curtsv; observation; remark: Batia-nWash tub; tul ; layer. Batibot a Strong; robust; sound; stout, tirm; solid; inflexible; bard; rigid; arduous; tight; entire; comlplete; stulbborn; just,; informed. Batiin-r-To salute; greet; halloo; repri; mandl; rebuke; chide. Batik-n Stain- spot; blot; blemish. Batikibatik-a- Spotted; speckled; mottled; brindle. Batoni Stone; rock; cliff. Batong Mahilt n-Cobble; cobble-stone. Batugan-a-Lazy; indolent, inatentive, indiff erent, idlle, slow; tardy.

Batugan-adv-Lazily, indlolently, tardily, inattentively; slowly. Batuilang-n-HBasket, hand-basket; pannier Batya-n Washing place; laundry. Batyagin-v-To hear; listen, hearken, understand; comprehend. Baunan-n-Place of burial; grave; se. Bawas -n-reduction; subtraction, deduc; ti'on. Pawasan-i-To subtract; reduce, lessen, discount, deduct, deduce, pare, clip, lighten; cut away.

IBawiin-v-To recover; win lback; regain. Bayadl-n-Pay fee; stipend, salary, conipensa ion, wages, retribution, payment, satisfaction; reward. Bay ania-Valiant; courageous, brave, intrepid, audacious, strong, gallant, viaorous. Itaybay-n Shore; strand, lim-it, border, edge, da qat n Shore; beach sea shore sea-coast; sea side, Bayara n-vi-To pay; recompence, corn, pensate, retribute, idemnify, reward, fee, liquidate a debt, nai di-'-Repay, pay again, nfflaqpos -v-Overpay.

Bayawak Guana; large lizard. Bavynban v-To turn the ground; weave the edge of a tray or basket. Bayugo no tuhod-n-LKneeca p. Pelis n -Half cenit. Bt-uditaham it-Holy watering pot. Biak-n-Half; crack, fracture; piece. Biakin-v-to have; break, crack; fracture. Bibinka-n-Tile; piece of burnt clay. Bivat-n-Weight; gravity, heaviness, heft, importance, consequence, toil, burden, trouble; cross moment.

Bigatan-v-To poise; load, oppress, mortagage; try the heft. Bigay lamang-a-Gratis; free of cost; for nothing. Bigkis-n Bundle; parcel, pack, forgot; sheaf. Bi-kisari v-To bundle; parcel, bind; tiegird.

Bigkisin-r To bundle pack, bind, tiegird. Bigla-a-Unexpected; unforseen; quicksu iden; rapid; cursory; injudicious; in descreet.

Biglai n-Frror; mistake; hurry; suddeness; quickness. Biglaan-a Urgent; pressing; executive. Biglangbigla a-Sudden; hurried; precipitate: Suicide; hang ug, Bigtihin-v'-To hang, commit, suicide. Pigyang pasiya-v'-To judge; decide; determine; conclude; resolve. Bigyang salat-r-To blame; condemn, ac-cuse criminate, imipeach; reproach, ag. Bigyang sindak c,-To friggten; scare, dispirit, rendler le. Bihagin-v-To capture; spirit; kidnap.

Bihasa-a-Accustomed; used; capable, skilful, practical, dexterous, sly, prudent; knowing, able. Bihasahin-v-To guide; teach; train; educate.

IBihasang lubhia-avery learned; wise well e Iucated. Bihasa sa pag-gawa-a-Accustonied; fit; proper: Bihira-a-Scarce-uncomnmon; pare; old, excellent. Bihisan-n-Change of clothes; dress.

Bihisin-i-To change clothes; dress. Bikas-n-Sbape; form, statuire, size, aspect, measure, ostenut, mode, gui'e, will lisposition; manner. Biklarin-v-To unfold; enlarge; extend - Bilang-n-Count; computation; numneration. Bilangin-v-To count; ennumnarate; calculate; conipute; estimate; suppute. Bilang fig pauialon-n-IDate, Bilango-n-Jail; prison; calabose.

Bili-n-Cost prices; buying price; value. Bilibirin nig suga-v-To fasten with a rope. Bilig sa mlata-n-Cataract of the eye.

IBilin-n-Message; errand; mission; -harge; commission; request; mandate; injunction; ordler. Bil og-n-Roundness; circle; s pahere; orb;, globe; rotunditp; disc; lisk; total.

how to say flirt in tagalog dictionary

Bilugin-v-To round; suim; add; complete. Bi mbhinin-rc-To retard l; elay: Binata a-Young; youtful, juvenile. Bingas-n-Gap or notch in a tool. Bingaw-n-Gmmp or notch in a tool. Bingihin-v-To deafent make deaf. Binhi-n-Seed; grain; germ; bud.

