Relationship between maternal uncle and nephew meme

Marriage between uncle and niece is ruled legal by New York Court - Telegraph

relationship between maternal uncle and nephew meme

nieces and nephews quotes | Love You All! my Niece's & Nephew's! | cute pose for sister pics or mother and daughter! .. SayingsSweet Text For HerSweet Memes For HerSweet Quotes For FriendsNeices Quotes .. This is the aunt I want to be and her story. my daughter is going to have a relationship with all her . Oct 29, A marriage between a New York man and his teenage niece has been declared legal by the state's Court of Appeals, meaning the groom's. Sep 16, normal aunt and nephew when others are around, but behind closed Sorry to pour cold water all over this relationship but it's wrong on more.

Share this quote on Facebook Send via Mail What do you wish for a man who has everything? My wish is not material riches or career success because you already have those. I wish that you will have good health, peace of mind, and loved ones who will be with you until the end. I wish you all the best in your career, family, health, and personal pursuits. Share this quote on Facebook Send via Mail You are the kind of uncle that anyone would wish to have.

I hope you get everything that you wish for because a man like you is truly a blessing. Have an amazing birthday celebration! Share this quote on Facebook Send via Mail I appreciate your support and love for me all throughout the years. You are like my very own Santa Claus all year round. I love you, uncle! Share this quote on Facebook Send via Mail You are more than just an uncle to me.

Marriage between uncle and niece is ruled legal by New York Court

You are also a brilliant mentor, sports coach and analyst, father figure, and standup comedian. Thank you for being such a colorful and lovable presence in my life. Share this quote on Facebook Send via Mail I am forever grateful for having a great uncle like you who has stepped up so many times for me. You are the most generous and selfless man I know, and you have somehow managed to fill the hole in my life that my own dad had left.

I love you so much. Share this quote on Facebook Send via Mail You are someone who will always be larger than life. Some fanfics of Avatar: Friendship Is MagicFluttershy's Uncle Windvane, a Pegasus supremacist who launches a major armed rebellion against Equestria and routinely murders captive civilians to drain their Life Energy by means of his Pegasus Device, certainly qualifies.

He's just as awful as her father was, if not worse. Old Gray murdered his mate and young daughter. When Laurelpaw refuses to give him his son back, he threatens to kill her, the friends that tagged along with her, and even her mother. After Laurelpaw's friends escape, he gets even angrier, resulting in him raping and attempting to murder his niece. Films — Animated Scar from The Lion King is probably one of the most famous examples, murdering his brother and afterwards attempting to murder his nephew in order to take the throne, all based on Hamlet.

Hades from Disney's Hercules. The movie never mentions it, but Hades is technically Zeus' brother Hell, most of the Greek gods are relatedso he's Hercules' uncle and MAN, he's evil. He tries to usurp his brother Zeus, tries to kill Hercules lots of times, enslaves demons and mortals, and plans to rearrange the cosmos upon taking control of Olympus.

Though it must be said, Hades was Hercules' uncle as well in the original myths, but it was Hera rather than Hades who was the main antagonist in the story.

relationship between maternal uncle and nephew meme

Granted, Hera is Hercules's aunt. Ursula from The Little Mermaid is actually Triton's banished sister according to the original script notes, which changes their dynamic considerably and explains why Ursula is resentful of Triton's power. It also makes Ursula into Ariel's evil aunt. In Felix the Cat: In grand Hamlet fashion, he murdered Char's father in order to become King. Uncle Charlie from the film Shadow of a Doubt is one of the first major examples of a psychopath in cinema and a very creepy and evil uncle.

They're not the primary villains, though. This is more obvious in The Film of the Book. There's the obligatory Evil Uncle in Strange Brewbut that's really just because it's a humorous retelling of Hamlet. First, he has an affair with Kristy's stepmother, making Kristy's father's marriage an unhappy one. Later, he causes the horrible death of Kristy's father. Not to mention that it's shown that the novelty of doing it with the stepmother had worn off for him Numerous times, he's shown trying to rape her, including a scene where they kiss.

Evil Uncle - TV Tropes

Dastan's uncle in the Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time movie. His ultimate goal is to turn back time so that he can let his brother die as a teenager and reign in his stead.

Sam Harper of Uncle Sam is a sadistic door gunner who was shot down in Iraq, and to the horror of the rest of the Harper family goes on a psychotic murder spree from the grave. Michael Myers from the Halloween series tries to kill his niece Jamie in the fourth and fifth movie, and his nephew John in Halloween H Jason Voorhees is upgraded into one in Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday as he suddenly has more relatives and has to possess one them to return back to life properly.

