The symbiotic relationship between a whale and barnacle

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the symbiotic relationship between a whale and barnacle

The Humpback Whale has another variety of barnacles living under its chin. As a Whale calf A symbiotic relationship between the barnacles and the Whales. “The Symbiotic Relationship between Humpback Whales and Marine Birds”. Trull has been involved in education and research for about 35 years. The barnacle-whale relationship is generally considered to be . I know that it is a symbiotic relationship between endangered whales and the.

Symbiotic Relationship Between Humpback Whales and Marine Birds Presentation Recap

This method is particularly effective for the whales to consume the food they need to survive, but it also benefits other species as well. Farther out at sea however, other birds will also get in on the feeding frenzy.

The term marine bird refers to birds that we really do not see on the Cape, because they typically nest on islands very distant to us,and when they are in the waters surrounding Cape Cod, they have no reason to come to land.

These birds are so perfectly adapted to the conditions of the oceans, including the ability to get all the food they need, that they spend all their time at sea.

The Symbiotic Relationship Between a Barnacle Living on a Whale's Skin | Animals -

Common examples of these pelagic birds include: The great shearwaters nest far south on islands off the southern coasts of South America and Africa, and spend summers in the waters around the Cape. On whale watches, such as those from the Dolphin Fleet in Provincetown, it is a common occurrence to see large flocks of these birds at the same time, in the same area, as the whales that are the targets of the excursions.

Trull ended his talk with some cautious words but also encouragement, on the topic of whale watching. Upon showing graphic photos of injured whales, he stressed that if individuals are attempting to see whales from their own boats, once within half a mile of a whale watch boat or upon seeing whales, they should shut off their engines.

With whales often feeding at the surface, the propellers on engines can pose a threat to the well-being of the whales. On that note though, he encouraged people to come to the Dolphin Fleet whale watches, to get the most out of an excursion with a properly trained crew and educated guides in order to make it a safe, educational trip. Blog Quick Links Our mission is to preserve and enhance natural areas in the Town of Orleans for the use and benefit of They're believed to be one of the oldest surviving animals on Earth.


There are more than 1, species of barnacles inhabiting brackish and saltwater environments worldwide. Although some barnacles are parasites, most are filter feeders. Filter-feeding barnacles are the type that engage in symbiotic relationships with whales.

the symbiotic relationship between a whale and barnacle

In biological terms, symbiosis is broadly defined as a close, extended relationship between two or more members of different species that benefits at least one member. There are three types of symbiosis. In mutualism, both species benefit from the relationship. In parasitism, only one species benefits from the relationship and causes significant harm to the other. Commensalism, in which only one species benefits without causing significant harm to the other, is the type of symbiosis between barnacles and whales.

Cementing the Relationship Barnacles begin their lives as free-swimming larvae, progressing through six larval stages.

the symbiotic relationship between a whale and barnacle

When they reach the last, or cyprid, stage, they settle onto the skin of a whale, where they complete their metamorphosis into juvenile barnacles. The juveniles -- tiny creatures resembling shrimp -- secrete cement that hardens into the hard, calcareous plates that surround them throughout their entire lives.

As the cement plates meld together, the whale's skin is pulled into the spaces between the plates, permanently fusing the barnacles to the whale.

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A Whale of a Ride For the entirety of the barnacles' lives they'll exist as diminutive hitchhikers on the backs and bellies of whales.