False charge; imputation; presumuption; suspicion; im posture, Bintangin-v-To accuse falsely; inculpate. Binti n-Calf of the leg; shang Binubukalan-n Source; spring; origen.

Binutas ng tanga a-Moth-eaten - Bitiyagaa-n-Chriatian; con vert; baptism. Biro-n-Joke; jest, pun, trick, buffoonry. Biroan-n- Caroucol, rev'elry, rom ping, jocularity; jocoseness, jollity, scuffle, masakap -sarcasm. Bisa-n-Activity, valor, force, fortitude: Bitakibitak-a-Fall oif aracks or lissures.

PBitakint' To fissure; chink; crack. Bitang-n-Springe; 1 eer net. Rithay n-Sieve; middle; cl-il ; criblble. Bitiwaii-c-To let go; forsake; v-ield untie;1 loosen; discharoe; slackemi; selvye; permit; forego; set at liberty Bitiwan alid dala-ir-To lay dowii a burden.

Biwas-n-Tug; pull, hauil, wave; move. Biwasin-v-To tugr; pull, lhatfi, move; wave. Biyaya-n-Gift, present, grant, favor, keepsake, gratification, compliments; pleasure. Bivayay nk 1 n-lmction. Bokot-a-Roughi; rumpled; snarled - Bola-,n Ball. Buan —n-Monithi Buan darating-n-Proximo. Buan sa langait n-Moon. Buaya-n Alligator; crocodile, cavinan; caiman. Bubog n-Hall; crystal; glass. Bugok n-Addle; rotten, em-Ypty; void. Bugs k-n-Basket; h ampler, Iiaid basket. BugtongEnigrna; puzjle, iridd lie, co 1inun1drum, poser, re 11s; qluiz.

Buhatan aug kasalanan-rv-To accuse: Biuhay-a-Active; livolv, spiiited, high; spiritedl. Buhayin-v-To vivify; enliven, spirit, electrify; spirit.

Buhavin muli-v-To resusticate; restoi-e, tolife revive acquirne li. Buhay na loob a,-Awake; lively: Buis n-Taxes impost, excise, duty, levy; contribution. Buisit a-Ungrateful bad, uinlucky; unfortunate. Buisitin-v- To cauise to be unfortunate. Buikal-n-Origeii, eource spring, jet, fountain finst cause. Buc-alani-n-Head- sprinig;spreng; founi-t ai iBukal sa boob-a-Spontaneous; vdluntarv.

Bucas-adv To morrow it Morow - Bukds-adv open. Bukbok-n-Grub; wevil; rotte d tooth i Bukbukin a-full of grubs or weevils. Bukid-n-Field; country, farm, soil, land: Bukid na sinasakani Cultivated ground: Blukod any-The rest; others.

Bukod sa iba a-Strange: Bukod tanlgi a-Distict; particuilar. BulagaW a-Blue or gray eyed1. Bulaybulayin-voTo meditate,nmuse, consider, contemplate. Bfili n-Sm-all tree snake. Bulinaw-u Short or near sighted. Builok-a rotten; corrupt; putriol. Bulongbtilongan-z- Whisper; rumor, report; mnurmur. Buk ngi baka-n-Calf; heifer; veal. Builos-n-A roll of cloth. Buluikin o,-To rot; corrulpt; mnake pntridl disrupt. Bunmaba-v To lessen; lower, descend, go down, flow, slump; let down.

Buimabag- r-To fight, contend, dispute. Bumaba ang loobrv-To humble, tame. Bumnaho-r-To stink; smiell, bad; get, or Buimaka-' — To war; fight, oppose, con. Bumalarv-To threaten, menace; pro claim announce. Bumago-c —To renew; alter, change; disturb. Bumalik-v-To return; go back, fall back, retrograde; retrocede. Bumalikuas-v-To over-tuirn, double, duplicate; turn over. Btumalong-v-To sprhing from; sprfing,: Bumalong ang dungo v To bleed. Buimankon v To arise; rise, get up. Buinati-t-To saluite; hail, greet urtsv; halloo.

Biumawas vl To slump; dwindlle, lessen Bumawi n-To retrievo a loss; regain. Bumbuan-n-Grown of the head. Buimigat-v'To grow- heavy; increase in heft. Bumigat auig diamdan v-To grow worse impa-ir; deteriorate.

Bumihiag c-To captivate; kidnap, cap ture, charmi. Bumilang-v-To count; enumerate, r-cckon; calculatio. Burninyag v-To christen; baptize. Buintbuga, ng-v-To vomit; spit. Bumuga-v-To vomnit; spit, expectorate. Bumugbog-t-Ta injure; hurt, wound. Bumuhat v-To raise; lift up; erect. Bumuis-iv -To pay taxes; contribute3, promote. Bumukaliv To lproceed from.: Bumukod-v-To sort, separste, remove, dissuade.

