Relationship between physics technology and society

Physics, Technology and Society: the basic NCERT Concept

relationship between physics technology and society

In this article we will be discussing the interrelation between Physics, Technology and Society. We will also be discussing about the. Physics generates new technology. An example is the wireless communication technology that followed the discovery of the basic laws of electricity and. The connection between physics,technology and society can be seen in many discipline of thermodynamics arose from the need to understand.

Technology - Impact on Society & Advantages - Physics

Conclusion Introduction to Physics, Technology and Society Technology has been reshaping itself from time and time. The functioning of the world is entirely different from the way it used to be. Advancements in science have played a great role in inventions of new technologies.

Mobiles; they revolutionized from the keypad to touch screens with the help of new chipsets and networking technologies. Developers and scientists are now looking forward to turn smartphones into flexible and foldable. This is how technologies grow from one form to another to make human life more comfortable and economical.

relationship between physics technology and society

To improve technology we understand the needs of society and figure out how principles of physics can help us in achieving our objectives. But ironically we do produce nuclear energy from atoms to meet the energy-related needs of the society. All inventions from the iron pin to gigantic space ships, everything is the product of physics concept and critical thinking.

This makes understanding of physics more compulsory for the development of the society. How Physics, Technology, and Society are related? The term physics, technology, and science are interrelated terms. The connection between science, technology, and science can be understood through following examples: Thermodynamics- branch of science which deals with energy and matter, came into existence when people felt the need to understand and improve the efficiency of engines.

Introduction Physics, technology and society are interconnected. Sometimes Physics gives rise to technology and at other times technology gives rise to the new concepts of Physics and its benefit directly goes to our society. Development of technology proposes practical advancements whereas development of Physics helps us in strengthening our understanding related to the world.

relationship between physics technology and society

Examples of Interconnection between Technology and Physics Let's first talk about how technology developed Physics. Disciplines of Thermodynamics and Magnetism are originated from the already developed technology and for the requirements of advanced development in it. Field of Thermodynamics was originated basically for the improvement in efficiency of heat engines. But now it is much deeper in our conscience as it is related to the most basic phenomena of our daily life.

People are aware about the basic magnetic phenomenon since ancient times but major progress in this field took place due to interconnection of Physics and technology. Now, let's talk about the second part how Physics developed technology - Though there are many examples of this, but for instance we talk about the development of wireless communication technology was followed by the discovery of basic laws of Electricity and Magnetism.

Physics, Technology and Society: the basic NCERT Concept

Sometimes it is not easy to forsee the application of Physics. As mentioned in NCERT book, Ernest Rutherford in dismissed the possibility of tapping energy from atoms but later inthe phenomenon of neutron induced uranium fission was discovered by Hahn and Meitner that would serve as the basis of nuclear energy.

Another example of this is silicon chip due to which computer revolution took place. Another contribution of Physics is in the field of Energy where alternative energy resources are needed for future as fossil fuels and other traditional fuels are getting diminished and Physics has done considerable progress in this field as we are now able to converse solar energy to electrical energy for our daily purposes and much more.

Yet a lot is to be done. Invention of Steam engine has played a major role in industrial revolution which took place in 18th century and had a great impact on human course of civilisation. His work on calculus predates Newton and Leibniz. He was perhaps the first to tell about the gravitational laws and concepts of calculus. He was the disciple of Brahmagupta and proceeded on his work.

He discovered the law of inertia which was later known as the first law of Newton.

relationship between physics technology and society

He also contributed in the field of Astronomy. He has given a new turn in the method of applying Science. He also invented gaseous thermometer.

relationship between physics technology and society

The names of his main books are The Principia Mathematica and Opticks. The principles Newton proposed was a turning point in the history of Science, one equation could explain falling apple on earth and motion of planets.

relationship between physics technology and society

Kepler was also one of his assistants. And he took 16 years of long time to approach those 3 laws. He was the first who told what happens when light enters into telescope. And that's why he is known as the establisher of Geometric Optics. Inhe was appointed as the 'curator of experiments' in newly established 'Royal Society'. He designed Gragorian Reflecting Telescope. He did a lot of research in Astronomy.

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He was the first to use the word cell the biological term. He is best u known for his discovery of the law of elasticity among Physicists.