Relationship between muhajirun and ansari

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relationship between muhajirun and ansari

Muhajirun (Arabic: المهاجرون The Emigrants) were the first converts to Islam and the Islamic Prophet Muhammad's advisors and relatives, who emigrated with him from Mecca to Medina, the event known in Islam as The Hijra. The early Muslims from Medina are called the Ansar ("helpers"). . Muhajir · Al-Muhajiroun · Brotherhood among the Sahaba · Sunni view of the. (1) This is a document from Muhammad, the Prophet (governing the relations) between the believers and Muslims of Quraysh and Yathrib, and. Many events display the close relationship between the Ansar for both the Muhajirun and the Prophet; these events are reported in many.

They should have their brotherhood on the basis of faith, not on the basis of tribes as they used to have prior to Islam.

relationship between muhajirun and ansari

Intercommunity and Interfaith Relations: Prophet Muhammad also established good relations with other communities living in Madinah. There was a large Jewish community as well as some other Arab tribes who had not accepted Islam. The Prophet prepared a covenant for relations between these communities.

The Prophet's Document Between The Muhajirun, The Ansar And The Jews

Yathrib, previous name of Madinah, was a dirty city. When the Companions came from Makkah to Madinah, many of them got sick and did not like that city. The Prophet asked them to clean the city and remove its dirt and filth. The water there was most stinking. Al-Bukhari Water System in the City: The Prophet asked the companions to dig wells in different parts of the city.

Brotherhood Established Between Migrants and the Ansar

It is mentioned that more than 50 wells were opened in the city of Madinah and there was enough clean water for everyone. The Prophet encouraged the Companions to cultivate the land and make gardens.

He told them that anyone who would cultivate any dead land, would own it.

relationship between muhajirun and ansari

Many people started working and cultivating and soon there was enough food for everyone. In a short period of time it happened that there were no poor people in Madinah.

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Everyone had enough food and shelter and the Prophet used to give gifts to coming delegations. Safety, Security, Law and Order: Madinah became the safest city in the world. There were very few incidents of theft, rape, drunkenness or murder and they were immediately taken care of.

In short, Hijrah teaches that wherever Muslims go, they should bring goodness to that land. Muslims should work for both moral and material goodness of the society. Did Other Prophets Perform Hijrah?

relationship between muhajirun and ansari

A hijrah was not something special for Prophet Muhammad. Rather, other Prophets emigrated before Prophet Muhammad. Yet, the hijrah of Prophet Muhammad differed from those of other Prophets because it was not intended as a flight from torture but as the beginning of the Islamic state. However, their emigrations differed from that of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. I am a fugitive unto my Lord. In another verse, God says: So, Prophet Abraham migrated from place to place till he settled at a town in Palestine, where he was then buried.

Prophet Moses peace be upon him also emigrated before he was assigned with the divine mission. He fled from Egypt after he had mistakenly killed an Egyptian. I am of those who give thee good advice. So he escaped from thence, fearing, vigilant. Throughout that period, Moses had no divine mission. He lived as a righteous man, a good husband, and a generous son-in-law; however, he had no prominent role to perform.

That is to say, Prophet Moses emigrated for fear of revenge. On the other hand, the hijrah of Prophet Muhammad was not only to escape temptation and torture of his people.

relationship between muhajirun and ansari

It was the starting point to establish the Muslim nation, a new Muslim community based on Islam, the universal divine message that calls for morality and human rights. Muslim immigrants were saved from economic problems. Each Muslim of Medina would give half of their belongings to their brother from Muslims of Mecca. They enjoyed showing the zenith of hospitability, generosity, gratitude and humanity to their immigrant brothers.

However, this was not enough for Muslims of Medina. Share our date gardens between us and our immigrant brothers! They did not know much about agriculture. Then, the Muslims of Medina found a solution to it. The migrants who were not familiar with agriculture would only be occupied with watering and grooming, and they would do the cultivating themselves.

Relation of Muhajireen and Ansar - The Life of the Chosen One - Ep 18 - English Lecture

The harvest would be shared equally. The Honorable Messenger accepted this proposal. However, it had not witnessed such a meaningful and divine immigration, such sincere unity between immigrants and locals, such affectionate embracing and bonding until then; and it will not ever witness another one like this!

The Prophet's Document Between the Muhajirun, the Ansar and the Jews

This sincere embracing gave birth to a magnificent power, such a power that the whole Arabia would have to submit to entirely in a short time.

Each of them tried their best so as not to be a burden on anyone.

relationship between muhajirun and ansari

I saved half of my wealth for you! I do not need it. The greatest favor you can do me is to show me the way to the bazaar where you do shopping. Many other Muslims of Mecca found appropriate jobs for themselves and lived happily by their own work, like Hazrat Abdurrahman bin Awf.

I received his blessing.

brotherhood between Muhajirin and Ansar | Faizan E Islam

Various strata of society got closer to each other with the help of this brotherhood. This brotherhood also abolished tribalistic pride and enmity. As a result, a society with divine aims, supreme goals, and virtuous souls emerged. Another positive outcome of this brotherhood was as follows: