Relationship between professional development and student learning

relationship between professional development and student learning

For true learning to take place in a professional development setting, There is a strong connection between self-assessment and the level of. The Relationship Between Professional Development and Student Learning: Exploring the Link Through Design Research. Beth Kubitskey, Barry J. Fishman, . Impact of professional development of teachers on student learning and to map out the relationships between learning outcomes, learners' study behaviour.

New teachers can especially benefit from mentoring groups where veteran teachers provide guidance to first-year teachers. This type of professional development helps new teachers connect theories they learned in their graduate career with real-world situations and lessens the risk of developing counterproductive teaching methods.

Impact of professional development of teachers on student learning and outcomes in math

According to Learning Forward, research shows that new teachers who receive intensive mentoring can significantly affect student achievement in as little as two years.

The better the professional development, the better teachers connect with students. This results in higher student achievement. Leadership in the Education Community Education leaders, or teacher leaders, are also great resources for professional development. They are continually involved in the education community and are usually the ones who initiate a new program or address a school problem.

The Relationship Between Professional Development and Student Achievement - Blog

They may assume leadership roles such as a department chair. They also serve as members of committees that provide formal professional development opportunities that are tailored to the curriculum and education standards of a specific school or district. Teachers looking for more professional development should seek mentors in teacher leaders.

Do teachers wait for someone to tell them new things or do they actively go and find information? Do they feel that collaborating with peers in a professional learning community can assist them in acquiring new knowledge and skills? Moreover, the same questions could be applied to subject advisors and other departmental officials that assist teachers.

What is effective professional development for teachers?

How do teacher trainers subject advisors, DTDC staff, provincial officers look at professional development, learning processes and outcomes? Do they themselves want to be fed with content or do they prefer environments where people critically engage with learning materials, reflect upon it and look for new sources of information?

Do they feel responsible for their own learning? Multi layered research design Based upon previous research findings on teacher level Van Daal et al. Teachers do not function in isolation.

relationship between professional development and student learning

They are part of a school system. Hence, the school level needs to be added to the research design. The school level variables included in the integrated research model are inspired by the work of Aldridge in Limpopo, South Africa. She asked questions like: Are teachers allowed to try out something new? Does the school leadership encourage them to try out and implement new approaches? Are teachers allowed to make mistakes? Is there support for teachers who want to take the lead in educational change?

relationship between professional development and student learning

For example, the demographic background of learners e. The availability of rich statistical information Annual national Assessment ANA and EMIS at FSDOE and the willingness of the relevant officials to make these data available, is of great value for the research and its implications Free State officials were very interested and further explained specifics of the education system.

The principal, HoD, teachers and pupils were all very helpful and gave the Belgian experts more insight in math teaching in South Africa. The researchers observed a grade 6 math lesson, interviewed a math teacher and learners in order to try out the surveys.

Individual copies of previous ANA tests gave insights and examples of various issues related to the poor scores of many learners.

relationship between professional development and student learning

This mission has given ample background to now further develop instruments and finalise the research protocol.

Way forward The practical way forward will be discussed with FSDOE and district, but a desired scenario is to conduct baseline surveys with learners and math teachers in approximately schools in the Free State early Data collection will be combined with a first capacity development training on research skills with subject advisors.

relationship between professional development and student learning

A second data collection phase will be organised in late and a final one in Quantitative data analysis will be complemented by qualitative in-depth analysis in selected schools.

The process of discussing the survey tools, collecting the data and interpreting the analysis will form part of a trajectory the VVOB team will guide the partners on. Therefore, this longitudinal research could be used not only to assess the impact of the programme, but also to strengthen research capacities of subject advisors.

relationship between professional development and student learning

So, obviously this was only the start of the process and while we are looking forward to the outcomes, a lot of work needs to be done to get there. We will keep you informed. He is specialized in the area of evaluation of education, at micro level e.

Learning patterns of studentsat mesolevel e. Self evaluation of schools, educational innovation and at macrolevel e.