Relationship between sarkozy and gaddafi

Explained: What we know about the Gaddafi-Sarkozy funding scandal | Euronews

relationship between sarkozy and gaddafi

Apr 28, The story of Sarkozy's strange relationship with Gaddafi begins in , when the United Nations lifted harsh sanctions against Libya that were. Mar 20, With former French president Nicolas Sarkozy in custody for questioning on Tuesday over allegations Gaddafi's Libya financed his Mar 20, The prosecution claims Sarkozy spent nearly double the legal limit of $24m on his campaign, using false billing from a public-relations firm.

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  • Gaddafi relations haunt Sarkozy in 2007 campaign financing case
  • France's Nicolas Sarkozy held over Gaddafi funding claims

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relationship between sarkozy and gaddafi

Женщина, наклонившаяся над умирающим, очевидно, услышала полицейскую сирену: она нервно оглянулась и потянула тучного господина за рукав, как бы торопя.

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relationship between sarkozy and gaddafi