Liar game the final stage ending relationship

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liar game the final stage ending relationship

Read the topic about Liar Game Chapter Discussion on MyAnimeList, and join in more post-game development of the relationship between Nao and Akiyama .. An ending for the final round I had hoped for (some may disagree with me. Liar Game won't be going down as yet another good show ruined by a bad . when he offers to tell her about his relationship with Woo-jin with a, “No. until the end, Woo-jin,” Da-jung says at the beginning of the next round. Hmm, what the note at the end said? . Very good ending!!! i loved this 'game' the best~ .. Now I just watched Liar Game: the Final Stage.

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And by doing so, Akiyama would have only achieved a victory for a part of the participants, not for everyone. It would have been a semi-happy ending with Yokaya - through achieving victory - realizing the faults of his ways and Akiyama - through losing - improving on his faults. Both would have grown from the experience.

Kanzuki and others would have ended up in debt hell, showing that blind hope does not succeed in the end. But other participants would have been lifted from their debts, also proving that taking actions against the persons trying to manipulate and abuse others does pay off.

Something like that, I would have loved to see. But in retrospect, the Liar Game turned out not to be with real consequences for the participants. So that ending I had hoped for wouldn't have been possible anyway. And how they constructed this canon ending was perfectly fine with me.

I didn't like how they adressed the rich and powerful ones with phrases like "the elite" or "the ones in power" because it's very open to interpretation whom they are actually talking about, but I guess it had to be that way, otherwise the message of the story would have lead people to jump to all sorts of wrong conclusions from the ending when the message was just meant to be simple yet strongly resonating. There are so many things I could furthermore nitpick at in the entire series and with this ending it's not much different.

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I didn't find Yokoya's father being among the participants of the 1st Liar Game very convincing or fitting. It is also not known if the original author was involved in writing the script for these extra drama exclusive games. As of the time of writing this post, the bid poker, human auction games of the manga have not been adapted into the drama.

Given that they are quite recent, we might have to give the drama some time. Was pretty entertaining too actually. The games are the same, the script is the same. Though there are minor differences sometimes like shifting of some lines and stuff to different characters.

But again, the experience is mostly the same. The games are all identical, with the same rules and such. However, some games do play out differently. The first major difference is noted at the Contraband game where both teams try to smuggle across different countries.

In the manga, Akiyama did not go berserk unlike the finale of Season 1 in the Drama version. While I do not recall the exact details, I do believe both games played out differently in the 2nd half of the game but landed in the same resolution. It feels as if the games in the drama have been edited here and there to suit the drama more. More on that later.

So are they really that different?

Same name, same game. By the way the art in the drama is kinda nice huh? There was NO such character in the manga. I watched the live action series first before only recently finishing the manga and I was awaiting for Alice to appear.

liar game the final stage ending relationship

Also, the dealers in the manga wear masks and have names and are hinted to have backstories. In the drama, the dealer is replaced with a mask on a monitor, plus several other females in formal wear to act as physical dealers. In the musical chairs game of Liar Game Reborn, the main character Kanzaki Nao was replaced with Shinomiya while in the manga, Kanzaki Nao was the one who took part in the musical chairs game.

I think she is prettier though. While the game played out roughly in the same manner, Shinomiya was a bolder,smarter character that held her own rebellion against Akiyama towards the end. In the manga, none of that happened. Katsuragi Rin of the Angels vs demon game also never existed in the manga. Kiryu of the Musical chairs game also never existed. Mainly, there were many new characters introduced for the drama sake and plenty removed from the manga.

In essence, the drama is a reduced version of the original manga when it comes to characters. The loud, nerdy cross dresser mushroom head Fukunaga that you may know from the drama never really existed in the manga. Okay, Fukunaga exist, Sorta. Tell you what, Take a look at how the manga Fukunaga and drama Fukunaga differs in appearance and judge for yourself.

Yeah I know right. His mushroom haircut, his gay-ish outfit and what not was never part of the original Fukunaga, let alone his mannerism and body language. The Fukunaga in the manga was cooler, colder and more like a real badass transgender yes, exactly what that means! Was transgender people such a taboo or turnoff? Or did the producers want to give it a go by creating their own original character?

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Personalities aside, the Fukunaga in the manga being more like a female has a true bond with Kanzaki Nao. There are even hints of her yes Fukunaga having a crush on Akiyama.

liar game the final stage ending relationship

If you are a drama-only audience, just let that thought sink in. I was equally flabbergasted when I read that part in the manga. That is why it was perfectly acceptable to them to substitute Kanzaki Nao for Shinomiya. Just as long as the game played out the same right? Yokoya appeared in the live action as a white haired psychic. But in reality, he has a really badass background and a solid character in the manga. At the end of the Contraband game, Kanzaki Nao and Yokoya engage in an argument which sets off a sort of rivalry between both teams.

They are the representatives of what they believe in. Yokoya believes in domination, and uses extreme, cold and uncaring methods to achieve victory while Kanzaki Nao continuously pushes across her ideals that everyone should gang up and fight the LGT office.

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Yokoya is strong and remains as one of the biggest rivals for Akiyama and Nao for the next couple of games. The drama version had cut Yokoya off for some reason and is replaced with Katsuragi Rin in the next game.

liar game the final stage ending relationship

In fact, all the games that Yokoya was supposed to be the main enemy was replaced by some arbitrary character. This is probably why some of these games have different endings.