Relationship between evangelism and church planting

relationship between evangelism and church planting

Or “You don't have to know a drowning person to save their life.” There has been enormous emphasis placed on the need for relationship with people as the. Nov 10, If church planting is an effective method of evangelism, then we need to give working relationships between SEBTS and church/para-church. Oct 1, Sensing God's call, evangelists and church planters have spread to all In relation to evangelism, for the Christian worker, the Holy Spirit.

Hudson Taylor identified the importance of keeping the church indigenous. His original strategy shifted when he began to realize that the Chinese Church would never reach its potential maturity while foreign missionaries occupied critical leadership and decision-making positions within the Church.

The sooner it can be dispensed with, the better; or rather, the sooner it can be transferred to other places, to serve the same temporary use, the better.

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Now, after the establishment of over eighty such churches in Moldova, ministry strategy and initiative is designed and taken by the Moldovan Christians. Evangelism takes the form of outreaches into townships and villages in an effort to support new church planters in their work of establishing a church in their community.

relationship between evangelism and church planting

Short-term mission support teams serve alongside church planters drawn not only from Western countries, but increasingly from Moldova. New believers are given an opportunity to participate in a Christian Leadership Training Institute consisting of eight weeks of intensive Bible courses spread over two years, now taught mainly by Moldovan teachers.

Graduating students become actively involved in their local churches and are equipped to offer ministry leadership, and in some cases, to eventually serve as teachers in the institute.

Some of those graduating are selected through a series of interviews conducted by the Moldovan Church leadership to be trained further as church planters. More recently, Moldovan church planters have begun training to go cross-culturally into Russia and Central Asia.

Some of these cross-cultural missionaries will join Russian church planters in Siberia who have been trained by the Moldovan leadership. Moldovan Church leaders are investigating new territory, identifying and screening potential church planters and providing both training and mentoring.

This is done through the Missionary Training Institute courses taught by an international team of teachers, including some from Moldova.

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The cycle is complete. An Encouragement and a Challenge A resurgence of robust enthusiasm for missions is surfacing across the vast continents in a generation of young people ready to take this message of hope to their dying post-modern, post-Christian world. The zeal of early pioneers like C.

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Studd and William Carey continues to manifest in a new generation of enthusiasts for the kingdom, evident across the United States, the United Kingdom, and parts of Europe. Young people who have experienced the impact of this message in their own lives stand ready to step beyond all zones of safety out into their beckoning world for the sake of the kingdom.

However, one obstacle remains in the way of accomplishing the task set before us. Over seventy percent of all missionaries sent out into the world today are going to Christian cultures where the gospel has been faithfully preached for generations.

Evangelism and Church Planting: Implementing the Ministry Multiplication Cycle

We need to go where no one else is going—to where the people have not heard and have no means of hearing. A confused world longs for the truth. Our calling is to take it to them. Paul's example shows us that we must speak in the language of the community in order to be understood.

relationship between evangelism and church planting

Unfortunately, over the past few years, I have watched as some church planters have endeavored to "be relevant" to the community by softening or "watering down" the message of the Gospel.

They have indeed blended in with the community, become a positive influence and motivator, but have abandoned the core teaching of Christianity, repentance and surrender to God, for what amounts to motivational speaking. The result has been churches that are growing numerically, but are not truly making disciples of Jesus Christ.

Evangelism and Church Planting: Part 4, strengthening our efforts

Eventually, I believe these churches will hit a plateau or begin to decline when they are no longer able to keep up with the latest technology or cease to be able to "scratch the itching ears" of their members. Let us further break Paul's mindset into two parts. Become a Servant To The Community We must first assess the culture of the community that we are trying to reach.

relationship between evangelism and church planting

How can we find out the mindset of the community? We must talk to them.

relationship between evangelism and church planting

Visit the Civic Association meetings in the community you are trying to reach. Do a door to door survey to get a feel for the neighborhood. Seek out and meet community leaders. Ask them what they perceive as the biggest need in their community.

Only then can you formulate a plan or strategy for building relationships and entering into conversations that lead to opportunities to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

A note of caution at this point: This entire process must be covered in prayer.

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Only with the guidance of the Holy Spirit will you be effective in what God has called you to do. Sometimes I mistakenly take for granted that people understand this principle. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct your paths. Bathe everything in prayer and let the Holy Spirit guide you. Be sure that you are presenting the truth. In order to be effective at leading people to Jesus and church planting, you must put aside your own ego and pride. What usually causes a "watering down" of the message is the fear of being rejected.

The Apostle Paul sacrificed much in his endeavor to win souls for the Kingdom. His reward was two-fold, eternal in heaven and immediate in the faces of those whose lives were transformed through the Gospel that he preached. The success of Paul's efforts and methods are felt even today. You and I may have never heard the message of Jesus Christ if it had not been for the faithfulness and consistency of men like Paul.

relationship between evangelism and church planting

Never lose sight of the core message that you have been sent to preach. If you lead people to Jesus, then there is a reason to establish an organizational structure that we call "church.