What was the relationship between huac and hollywood ten mccarthyism

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what was the relationship between huac and hollywood ten mccarthyism

(Wisconsin Senator Joseph McCarthy, the namesake of an era marked by In prison, one of the Hollywood Ten, as they came to be known. THE history of HUAC in movieland is quickly told. Although only about 30 of the 90 witnesses called in connection with the –52 . Both of these men were members of the Hollywood 10, opposed the practices of the .. which had once been written off as an anachronistic tributary of McCarthyism. In October , 10 members of the Hollywood film industry publicly denounced the tactics employed by the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC).

what was the relationship between huac and hollywood ten mccarthyism

Nixon played a prominent role in the Alger Hiss spy hearings in ; 20 years later, he was elected the 37th president of the United States. As tensions between the U. Particularly afterHUAC assumed new heights of prominence and notoriety, and the committee conducted a series of high-profile hearings alleging that Communists disloyal to the U. Typically, an individual who raised the suspicions of HUAC received a subpoena to appear before the committee.

what was the relationship between huac and hollywood ten mccarthyism

During the hearing, the suspected Communist was grilled about his or her political beliefs and activities and then asked to provide the names of other people who had taken part in allegedly subversive activities. In addition, those who refused to cooperate were often blacklisted by their employers.

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They lost their jobs and were effectively prevented from working in their chosen industry. These critics argued that most people who were called before the committee had broken no laws, but instead were targeted for their political beliefs or for exercising their right to free speech.

what was the relationship between huac and hollywood ten mccarthyism

Supporters of the committee, on the other hand, believed that its efforts were justified given the grave threat to U. Targeting Hollywood and Alger Hiss The HUAC investigations delved into many areas of American life, but they paid special attention to the motion picture industry, which was believed to harbor a large number of Communists.

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Not wishing to get on the wrong side of Congress or the movie-going public, most film industry executives did not speak out against the investigations. In addition, many of the major studios imposed a strict blacklist policy against actors, directors, writers and other personnel implicated in Communist activity.

what was the relationship between huac and hollywood ten mccarthyism

Lardner, who died last week aged 85, was ejected before he could deliver his prepared statement. The next time he saw Thomas was in prison. Inwhile Lardner and fellow Tenner Lester Cole were serving their time; Thomas was jailed alongside them for padding his Congressional payroll.

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The prisoners dubbed him "Congressman Chickenshit". If all this seems like ancient history, think again. The Huac hearings, the fate of the Ten, the witchhunts that served to eviscerate the Hollywood craft unions, the persistence of the blacklist throughout movies and TV well into the s - all of it remains an open sore on Hollywood's conscience and its collective folk-memory.

Hollywood and the Reds: HUAC & McCarthyism

The rancour it still provokes is astonishing. Only three years ago, at a 50th anniversary commemoration of the Ten's appearance before Huac, the Hollywood studios finally made a collective apology for their craven acquiescence to the inquisition and the subsequent purge.

what was the relationship between huac and hollywood ten mccarthyism

That night Lardner finally got to read his statement, to resounding cheers. It was a bit late: A year later came the controversy over the lifetime achievement award presented to director Elia Kazan, who revolted his peers in by naming names to keep working.

Rod Steiger remembered that learning of Kazan's capitulation "was like finding out my father was sleeping with my sister". Kazan has never apologised. And it was barely a year ago that the Academy belatedly restored writing credits to writers like Trumbo and Lardner, who had won Oscars for scripts written under fake identities. Or rather they hadn't won them, because at the time they were, in the land of the free, essentially Un-persons.

Restitution took 50 years. The news was coolly received by two men and eight gravestones.