Bumulok-v-To rot; addle, debauichl, decompose. Bumuno-v-To wrestle; content; struggle. Bunnmti-v-To better; thrive; prosper. Bundok-n-Mountain; hill, mount; knoll Bundok na bato-n-Cliff; rock; mounItai n of rock.

Bundok na napuputok-n Volcano. Bun; a-n-Fruit; f ruitage. Bungin v-To corrupt; rot. Buni n-Scurf; tetter; scurvy. Buno-n-Wrestle; wrestling; tussle; struggle; strife. Buntal-n Slap; blow with the open handl. Buntalin-v To slap; strike with the open hand. Buniton n-Heap; pile; stack; crowd.

Buntutan-cr-To follow; pursue; persecute; log; importune; implore; dun. Blunuhan-n-Fish corral; place of wrestfiug. B1unot n-Pull; tug. Bnnutin —v-To pull up; eradicate; extract; abstract.

English to Tagalog: flirt | Tagalog Translation

P1unyi-a-Il lustrious; noble; famous; celebrated; noted; conspicuous; notori ous. Bumo a-entire; whole; complete; full; perfect; integral; chock; intact; utter; sound; just; informed; candid. Buo aug, lob-a-Valiant; brave; bold; courageous; whole hearted. Buo at paikpik a Solid; firm; sound; consistent.

Buoin-'-To sum; addl; fill up ; fill, integrate; complete. Burahlin-r-To blot; blur; erase; raze; efface; abolish; expune; cloud. Burol-n-Dry bed of a river; corp-e. Buruhia-v-To salt; season; sprinkle. Busog a-Full; satiated; satisfied. Busugin-v-To satiate; fill with food, saudsfy.

Butas-n Hole; aperture; eye; puncture. Butasan v-To perforate; puncture; bore. Butasin-v-To perforate; puncture; bore. Buti n-Kindness; gooduess; improvemnent; generosity,; benificence; be nignity; clemency; good will. Butihan n-Kindness; goodness; generosity; grace; gallantry; spruceness; smartness; pertection; delicacy; gayety; finery. Butihiair-To better; Make goodl or better. Butil n Frain; grain of corn.

Buto no balskang-n-Haunch bone. Buto no pay pay-n-Scapula; shoulder blade. Butuhlan-a-Re ard, premium; satisfact - ion: Buya- n-Re ard; premium, satisfaction; gratificstion. Buvain-v-To Reward; satisfy; satiate; gratifyv.

CD Cal el leria-a - Caval rv. Cajon n-Box; casing; Crav-pi -e-p -of; with; from; on; for; by; to. Ci rco-n-Ci rcus; Hippodrome. IDaan -n-Road; street;Iane;gangwvay; place, spot; timie; ocasion; leisure- itinerary. Dagdagin-v-To augment; add; increase, enlarge; amend. DagliI-adet —Soon; speedily; quickly; liurrielly; swiftly. Dagukan-ir Te punch; s rike; beat; knock. Dahas-n Courage; bold ness, strength of heart, vigyor; force, 1 ahasan-r —To ferce; urge, give forceinvigorate; strengthen.

Dahidahilansn-Excuse; pretence; reason; pretext. IPahilan-n-Excuse; pretence; reason; pretext; motive; cause; plea; right; occasion; allowance; forte; sake probability. JDahilig na lupa-n-Declevity; slope; incline. Dahunan -a Leaf v. Daigin-q —To c verpo wer; overcome, tsorpass, excell: Towards; about near; in the Idirection of. Dakong kaliwa To the left sidle. IPakong kanan-To the right side.

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Dako rito-adr - Nearer; hither. Dako saan-priej Towards; about; near; in the direction of. Dala-a-Cauitious; wary; suspicious - DIaladalawantaon-adiv. Dalaga-n-Young lady; Single lady; loss: Dalrin-r-To frigitcn; scar; cause to he warv or cautioos. Dalang n-P ctition; prayer. Drilani-an-i —To rarify; lilute, thiin. Dalangin r To petition; entreat, pray Da las-n-Freqoenc y 1 alaw-n- Visit. Dalawahitin-a double Dalitwit-ir-To visit.

