Relationship between a sagittarius and libra

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relationship between a sagittarius and libra

Are your signs compatible? Read your Libra and Sagittarius love matcher horoscope by The AstroTwins to learn about your signs in love. Libra and Sagittarius are considered the optimists of the zodiac. A Libra man and a Sagittarius woman have a natural affinity for and complement each other. Though their temperament and style differ, Sagittarius and Libra complement one another. One of the best aspects of a Libra/Sagittarius relationship is their.

Sure breakups and sadness are likely, but for Sagittarius, these are temporary conditions that readily dissipate at the hint of a new possibility.

relationship between a sagittarius and libra

He likes women who are straightforward and assertive enough to make the first move. As a sexual partner, he's a fun, spontaneous, talkative, and never afraid to try something new or different. Sagittarius wants a sex mate who's adventurous and can take him to a place he's never been before. The Libra Woman A Libra woman personifies everything that's feminine. She's charming, sensuous, attractive, and graceful, but also smart and independent.

Born to relate--not to just marry--Libra attracts both men and women. Though seemingly incapable of making a definite decision about anything, Libra has an almost uncanny ability to understand every side of a situation and put people at ease.

relationship between a sagittarius and libra

She's attractive, flirty, fun to be around, always down for a great conversation, and thrives at any kind of social gathering, whether it's at a theater or a bar. Libra wants a partner who's romantic, confident, considers her an equal, appreciates her intelligence, and is willing to volley back and forth with her in conversation, life, love and the bedroom. As a sexual partner, Libra is gifted.

She's always attentive of her partner's needs and can easily be wild and seductive or cuddly and subservient. She has a desire to please, and her motto in the bedroom is a lady always acts in a way that's appropriate for the moment.


Libra is a cardinal sign. Cardinal signs are active and initiate change. Sagittarius is a mutable sign. Mutable signs are restless and embrace change.

Libra can be bossy, but that's not usually how she operates. Libra scouts around, weighs options, puts people, places, and plans together, and then uses gentle persuasion, diplomatic nuances, and finesse to get others to do what she wants.

That works just fine for easy going, carefree Sagittarius because it frees him from the responsibility of having to make the decisions and plans. Likewise, the Sagittarian willingness to adapt to Libra's plans helps her step out of her self-imposed 'can't make a decision' box.

Sagittarius Male and Libra Woman

Compatibility Sagittarius and Libra are the optimists of the zodiac. Each realizes they are part of something larger than themselves. Both are outgoing, charismatic, extraverted, and very social.

They both innately understand that when they let others be themselves, there's a lot that can be learned. Plus, they're free to be themselves as well. Libra is free to become the center of attention and surround herself with interesting people, while Sagittarius is free to seize every opportunistic moment as it presents itself. Though their temperament and style differ, Sagittarius and Libra complement one another. Parties and casually meeting friends, old and new, enlivens their relationship and punctuates their lives with needed carefree, joyful moments.

These two are people persons with a capital "P.

Sagittarius and Libra Love Compatibility -

Neither just fades into the ambiance of a party. You'll always find Sagittarius working the room in a jovial, devil-may-care manner, while Libra's grace, charm, openness, and poised elegance when dealing with others makes her the hub of attention. For this couple, an after party debriefing of what went down is always fascinating. For them, sharing their individual experiences of the same party and people can be the best part of a night out or of anything they do together.

Love of Travel Neither Sagittarius nor Libra likes to stay at home, and both love to travel. Libra man and Sagittarius woman and vice-versa are attracted to each other from the word go and their bond flourishes through a natural rapport between them.

Libra is an extremely easygoing and laid back individual. Hence, Sagittarius finds it very easy and comfortable to be with a no-drama partner. Moreover, Libra brings stability to the whirlwind of the Sagittarius mind and helps the Archer develop mindfulness over time. This is very important for the Libra, who feels loved and cherished in the relationship. Both compatible zodiac signs tend to be generally forgiving and thus even if they do find themselves in the middle of a heated argument, they know how to get out of it in a positive manner and without any permanent emotional scars.

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Cons of the Libra Sagittarius Relationship: The main problem in this relationship is that they have two very different outlooks on life. Sagittarius is spontaneous and loves to enjoy the present moment. On the other hand, Libra is yearning for long-term stability and peace in life. Hence, though they do not want very different things, it is tough for them to plan anything with each other in terms of their relationship.

relationship between a sagittarius and libra

Sagittarius does not like to be bogged down with the thought of the future, while Libra cannot stay uncaring towards it for too long. Moreover, Sagittarius does not know how to bite back harsh words in the middle of an argument.

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This will rile up the Libra and will eventually lead to their disagreement going to a whole new level. Tempers can flare between these two signs and that can cause some serious fights in their relationship.

relationship between a sagittarius and libra

If Sagittarius and Libra want to make it with each other, they must give themselves the time to understand each other fully.