Tangled meet and greet magic kingdom

Meet Rapunzel and a Princess Friend at Princess Fairytale Hall | Walt Disney World Resort

tangled meet and greet magic kingdom

Tangled Meet & Greet - Flynn Rider's Last Day with Rapunzel Magic Kingdom 7/2 / Jan 20, Disney Character Meet and Greets at Magic Kingdom Park rooms where guests can meet Cinderella, Rapunzel and other princesses. Part of. Oct 15, Character meet-and-greets with Princess Elena of Avalor, the first Disney Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom for more royalty when Princess Elena between meeting Elena and Cinderella or Rapunzel from "Tangled" and.

tangled meet and greet magic kingdom

I didn't even notice this at first, because the brown bag blended in so well. This frying pan was pretty easy to spot, and if you've seen the film, you'll recognize it as Rapunzel's weapon of choice when "defending" herself against Flynn. What I hadn't noticed before was what the pan was attached to - it's the armor of one of the palace guards!

tangled meet and greet magic kingdom

The next three photos are posters hanging on the walls. They each showcase one of the men Rapunzel meets in the Snuggly Duckling and have some great humor in them.

tangled meet and greet magic kingdom

As you'll see in the next few photos, the theme even carries through inside the bathrooms. Disney even pays attention to the details on a "cast members only" door. In this case, the crest-shaped sign says "Kingdom Staff Only" and features a photo of Maximus, the palace guard's horse, who is in fact, "Kingdom Staff.

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I had seen these before, but this time, looked closer and realized that they actually say "Maximus" on them. What a great touch that is most likely overlooked all day long!

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In the movie, Maximus loves to eat apples, so Disney Imagineers have included a basket of apples one is partially eaten along the pathway where you see his footprints.

The next three photos are part of a fun little "look and find" game located in and around the mobile charging area.

tangled meet and greet magic kingdom

There are 10 chameleons hidden throughout the area. Our kids love to stop and see how many they can find when we're walking by. That being said, the idea of FLynn from Tangled roaming the crowds is not unexpected. More frequently, guests at the park are seeking an immersive interactive experience lending to their willing suspense of disbelief and the full peeling away of adult constraints to actually, magically re-experience and re-enforce that one emotional response to the movie, thereby forcing the moral imperative of gathering souvenirs to remind us of the experiences in years to come.

The meet and greets are a necessary and expected experience within the parks.

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You would go to animal kingdom and no one would know where she was. Big whoop about minnie and mickey, you can meet then anywhere. Glad Tiana and Naveen get some cool air for a bit.

Those surprise showers are no fun while your waiting in line for guests to come say hello. As for Flynn you do get a card that looks like a wanted poster on one side and his autograph on the other.

Meet Rapunzel and Tiana at Princess Fairytale Hall

His attendent will be handing those out. Also, I highly doubt he'll be running around fantasyland.

tangled meet and greet magic kingdom

Gaston isn't even allowed to leave his post anymore because of safety. So don't let your dreams get crushed.

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Just go to rapunzel's tower and say hi. Two days of hunting characters and posing for pictures Btw- my niece is 21 and I'm But we are kids at heart! We came just before the release of the movie and wont be able to go back for a few years, but this is one of our favorite Disney films.