Relationship between catherine and hareton

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relationship between catherine and hareton

This is young Cathy talking, daughter of Catherine and Edgar. of the book is to watch the relationship develop between Cathy and Hareton. One such complex relationship is between Hareton Earnshaw and Catherine. As the novel progresses, we see love develop between these two characters that. The love between Catherine and Heathcliff is out of this world. . So, in my opinion Bronte is giving readers the Cathy/Hareton relationship to placate them, but.

Catherine and Hareton spend the whole day near the Crags until Nelly fetches them. This quote shows how there is an underlying connection between them; Hareton and Catherine begin to show similar characteristics in their relationship that Heathcliff and Cathy had in theirs, and this foreshadows how the relationship will end up.

Hareton tries to win Cathy's affections

The next interaction between the two is one day when Catherine meets Hareton and Heathcliff while on a stroll; Heathcliff makes it clear that Hareton is not his son. It is then insisted that she must come to Wuthering Heights to meet his son who she has met before, Linton. As Hareton and Catherine run off to play, Linton stays in seclusion as he is feeble and weak.

The notion of Catherine running away with Hareton shows her natural tendencies and attraction for Hareton, because he allows her to be free and expressive.

Ultimately, the two characters seem to be brought together by fate. In order for Hareton and Catherine to come together, they have to overcome many obstacles.

Hareton Earnshaw

The first problem that they run into is after Catherine is enlightened to the fact that Hareton is her cousin, she is disgusted by him. This quote describes how Catherine thinks of Hareton as a peasant or a servant and this devastates Hareton.

The next problem that their relationship has is that Catherine is being forcibly courted by Linton, at the hand of his father. Heathcliff will do anything in order to fulfill his revenge, and thus will do anything to push the marriage between Catherine and Linton.

relationship between catherine and hareton

An example of this is when Heathcliff literally kidnaps Catherine and refuses to let her leave Wuthering Heights until she agrees to marry Linton. It is obvious that Heathcliff is a major problem, preventing the love between Catherine and Hareton from materializing. Catherine realizes that Linton is vastly more educated than Hareton and that she can live a more refined lifestyle with Linton.

relationship between catherine and hareton

Linton causes Hareton to feel great shame about his social and educational standing. A prime example of this is when Hareton and Catherine have run off, and Linton finds them standing below the inscription carved above the door.

This is the moment where Catherine seems to push away from Hareton, and lean towards Linton.

Also not helping the situation is the declining health of Linton, as this draws Catherine more emotionally towards Linton and it completely devastates her.

In this way, he is more like Edgar in his love for Catherine. He shares a similar kind of devotion. He is also, perhaps surprisingly, devoted to Heathcliff, despite the rough treatment he receives at his hands. He is constant in his affections. When Heathcliff first arrived, they formed an alliance together against Hindley. Hareton has never forgotten this early bond with Heathcliff.

Tender observation One of the delights of the end of the book is to watch the relationship develop between Cathy and Hareton.

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He takes books and hides them in his room, so determined is he to learn to read in order to gain respect from Cathy. She is initially cruel and scornful of his attempts, and in response Hareton 'blushed crimson'.

relationship between catherine and hareton

His blushing is of course evidence of his embarrassment. When we next see them together, Cathy is teaching him to read: His handsome features glowed with pleasure, and his eyes kept impatiently wandering from the page to a small white hand over his shoulder, which recalled him with a smart slap on the cheek, whenever its owner detected such signs of inattention.

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Hareton is learning to read to earn respect from Cathy. She is falling in love with him, but also enjoys the power she has over him. The relationship is tenderly portrayed. Weakened by love In Heathcliff and Hareton, we are presented with a contrast.

Both have wild, brutal characters. In Heathcliff, this remains dominant. There is such wild power in him that we feel both horrified and in awe. He is never tamed like Hareton.