Dalhin dito v To fetch. DAli-,n-Witdh of a finger. Dalidalian dalidaliin -r-To liasteti; precipitate; pispose of; alleviate; dispateli. Dalita n-Misery; poverty; tornment; pain; anguish; torture; patience; toleratice.

how to say flirt in tagalog dictionary

JPahit-at-v-To sufffe; bear; tolerate; abide, c-om port, tormc-nt; torture. Daluhungin-iv To assail; attack, a. Dattahin-ir-To feel; tooch; grope; ex'amine: Damldani-n-Affliction; disease; suffering; sufferance; geievance; feeling. Danmdarnitiv-To suffer; grieve; feel; perceive. Daimihan-v-To ougment; increase; sum; enlarge. Damit na pang-ibabaw-nLoose garment; woin over the shoulders, overcoat. IDamot-a-Stingy; mliserly;- closelisted, scant; short; avaricious. Damotinv'c To suffer; abide; telerate; comport; vrasp; seize.

Damnputin-v To grasp; holdl; seize; pilfer; receive; hold up; heave; get uip; raise. Damitan v-To furnish; provide; sopply;hive. Dangal n-Honor; reputation fame; glory excellent; kinkiness; excellency; triumph; esteem.

how to say flirt in tagalog dictionary

Danlkal-n- Palmi; hand breadth - Daong'n-Ship; vessel, schooner, conster. JDapat batiin-a-One who should be saluted. Dapat damndamin a-Sensible; perceptible; feeling. Dapat igalang-a Reslpectable; honorable. Dapat il'agaiN -a-Avoidable; n-That which should be avoided.

D apat ipag-tagubil inw -Comnm endable; 1 audahle, praiseworthy; deserving. Dapat isumu Ong- aAccusable; blAamable. Dapat kmtakuitin-a Awful; frightful. I Dapat mahialin-a-Preferable; coinuiendable; appreciable; laudable; praiseworthyv.

Dapat pangusapin-a-Reprehensible Dapat paniwalain;-a-Creditable worthy of credit or belief. Dapat patawarin-a-Pardonable; justifiable, excusable; venial. Dapit-n The acompanying from, one place to another; meeting and conveying from one place to another, iDapitin-v-To take freni one place to another; call; summon; meet and conlvey. Dapog 'n-Oven; fireside; hearth. T asalI n a sutnria ng palI a tay a- n- Creeld; articles of faith.

D atihan-a-Accustomed; used; excellent; lexterous; original. Datnan-v- Io overtake; reach; meet enicounter. DawNis-n-Anguishi; anxiety; grief; sorrow. IPaya-u-Ch-eat; deceit-; delusion; im-positioni; fallacy; frandulence; dodge; dece itfu tlness;trap;aff ectation;shnnm;trick, canard; claptrap; sleight; gull gtuile. Daya a-falIse; deceitful; delusive, shaml, claptrap; fraudulent; not real. Di akna a- Unfit; i iproper; inconvenient; inexpedient. Di bagny aTUnfit; unbecoming; improper, mal apropos; inexpedient,; unseemly; inconvenient.

Di bagay sa anak a-Unfil'Iial1. Di binvagan-n-Pagan; heathen; savage; idolater. Dibdib n-Breast, Di buo ang loob-a-Half-hearted. He wrote that courtship in both cultures used approximately 30 steps from "first eye contact to the ultimate consummation", but that the sequence of the steps was different. For example, kissing might be an early step in the American pattern but a relatively intimate act in the English pattern.

European hand fans[ edit ] Further information: European hand fans in the 18th century The fan was extensively used as a means of communication and therefore a way of flirting from the 16th century onwards in some European societies, especially England and Spain.

A whole sign language was developed with the use of the fan, and even etiquette books and magazines were published. The use of the fan was not limited to women, as men also carried fans and learned how to convey messages with them. For instance, placing the fan near the heart meant "I love you", while opening a fan wide meant "Wait for me".

This use was highly popular during the 19th and early 20th centuries. Flirting can indicate an interest in a deeper personal relationship with another person. Some people flirt simply for amusement, with no intention of developing any further relationship. For others, flirting serves a purpose and is employed as a tool to achieve a specific professional goal good salespeople will recognise situations where flirting will help a sale.

According to social anthropologist Kate Foxthere are two main types of flirting: This type of flirting does not intend to lead to sexual intercourse or a romantic relationship, but increases the bonds between two people. Flirting with intent plays a role in the mate-selection process. The person flirting will send out signals of sexual availability to another, and expects to see the interest returned in order to continue flirting.

Flirting can involve non-verbal signs, such as an exchange of glances, hand-touching, and hair-touching; or verbal signs, such as chatting, giving flattering comments, and exchanging telephone numbers in order to initiate further contact. In the 21st century flirting is increasingly taking place in instant messaging and other social media. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. June Learn how and when to remove this template message The examples and perspective in this section deal primarily with Western culture and do not represent a worldwide view of the subject.