Oddly, when given the chance he ignores his niece and tries to possess his grand-niece instead.

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The Fallen is this to Opimus Prime in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallenalthough there might be a few greats in there, how many generations separate the two isn't made clear. Bo Baker's Uncle Bill from High Stakesan abusive asshole who gave Bo his job at his news station just so he could have someone to kick around when he wasn't popping pills or drinking.

Uncle Silas is a Gothic Melodrama in which the eponymous uncle played by Derrick de Marney seeks to wrest Jean Simmons' inheritance from her. Released in the US in a butchered version called The Inheritance. Silas is this trope although more of the menace is provided by Katina Paxinou as the evil governess.

Prince John is Philip of Cognac's evil uncle in Princess of Thievesand plots to keep Philip from ascending the throne.

In Legend of the Black Scorpiondue to being an adaptation of Hamlet. Uncle kills father, takes power, tries to kill nephew.

Kevin's Uncle Frank in Home Alone treats him quite poorly, and shows no emotion when his parents leave him behind accidentally. In the sequel, he hasn't changed much, although he does mellow slightly by the end.

In fact, the original draft for the first movie was going to have Uncle Frank as a straight-up villain, who hired Harry and Marv to knock over the McAllisters' house in exchange for a cut of the loot. Sonny's uncle, a ruthless bandit and rapist. In the end he tries to gun his own nephew down. Folklore Hades as portrayed in the actual myths is gloomy and darkbut happy with Erebus, and he never had any problem with Herakles borrowing Cerberus for a little while.

But he did abduct his niece and force her to marry him. Sometimes this depends on the character interpretation. Though at least he asked her Father his brother first, which was more than Zeus often did. Gender-Flipped with the Goddess Hera, who often tortured her brother, Zeus's, children. Since she was also his wifeshe literally doubles as a Wicked Stepmother. Set, the Egyptian god of chaos, violence, and the desert, murdered his brother Osiris and usurped his kingdom.

When Horus gew up, Set refused to return the kingdom to Horus, leading to a long fight between them. In Hindu Lorethe Avatar Krishna's uncle Kamsa was a kind fellow who loved his sister until he heard a prophecy stating that his nephew would overthrow him. This made him go berserk, imprisoning his sister and killing her nine children in succession as soon as they were born.

Needless to say, the tenth child escaped and kicked his ass after he grew up. Also in Hindu mythology is the uncle Shakuni from the Mahabharat, who right from the start hates that his sister marries a blind man and subsequently blinds herself with a cloth as well and forever plots for his nephew to be king, while plotting against his other nephews who have a better right to be king.

relationship between maternal uncle and nephew meme

Loki in the actual Norse Mythologyis not Odin's son as in the Marvel version but his foster-brother a custom of the Norsemen where very close friends took an oath that made them legally siblings. The founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus, killed their grand-uncle, Amulius.

Members of the Family in English

Who had usurped the throne of Alba Longa from his brother Numitor and killed his son and daughter the mother of the twins. Literature In James Thurber 's The 13 Clocksthe duke sets Impossible Tasks to the princes who want to marry his niece and kills many of them. In and All ThatKing John, by murdering his little nephew, becomes "the first memorable wicked uncle" in English history.

The uncle from Babes In The Woodwho hires two thugs to kill his nephew and niece so he can be rid of them and reap his dead brother's fortune. The Black Witch Chronicles: In stark contrast to her brother EdwinVyvian Damon is a power-hungry member of the Mage Council of Gardneria who will do anything to keep her seat and wholeheartedly supports fascist theocrat Marcus Vogel in his reign of terror.

She's interested in using her niece and nephews as weapons to increase the country's power, and tries to make Elloren's life at university as uncomfortable as possible so she'll marry the Ambiguously Evil man she's picked out for her.

After Rafe and Trystan get arrested and later run away, she forces Elloren to marry Lukas Grey while being held down by armed guards after having Edwin, who was already sick, beaten to the point of death so she becomes Ren's legal guardian. The Chronicles of Narnia: Andrew gets slightly better, Miraz doesn't and dies. Miraz only becomes one once he has his own son, though.

relationship between maternal uncle and nephew meme

Before that he was happy for Caspian to be his heir. In A College of Magicsone of the obstacles Faris must deal with on the way to inheriting the Duchy of Galazon is a wicked and scheming uncle. It turns out he's not the one sending assassins after her, though, if only because he needs her alive a bit longer until his own plans mature.

