1994 reply ending a relationship

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1994 reply ending a relationship

Although Trash hesitated a little, he still promised in the end. And he even lied Bingguere and Trash's relationship is one that is so precious. "Reply " takes over the tvN Fri & Sat time slot and will be replaced Reply Go promovare-site.info · Reply Sung promovare-site.info · Reply Lee . Missy Sep 07 pm Reply is the only reply series that I know how the ending Will Lack relationship n chemistry for chilbong n other friends than trash . It's really Oppa's relationship to the parents that gets me in the heart—I . The finale delivered a faithful ending given the final trajectory of the show, but it goes without saying that Answer Me got stuck in its own tunnel.

While I understand many people are somewhat unhappy with who ended up being Kim Jae Joon, I believe we should be focusing not on who got the girl but more on what the drama did beautifully in giving us and really deserves to be one of the best dramas of Growth of Sung Na Jung Love triangles aside, Reply executed one of the best character developments for its heroine in K-dramaland ever.

We are not talking about any typical oh I thought I loved him but it is not so, or bad girl gone good or the other way round - We are talking about actually growing up as a person.

1994 reply ending a relationship

The drama started off with Na Jung as the crazy wild young girl, chasing hot collegiate basketball seniors, joining clubs and living the campus life. Unlike Siwon in Replyher wild side is not controlled at all.

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She is actually truly immature in many ways, like her dancing like a crazy woman to music shows and beating up anyone who disagrees with her. Hence, watching Na Jung discovering her love for Oppa, panicing over how to confess, becoming a sweet and caring girlfriend to later choosing career over love in the economic crisis and learning more about what love is and what it means to her, was a breathe for fresh air for the world of clueless drama heroines.

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Her expressions and even just her stares and glances were perfect in showing the growth and change in Na Jung. LOL Friendship Wins All While I am also keen to discuss the great details in describing different types of love in the drama, I must talk about the great portrayal of friendship.

Often forgotten by dramas in the mist of love, revenge and angst with usually friends already being friends without much explaining, this drama allowed us to watch these strangers evolve into the closest buddies ever. I nearly bursted into tears during the scene of the final breakfast in the boarding house, as it was so different compared to the first one with everyone in the gang in Ep 2.

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Back then Samcheonpo and Haitai would be bickering while Yoojin spoke nothing and Na Jung stuffs herself as her parents tries to find her a husband from the group.

By the last ep, everyone had this unspoken understanding of each other, trying hard to ignore the fact this would probably be the last time they eat in such a family like way ever. What made it all the more amazing was the fact they all wore the Support Korea T-shirts from watching the World Cup. They were not just united by country, they were now a true family and everyone has grown thanks to one another.

Unlike the horrible handling of relationships in many series that ended up being unrealistic, we actually can nod and agree with many of them here. I have categorized them in a few categories: Oppa wanted to protect Na Jung, causing him to never really fully trust her - never sharing his problems, his pains or his feelings. Love is not just about being sweet and romantic to each other, but also being able to lean on each other during times of need.

The drama had initially gone with a basketball theme, but basketball ended up having a low-key presence compared to baseball, which dominated with Dad as a baseball coach once again, and Chil Bong going pro. The show brought us through college culture, with MTs membership training sessions and group dating, and included a dose of army humor as well.

Relationship issues and dialogue were worked into the issues of their time, making the drama believable and easier to identify with. Dad totally dissed Apple back in the day. Ah, the power of hindsight when used in meta makes for such good comedy. The series proved that you can have a drama revolve around endearing characters without the need for scheming and manipulative secondary characters.

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Love, friendship and family Once Trash got his issues out of the way, he was able to reunite with Na Jung and they eventually got married. They cared deeply for one another, and never wavered, despite all the red herrings the drama dropped on us. Na Jung was always there for Chil Bong, and she was pretty clear about where the line was.

1994 reply ending a relationship

She wanted friendship, and he learned to accept it. One day, Yoon Jae discovered that she was a woman in his eyes, and he fell in love. He gave way to his older brother, thinking that Tae Woong would have done the same, only to realize much later on that such was not the case. Tae Woong never stood a chance with Shi Won, even though he confessed more than once. Besides romantic relationships, there were also the bonds of friendship and kinship. While our husband mystery unraveled slowly, these other relationships were developing in their own ways.

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Sung Jae and Sam Cheon Po — the casting of obviously older-looking actors to play younger parts. The original drama was only 16 half-hour episodes, aired back-to-back on Thursdays, except for the final two episodes which were 1-hour episodes aired separately. Inthere was a time jump of 6 years before Shi Won reunited with Yoon Jae and the two finally got together. Na Jung never wavered; for her, it was Trash right from the beginning.