Sunfest meet and greet

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sunfest meet and greet

He reserves that time for SunFest, which he's attended annually since meet and greets with some of the bands, great food and all the Club. Open from 4pm - midnight, Sunfest VIP's will have an elevated viewing area, private washrooms, one meal per day, snacks, beverages, souvenir lanyard, access. The latest Tweets from SunFest (@SunFestFL). Where music meets the waterfront: May , West Palm Beach, FL. Join the conversation # SunFestFL.

Sunfest 2017

So we were not listened to and our concerns were not even considered. We are absolutely nothing to him. We are an inconvenience only. Welcome to downtown Vancouver residents. They are taking the poor man to court.

Not only that but they are anouncing this on their website.

Sunfest in Cowichan at Laketown Ranch

So much for discretion-this is a local government that punishes the elctorate through the courts and ignores them through local processes.

Remember the maple tree and the lng fiasco? The electorate was threatened with lawsuits and the lng folks were given private meetings Roy acuff December 1, at 1: But heres the rub, you benefited from the infusion of tourist dollars into the community.

The fact of the matter is, you just arent sophisticated enough to realize it. B December 1, at 2: You should be awate of slander laws in BC Di December 1, at 3: Most of the concerns that were expressed, eloquently, in oral and written submissions, although dismissed, have come to pass in the first year of the fiasco, and as event numbers grow and expand the situation will get worse.

So this was not a good choice, indecent to say the least! December 2, at Allow the valley to sink into obscurity?

sunfest meet and greet

Hope that we can become prosperous on wine and farmers markets? This may not be the progress you have envisioned and it may disturb the utopia for the retirement set but in the meantime the sunfest will bring economic prosperity to our region. Now I agree, the sunfest is a crass attempt but at least its an attempt and it far outweighs the economic value of vegetables and wine tasting December 2, at Rinse your mouth out with soap!

Nothing outweighs the value of vegetables and wine. What were you thinking? Danaher December 20, at 9: With all due respect, you have missed the point.

SunFest Meet and Greet

The point is we did speak, we did submit questions, we did protest this business model and we did attend hearings. For me, this rezoning is not an example of respectful, transparent or democratic governance — instead the CVRD have failed miserably in their fiduciary duty. The cvrd did hear and listen but the residents failed to follow through.

Di December 23, at They attended committee meetings and witnessed shallow debate on the proposal while not being allowed to speak. They made many well-researched submissions to the CVRD that were often responded to in an off-hand manner. They sent many e-mails and attempted to contact area directors with little success or response the window of opportunity to do this was never made clear. The process was initiated after the proposal was announced as done in the press and at Sunfest It was the very clear message of concern from residents at the meeting in September that brought on a seemingly reluctant realization that a process would be necessary.

Residents did their best to work within this process that was rushed, unclear, and unfair. We are OK with business coming into our home environment. It is the quality, or in the case of these festivals, lack of quality we deplore, along with crappy due process that allowed this deplorable rezoning change. Art Cross November 27, at I travelled past the Shawnigan soil dump, headed past the illegal local sawmill, headed into Duncan to view where the ancient maple tree used to be and then looked at the location of next years sunfest.

This is a macabre tour, if you will, one that it much different that the tour I took three yers ago.

sunfest meet and greet

Where I stopped at wineries, food markets and heard the sounds of a local lumber muill preparing cut wood for local use. Their culture no doubt influencing some of the otherworldly sounds they shared with the crowd. It was here that I especially took note of just how many families were present.

Children wrestling and laughing in the grass, getting more excited about the music than the adults, sitting on parents shoulders.

sunfest meet and greet

A hungry belly in need of noms. We decided on a beef gyro and a Caribbean noodle dish after roughly 15 mins of difficult deliberation.

sunfest meet and greet

Did we buy more? Sunset was greeted by legendary pop punk band Blinkwalking on stage to a cheering crowd. The energy for this set was palpable, people teeming with excitement. You could feel the crowd ignite every time they played a fan favorite. Their encore ending song had the dedicated fan base literally hopping, throwing their heads back and forth, hair in all directions. Rare and potent energy only an event like this can inspire, and the dense crowd can provide.

We ended the night spectacularly with a ten minute fireworks show. Everybody gathered looking out over the water to share their final moments. The culmination of the show was an absolutely stunning array of what had to be hundreds of explosive showers of color within a 20 second time window. It literally took my breath away, and was one of the most impressive fireworks shows I have ever seen.

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Beautiful live and interactive art installations to get your creative juices flowing. Spectacular array of delicious food vendors to satiate and salivate over. Fantastic chill spaces such as the floating barges and the beachside benches scattered about. There is a familial feel to the crowd despite how staggering it is.