Edwarn Ladrian from Wax and Wayne is this to his nephew Waxillium. At first, he tried to raise his nephew as a worthy in his eyes, meaning ruthless heir of the family fortune, but Wax rebelled and ran away.

He's so determined to get his hands on Red's land by marrying him to his daughter that he tries to murder his younger nephew, whom his daughter actually loves, then tries to murder the heroine when she foils his plans by marrying Red.

Inverted in Dragon Bones ; Ward's father who dies at the beginning of the novel was abusive and an all-around jerk, while his uncle, Duraugh, is a quite decent person, who tries to convince himself that he doesn't want castle Hurog which Ward is going to inherit. He does want it, but it's not his fault, everyone who grew up there is attached to the area, it's a place of magical power.

In the end, he doesn't get in the way of Ward inheriting it. Baron Harkonnen from Dune is evil and an uncle, but he's surprisingly not a straight example of this.

He's well aware of his own mortality and he wants to raise a worthy heir to the Harkonnen name. Since he's gay and he has no desire to father children of his own, he looks to his nephews instead.

relationship between maternal uncle and nephew meme

He's still willing to throw his nephew Glossu Rabban to the wolves to help his other nephew Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen's rise to power. Arguably, this is an inversion—he is in fact the maternal grandfather of Paul Atreides, i. Admittedly, the Bene Gesserit did essentially blackmail him into giving his genes In part due to jealousy from not inheriting any of the powerful elemental magic that runs in her family, she teaches herself black magic and attempts to murder her niece, and does kill her brother and sister-in-law.

Jorillam, by the way, knows all about this and constantly encourages his uncle to abandon him in the forest so he can have adventures. So the solution is: Send him to school instead!

Here Comes Santa Claws, the second of the two Christmas Episode books in the Graveyard School series, had Kyle Chilton dealing with a so-called evil great aunt looking after him for a few days before Christmas. This is a subversion in that said aunt hadn't actually done anything to him yet when she arrived, and Kyle was acting like a spoiled brat because he thought she was going to "ruin his Christmas".

Which makes all the magical havoc she wreaked on him justified. Of course, it's implied that she's the distantly related great aunt of numerous children and she enjoys causing a little holiday mischief on the ones who cause trouble unprovoked. Her name, Mab, is a reference to the fairy queen Mab, so it seems only natural that she would be a Karmic Trickster. Coryn from Guardians of Ga'Hoole was raised by his mother Nyra to believe Soren was this, having killed his father Kludd.

But a later vision tells him of the inversion of this trope: Kludd was trying to kill Soren only to be killed in return by Twilight. After finding out the truth, Coryn rejects the harsh ideals of his father and accepts the kinder truth about his uncle.

Harry's bedroom for all but one of the first ten years of his life was the cupboard under the hall stairs. They were child abuse incarnate. Genderflipped in that instead of the father's brother and his wife, we have the mother's sister and her husband.

Cutter Amberville in I'll Take Manhattan, who is really pissed off because he wasn't born first compared to his "perfect" brother. Thus, he proceeds to knock up his brother's wife, molest his niece a little, cheat on his own wife with her sister causing her to kill herselfand that's what he gets up to before he starts re-enacting Hamlet.

Jane Eyre gives an interesting case of this. Jane's aunt is a Wicked Stepmother in all but name, but both of Jane's uncles in the book are portrayed as nice, charitable men, including the evil aunt's husband and another that left Jane an inheritance.

Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson has Ebenezer Balfour, uncle of protagonist David, a miser who plots to murder his nephew. When that fails, he arranges to have him sold into slavery. Beause collecting billions from his Evil Plan is somehow not enough, Dr. Anton Murik in Licence Renewed plans to assassinate his ward, a daughter of his half-brother, for her inheritance.

Marissa Meyer's Lunar Chronicleswhich is a retelling of the Cinderella story, uses an "evil aunt" as a plot twist.

Evil Uncle

Towards the end of the book, the heroine, Cinder, learns that the wicked Queen Levana, who has been trying to entrap Prince Kai, is her mother's sister. He has Leopold locked away, announces that the boy has lost his wits from grief at his father's death, and attempts to set himself up as Regent for Life.

Fanny Price of Mansfield Park is sent to live with her mother's sister's family when she's ten years old. Although her uncle Sir Thomas Bertram is stern and intimidating, he's still a decent man who cares about his niece as much as his children. Her mother's other sister Mrs.

