Relationship between literature and technology

relationship between literature and technology

Source for information on Science, Technology, and Literature: Encyclopedia of Illich criticized the reversal of the relation of needs and wants by materialist. Famous Victorian critic Matthew Arnold wrote an essay entitled 'Literature and Science'. The essay discussed the relationship between literature and science. Literature is closer to technology than it is to information, a set of techniques for exploiting certain relations between embodied minds, rather.

relationship between literature and technology

Science produces information about the world--or perhaps better, about the relationship between certain modes of action and their results. This information gives rise to technology, which exploits these relations.

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Literature is closer to technology than it is to information, or science--it exploits a certain relation, or set of relations, rather than attempting to explain it. Aristotle was mistaken in claiming that literature is superior to history because history only deals with particulars--in the terms of cognitive neuroscience, it is episodic knowledge--while literature presents a general truth, or semantic knowledge.

relationship between literature and technology

That would turn literature into a kind of science. The defense never really worked; the "truths" of literature are too diverse to be systematized, too contradictory.

It is clearly not a collection of useful information about the world.

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As Sir Philip Sidney finally put it, poetry makes no claims--it is neither true nor false. Literature, then, is a technology, a set of techniques for exploiting certain relations between embodied minds, rather than a body of knowledge. It doesn't transmit information, it acts in the psyche, moves you, plays on you like Hamlet's flute.

relationship between literature and technology

This point is tacitly assumed yet elided in contemporary cultural studies, which focuses on the ways in which the technology of literature is employed in the service of power. The idea was that, eventually, all these lines would be rehoused.

But increasingly I use the search function. In seconds, I can find every simile I've ever written about an onion or every description of a particular character asleep.

How technology rewrites literature

I'm able to pull together resources in a much more fluid way. I can't quite decide whether this has made me a lazier writer or a freer one. Necessary mess … Zoe Pilger "I write on a laptop. I've just got a really old laptop that weighs three tonnes so I never take it out of the house.

relationship between literature and technology

The only time I write by hand is when I take notes. In Civilisation and its Discontents, Sigmund Freud links technology with amputation, with the tools created by man replacing his organs and limbs: Has anything been lopped-off from the contemporary author to make room for all the new ways of writing? McCarthy, however, is keen to avoid overstating its impact on writers.

relationship between literature and technology

The hardware changes over time, but the base situation doesn't. Another time I wanted to fictionalise a particular set by a particular band at a festival I'd been to.


Whereas before writers would have to use their memory and imagination to embellish, I just looked it up on YouTube and could watch the exact set in Technology provided me with a memory. And that process can go both ways.

Writing with new platforms; drafting on Google Docs, emailing paragraphs or uploading chapters to Dropbox, all pull the writer's work out of their private space and places it in a cloud. While this may make writing more systematic, it can also leave it vulnerable. With the collapse of the East German regime, and the gutting of its offices, the paraphernalia that had maintained the giant surveillance bureaucracy was flooding the flea markets and secondhand shops; you could get these typewriters really cheap.