Murt the flirt nominations for golden

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murt the flirt nominations for golden

Murt The Flirt needs to bounce back to form at Caulfield if he is to earn a trip to the Gold Coast for a race on the rich Magic Millions program. Trainer Brendan McCarthy has nominated Divine Mr Artie for two races on. Murt the Flirt form guide and race results, including nominations and spells. Date 13JAN18, Track Gold Coast, Surface Turf, Distance m, Race 9, Race. Murt The Flirt is nominated for Cup (m) and Sprint (m) on Saturday at the Gold Coast, both $1 million races. Murt The Flirt. “We're still.

It has finished third at its last two starts at Moonee Valley and it continues to drop in weight to 54kg. Its last win came when it carried 59kg so that bodes well for this. The Lee and Anthony Freedman-trained filly won its maiden before winning again at Caulfield against a good field. Its eighth in the Edward Manifold was very unlucky and it battled on well at Moonee Valley in the Moonee Valley Classic when it was placed in the worst part of the track.

Looks likely here and multi-bet punters will include it in their bets. Anaheim was a strong winner at Ballarat last start and it was nominated for the Derby last Saturday. That followed a fourth in the Weekend Hussler Stakes behind Chetwood and that form should stack up nicely. Takedown is the class runner of the field, but it will have to carry The Gary Moore-trained gelding won The Shorts at Randwick before taking out the Premiere Stakes which has been a great form guide for the Melbourne spring carnival.

Its second placing in the Moonga Stakes was full of merit and with a better ride, it should feature here. Greg Bennett lines up Clearly Innocent which has looked good in two runs back from a spell. The Country Championship winner has gone to another level and it has the weight advantage of many of these runners.

It has drawn wide in barrier 13 which will make it tough early. Hellbent is a horse on the rise, but it did have to miss a run due to being scratched at the barriers. The Darren Weir-trained horse has won three of its last four starts, which included wins over subsequent Flemington winners Demonstrate and Sheidel. The Flemington straight can throw in a surprise result, but Hellbent has won here before. The four-year-old had won its last three from four prior to that which included wins in the July Sprint and The Heath.

It has plenty of talent and it might enjoy running at Flemington for the first time. With its ability to stay these distances and its great turn-of-foot, an upset looks unlikely.

murt the flirt nominations for golden

Eleonora was a stylish winner of the Ethereal Stakes at Caulfield and it defeated subsequent winner Tiamo Grace. During the ensuing argument, when Kurt refuses to acknowledge his infatuation, Finn loses his temper and calls the new furnishings "faggy". Burt overhears Finn's words, angrily berates Finn, and throws him out. However, at the end of the episode, when two bullies are about to attack Kurt, Finn redeems himself by defending him. He is comatose for several days, and Kurt is terrified that he might lose him.

When members of the glee club sing religious songs to comfort him, Kurt, who does not believe in God, feels alienated, and lashes out at them. Burt eventually regains consciousness, and Kurt takes charge of his recovery.

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Finn attempts to dissuade Kurt from partnering with Sam by predicting that Sam will be bullied to the point of quitting the club if he sings a duet with another male student. After Burt points out that Kurt may be taking advantage of Sam, Kurt terminates the partnership, and performs a "duet" with himself, singing "Le Jazz Hot! With unusual empathy, Rachel notices how lonely and unhappy Kurt seems, and realizes how hard it is for him to be the only publicly gay student at school. When the bully, Dave Karofsky, throws Kurt against a locker, Kurt confronts him, and an increasingly agitated Karofsky abruptly grabs Kurt and kisses him.

Before Karofsky can initiate a second kiss, Kurt shoves him away. The bullying intensifies, and Karofsky threatens to kill Kurt if Kurt reveals their kiss to anyone. After Burt learns about Karofsky's threat to his son, Karofsky is expelled. Burt and Carole get married, but when Karofsky's expulsion is reversed by the school board, the newlyweds decide to spend the money they had saved for their honeymoon on tuition to transfer Kurt to Dalton Academy, which enforces a zero-tolerance policy against bullying.

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When the Warblers and New Directions meet at the show choir Sectionals competition, they tie for first place, making both groups eligible for Regionals. However, in the episode " Original Song ", Blaine realizes his true feelings for Kurt, and they share a kiss. The attendees greet Karofsky's election as Prom King with great enthusiasm, but a stunned silence falls when Kurt is declared Prom Queen due to having received an overwhelming number of unwanted write-in votes in the secret balloting.

Humiliated, Kurt flees in tears, but is able to calm down and return for his coronation; his comment—"Eat your heart out, Kate Middleton "—garners applause that swells into an ovation. The traditional dance between King and Queen is next, and Karofsky is faced with having to partner with a boy in front of his classmates. He rejects Kurt's suggestion to come out at the prom, and abandons Kurt on the dance floor as the music begins; Blaine dances with Kurt instead.

Kurt and Rachel sneak into the Gershwin Theatre where Wicked is playing, and from the stage they sing " For Good ", a song from the musical. They both decide to come back to New York after graduation. New Directions finishes in twelfth place at Nationals, and upon Kurt's return to Ohio, he and Blaine declare their love for one another.

Kurt and Rachel decide they want to apply to a top school for the dramatic arts in New York City, NYADA, but are intimidated when they meet some of their competition and decide their applications need to include more accomplishments: Rachel proposes that McKinley do West Side Story as the school musical so she can star in it, and Kurt runs for class president.