Norris, on the other hand, could give Jane Eyre 's Mrs. Reed a run for her money in the Cruelest Evil Aunt category. Miss Honey's aunt Trunchbull in Matildawho not only abused her throughout her childhood, but also allegedly killed her father, Magnus.

Jasper in Charles Dickens 's unfinished The Mystery of Edwin Droodwho is the murderer, according to reports from Dickens' friends and relatives. While even his treatment of his own children has been awful in the past, he now has his niece Beatrice as his favorite victim. He abuses her for five years, to the point of bullying her into marriage with a man, who's like forty years older than her and treats women like dirt under his shoes.

Wilhelm's attempts to break Beatrice down into becoming a subservient woman includes threats, nearly starving her to death and direct physical violence. Phenomena has an interesting take on this where Tarkan is actually the Chosen Ones ' adoptive father Sha-ra's younger brother Mentor, making him pretty much this.

Corvino, the Countess Persephone's uncle by marriage, is perceived to be this by many people. Persephone herself believes that he was the source of the numerous attempts on her life over the years, in order that he might inherit her title. Turns out it was actually her cousin, Celia, who wanted her dead.

relationship between maternal uncle and nephew meme

The Saga of the Faroe Islanders: For personal gain, Thrand of Gotu participates in the murder plot against his own cousins Brestir and Beinir, and sells their sons Sigmund and Thorir into slavery, thus setting off their life-long conflict.

When Sigmund returns to the islands triumphantly, Thrand fakes remorse and tries to capitalize on his blood ties to Sigmund to escape punishment, but weasels out of the peace agreement as soon as the opportunity presents itself, and again plots against Sigmund. Thrand's behaviour contrasts with that of Sigmund, who spares Thrand's life twice on account of their kinship, even though he knows Thrand feels no such compunctions.

Big Bad James Milligan is the uncle of protagonist Remi. The uncle of Uhtred in Bernard Cornwell's Saxon novels stole his title and fortress. Closely done with the Elf Maeglin in The Silmarillion. While not Earendil's uncle, he is the cousin of their mother Idril, who he desires. During the Fall of Gondolin he attempts to murder the 7-year old Earendil and take Idrilbut her husband Tuor throws him off the walls. Interestingly enough Maeglin also technically counts as an Evil Nephewas his betraying Gondolin leads to the death of its King, his Uncle Turgon.

It is thought Maeglin's attempt to kill Earendil may be partially resentment that it ruins his chances of succeeding Turgon and anger that his cousin married a man, who he thought little of. A Song of Ice and Fire: The subversion is that none of them are actually evil uncles: The Baratheons aren't really Joffrey's uncles since Joffrey wasn't fathered by Robert Baratheon, Tyrion actually cares for his nephew at firstJaime is also Joffrey's biological father as well as his uncle and, while not a straightforward hero, is a far more morally complex character then he first appears, Stannis is trying to take the throne out of his sense of duty.

Renly may play this slightly more straight as he was planning on overthrowing Joffrey while thinking they were his nephew, though ironically despite being the most villainous of this four he is the most well-likedpartially because he died before he could dethrone Joffrey and it is believed his ghost helped defeat Stannis. And while none of the four are saints, Joffrey is much more evil than all of them put together, with Jaime even thinking that Joffrey deserved to die and Tyrion, though knowing Joffrey's younger brother Tommen would probably be a better king, will not kill Joffrey despite Joffrey delighting in tormenting him.

Played with slightly more with Stannis. At one point, he considers burning one of his brother's illegitimate children, Edric Storm — his nephew — because, according to the Sorceress Melisandre, Edric's kingsblood will enable Stannis to raise a dragon. Stannis is encouraged in this by one of the uncles of his wife Selyse, Ser Axell Florent, even though Edric is one of Axell's great-nephews King Robert seduced one of Selyse's cousins at Stannis' wedding.

Stannis does eventually seem to come round to the idea of sacrificing Edric, but he is clearly very reluctant, only agreeing as he feels it's his duty to become king and promises Melisandre that she'll die if this fails. Thankfully, his loyal adviser Davos Seaworth smuggles Edric away before Stannis can go through with this.

Downplayed and played straight in Theon and Asha Greyjoy's case. Their uncles Aeron and Victarion are no more evil than any other Ironborn, don't have any particular grudge against their niece and nephew, and are fanatically loyal to their father Balon.