The last of us remastered ps4 ending a relationship

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the last of us remastered ps4 ending a relationship

The Last of Us is a third-person action-adventure survival horror video game created exclusively for PlayStation 3, and was later remastered for the PlayStation 4. He and Joel are initially hostile towards each other, but in the end begin to warm instantly and continue their easygoing relationship throughout the chapter. In the end, Joel goes with her even though he pretends he only does it have made it very difficult to maintain a healthy relationship with her. Let's Talk About: The ending of The Last of Us I think shooting the doctors is a necessary moment in the player's relationship with the game.

the last of us remastered ps4 ending a relationship

Player companions, such as Ellie, can assist in combat by throwing objects at threats to stun them, announcing the location of unseen enemies, or using a knife and pistol to attack enemies. The game features three multiplayer game types: Supply Raid and Survivors are both team deathmatcheswith the latter excluding the ability to respawn ; [11] Interrogation features teams investigating the location of the enemy team's lockboxand the first to capture such lockbox wins.

Each match is equal to one day; by surviving twelve "weeks", players have completed a journey and can re-select their Faction. Players are able to carry more equipment by earning points as their clan's supplies grow.

Players can connect the game to their Facebook account, which alters clan members' names and faces to match the players' Facebook friends.

the last of us remastered ps4 ending a relationship

List of The Last of Us characters In Septemberan outbreak of a mutant Cordyceps fungus ravages the United States, transforming its human hosts into aggressive creatures known as the Infected. As they flee, Sarah is shot by a soldier and dies in Joel's arms.

Twenty years later, civilization has been destroyed by the infection. Survivors live in heavily policed quarantine zones, independent settlements, and nomadic groups.

What did you think of the Last of Us ending? (WARNING: Spoilers)

They hunt down Robert Robin Atkin Downesa black-market dealer, to recover a stolen weapons cache. Before Tess kills him, Robert reveals that he traded the cache with the Fireflies, a rebel militia opposing the quarantine zone authorities. The leader of the Fireflies, Marlene Merle Dandridgepromises to double their cache in return for smuggling a teenage girl, Ellie Ashley Johnsonto Fireflies hiding in the Massachusetts State House outside the quarantine zone.

Joel, Tess, and Ellie sneak out in the night, but after an encounter with a patrol, they discover Ellie is infected. Full infection normally occurs in under two days, but Ellie claims she was infected three weeks ago and that her immunity may lead to a cure.

The trio make their way to their destination through hordes of the infected, but find that the Fireflies there have been killed. Tess reveals she has been bitten by an infected and, believing in Ellie's importance, sacrifices herself against pursuing soldiers so Joel and Ellie can escape. Joel decides to find Tommy, a former Firefly, in the hope that he can locate the remaining Fireflies.

With the help of Bill W. Earl Browna smuggler who owes Joel a favor, they acquire a working vehicle. Driving into Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaJoel and Ellie are ambushed by bandits and their car is wrecked.

After they escape the city, Sam is bitten by an infected but hides it from the group. As his infection takes hold, Sam attacks Ellie, but Henry shoots him dead and commits suicide out of grief.

The Uneasy Ending of The Last of Us

In the fall, Joel and Ellie finally find Tommy in Jackson, Wyomingwhere he has assembled a fortified settlement near a hydroelectric dam with his wife Maria Ashley Scott. Joel decides to leave Ellie with Tommy, but after she confronts him about Sarah, he decides to let her stay with him. Tommy directs them to a Fireflies enclave at the University of Eastern Colorado. They find the university abandoned, but learn that the Fireflies have moved to a hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah. Afterward, the two are attacked by bandits and Joel is severely wounded while escaping.

During the winter, Ellie and Joel shelter in the mountains. Joel is on the brink of death and relies on Ellie to care for him. Hunting for food, Ellie encounters David Nolan North and James Reuben Langdonscavengers willing to trade medicine for food; despite initially appearing friendly and cooperative, David turns hostile after revealing the university bandits were part of his group.

Ellie manages to lead David's group away from Joel, but is eventually captured; David intends to recruit her into his cannibal group.

Refusing the offer, she escapes after killing James, but David corners her in a burning restaurant. Meanwhile, Joel recovers from his wounds and sets out to find Ellie. You have been warned. Sure, the detailed world, fully-realised characters, art, and sound design are all worthy of reflection and praise. However, what keeps me thinking about my time with the The Last of Us is the uneasy feeling it left me with.

As gamers we are used to finishing campaigns on a high. Even more introspective games like Journey or Spec Ops: The Line leave us with a sense of catharsis. For me The Last of Us was different. As far as the story was concerned I felt a sense of resolution, but emotionally I felt conflicted and unsure.

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I have not felt like that after finishing a campaign before and I love the game for it. The ending is a stark reminder that you may be playing as Joel but you are not Joel; you may be playing a game and expecting to have agency in the world, but you are playing through Naughty Dog's story, not your own. Exit Theatre Mode This conflict between the interactive nature of the medium and the rigidity of the narrative form exists in all story-driven games.

As players, we want to progress, level up, explore, meet and pass the next test of our abilities.

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Crystal Dynamics, for instance, designed its rebooted Lara to be more human, and thus someone that players would want to protect.

The genius of The Last of Us is that it initially presents Joel's journey in the same light — the player wants to protect Ellie and reach their goal. As The Last of Us reaches its conclusion, however, this dynamic changes and the inherent conflict between interactivity and storytelling presents itself. Later, when discovering Ellie would have to die to save humanity it felt like a punch in the guts but I accepted it as a necessary evil which complied with her wishes.