He nevertheless loses to Brittany, and Rachel is suspended from school for cheating. The same day that Kurt loses, his father wins a special congressional election against Sue.

Sebastian convinces Kurt and Blaine to go with him to a local gay bar—he supplies the fake IDs—and spends half the night dancing with Blaine. When they leave, a drunk and aroused Blaine urges Kurt to have sex with him in the back seat of the car. Kurt refuses, and Blaine walks home. He later tells Kurt that he was just nervous about the possibility of their first time, and that he cares nothing for Sebastian.

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They kiss onstage in the empty auditorium, and Kurt proposes that they go over to Blaine's house for the night, where they have sex together for the first time. Sebastian, who has been unsuccessful in his attempts to steal Blaine from Kurt, throws a slushie laced with rock salt at Kurt, but Blaine jumps in front of Kurt and is badly injured by it; the cornea in his right eye is deeply scratched and requires surgery. The two hit it off instantly with their common interest of moving to New York after high school.

Kurt begins texting Chandler quite often soon after that. Rachel thinks he's being in the wrong that Kurt is cheating on Blaine instead of talking to Blaine about the rut they are in. Blaine finds out about Chandler and is extremely hurt. Eventually after having a talk in Emma's office, the two make up and are stronger than ever.

Kurt reassures him that they will be okay as a couple. After the encouragement of Blaine and his father, he decides to sell his car and fly to New York, where he finds a loft in Bushwick for him and Rachel to move into. Kurt applies for a job at Vogue. Early on, she leans on his support, and then quickly returns his support when he decides to give Rachel a makeover in the Vogue closet.

Instead of being angry, she loves his idea to do a musical makeover for the website and joins in the makeover. Kurt becomes increasingly busy with his job at Vogue, and Blaine cheats on him in Lima. He comes to New York to tell Kurt what happened, and they break up.

Kurt continues working at Vogue throughout the season, and Isabelle encourages him to try to forgive Blaine, and at Thanksgiving, she brings her friends over to their loft and throws him a "kiki. Later, when Kurt is at the Winter Showcase to support Rachel, she sees him moved by Rachel's piece, and announces that he will be auditioning after the intermission.

Though he initially panics, Rachel convinces him that he doesn't need his bells and whistles to perform, and he chooses to sing "Being Alive" from Company, which impresses the NYADA audience, and he later gets a letter telling him that he has gotten in. At Christmas, Kurt elects not to go back home, and so his father comes up to New York to set up his Christmas tree and spend some time with him.

At this point, he tells Kurt that he has prostate cancer. He also has brought Blaine with him, who tries to win back Kurt's trust, but the trip is uneasy. When Kurt begins at NYADA, he struggles initially to find his place, and meets a student named Adam Crawford, a senior who wants to recruit him for his own show choir, Adam's Apples, and also seems interested in Kurt himself; Kurt eventually asks him out for coffee.

While at Will and Emma's wedding, Kurt and Blaine hook up, leaving their relationship in a question, since Kurt is dating Adam, but not exclusive. When Kurt returns to New York, there is a snowstorm, leaving Kurt, Rachel, Santana, and Adam stuck together in the loft watching movies together.

Santana strongly hints about Kurt's hook up with Blaine, and after they are back at school, Adam asks Kurt about his feelings for Blaine. Kurt says that he is desperately trying to get over Blaine, and Adam invites him to find their own romantic movie. When Santana moves in with him and Rachel, Kurt tries to keep Santana from telling Rachel about Brody prostituting himself.

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But Santana tells Rachel anyway, much to Kurt's dismay. Later, Kurt and Rachel confront Santana for working at a club dancing and try to encourage her to take a dance class from the extension school of NYADA to keep her skills honed.

murt the flirt nominations for golden

Still working at Vogue, Kurt is put in charge of a ballet gala, and invites Rachel and Santana to help. He and Rachel reveal that they both had experiences with ballet as children, and Kurt started ballet at the age of three years when his mother decided to take him.

murt the flirt nominations for golden

He bribes Santana to go with a designer dress, and once they are at the gala, she admits she was in ballet as a child too and loved it. When Kurt returns to Lima, it is to be there for his father's doctor's visit, and his anxiety is apparent throughout his interactions with his friends. However, in the doctor's office, Kurt, Burt, and Carole learn that Burt's cancer has gone into remission, and Kurt takes his father to the Glee club to sing "Sunshine of My Life" to him, which Kurt says Burt used to sing to him when he was little.

Emboldened, Blaine decides to ask Kurt to marry him, which he does in an extravagant proposal at Dalton Academy, in the spot where the two met. He then returns to Lima in " The Quarterback " for his stepbrother Finn's funeral and subsequent memorial, and he grieves with his parents and friends. At the two's insistence, Kurt and Blaine get married alongside them. Inthey are still married and are a celebrity couple. Rachel is pregnant with their child who is assumed to be a girl.

Characterization[ edit ] The scene where Kurt comes out is taken verbatim from the life of Glee creator Ryan Murphy pictured. According to Colfer, Glee's creators initially "were leaning on [Kurt] being overly flamboyant".

However, the actor stated that he did not want to take that approach "because it's so overdone". Instead, he decided to portray the character as "more internal and superior. He's a tough guy in designer clothes. If God is kindness and love, make me believe in God.