Alonso raikkonen relationship advice

Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton spat ruined Spaniard’s F1 career

alonso raikkonen relationship advice

Mercedes, + K. Räikkönen, Ferrari, + Memes, advice animals, and low-effort posts will be removed. Read the full Posting . ago (1 child). Toxic. Each one of them carried an antivenom in case Alonso bit them. Raikkonen's relationship with Alonso has been sober so far, but even he has had issues with the likes of Romain Grosjean (former teammate at. ONE way of looking at Fernando Alonso and his career choices is that he has been incredibly unlucky. Travel Advice . McLaren were very strong with Kimi ( Raikkonen) in , they were getting better and an August Hungarian GP qualifying session that really lit the fuse in their plagued relationship.

In he could have done it, in fairness. The engines at that stage were not as good and reliable as they are now. To have Kimi in our team winning two world championships would certainly have been a fair outcome for him. People in F1 like him because what you see is what you get. I get on very well with him and he can be very funny.

alonso raikkonen relationship advice

I see things said about him and they make me smile, but he never gets involved in a war of words or anything. Sometimes, he says things in a clever way and it shows his intelligence. After spending three years at the Scuderia, Raikkonen takes with him a world championship, nine victories, five pole positions and 16 fastest laps. Along with the announcement came strong speculation of Kimi possibly returing to McLaren Mercedes, where he raced in before joining Ferrari.

Below is the press conference with Kimi after the announcement, and the following are some quotes from figures around the paddock: He was with the team for five years. He is quick, he is committed and I think he probably would be very committed to beating Ferrari in the future — knowing him. All these are attractive things with Kimi.

He is not political. He is absolutely straightforward — what you see is what you get with Kimi. And on top of that everyone knows that he is a winning driver. I think he has been underestimated technically.

The highs and lows of Fernando Alonso’s F1 career

He is a very good racing driver and I think he would fit well in this team, if we choose to go down that route. He will leave Ferrari after the season ends but will leave so that everyone is in a good mood. He is not just only a top driver, which is a clarity, he is much more: He drives really well at the moment. As a person Kimi is very special. I have a really good relationship with Kimi. We often go to eat together.

He is one of those persons to whom you can talk about all kinds of things, not just our work. I for one will be missing him when we start working next season. In that sense Kimi is better than Michael Schumacher.

He finds the solutions himself. There has to be a lot of money in the game when Kimi wins races and still his contract is terminated. You have to pay the salary and the fine plus whatever else along that. For someone else it would have been a really tough place to accept that the team no longer wants you and is ready to pay big bucks for that. If it would happen to me it would be really tough.

He is a character, even though he is quiet. Kimi is an introvert. He is a great, great driver but he is not going to go and motivate a set of employees… McLaren would be the best place for him because he is quick but not commercially.

Lewis Hamilton is there for that, and I want to see Lewis against Kimi. But with Raikkonen I had a very good relationship, very professional. We always helped each other at work. I concede him another thing: So, why this change? Kimi is very fast, very competitive but also very closed, introvert. With a winning car, he was and he is perfect. With a car to fix and a team to direct, I believe Alonso is superior.

This I explained to Raikkonen: Brawn has dominated this season with the best car but since summer Lewis Hamilton and Kimi have collected most points. I have known that since our first year together. This year we had a very difficult car.

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Before my accident we were both once on prizes. He has just been able to utilise the few chances that were possible with that car to drive for prizes. He is always the same fast driver.

Working with Kimi no different to other drivers - Alonso

Kimi has been a really good team-mate. We have had great three years together. I hope him good things for the future. I needed that kind of competitor because I wanted to test myself against the toughest. It is a really bold move from him. It will be interesting. Kimi is still one of the best drivers and it would have been great to race against him.

You have to be on the case and you need some balls. I think he could adapt very quickly. He can help the team to improve the car. There is a lot of differences between rally and F1 but he has taken this with an open mind.

In that sense this is unique. Because of Kimi a lot more people will get interested in rally. It is only positive for us. I believe that he can adapt quickly.

alonso raikkonen relationship advice

I have never met him. On the basis of what I have seen and heard, he seems like a little bit closed guy to the outside.

Massa tips awkward Raikkonen pairing for Alonso

We must keep our feet on the ground though. In rallying experience matters enormously. He may have argued with teammates and bosses, as well as being embroiled in not one, but two F1 scandals — but since claiming back-to-back championships he has spent over a decade signing with top teams as they veer on dramatic downward trajectories.

alonso raikkonen relationship advice

All the while, relatively new outfits such as Brawn, Red Bull and Mercedes have enjoyed success. How many drivers would sign up for a career like that? But nobody has a crystal ball. A double world champion, but could and should he have won so much more? AFP As soon as Alonso started impressing through the national karting championships in Spain, he was building a racing reputation that would stick in his later years. Alonso was a fiercely quick and determined teenager, always a few years younger than his competitors and always making the most of his amateur equipment.

Alonso was eventually persuaded and although he was combining a debut season with Campos Motorsport with karting, he won the championship in Alonso tested and shone for Minardi infinished fourth in the Formula championship a year later and had a full-time F1 seat by At that time, the Minardi rookie was the third-youngest driver in the history of the sport.

Only this time, it was in a vastly-more competitive car. It was a fantastic opportunity and a fantastic time. And before landing his first title, Alonso also had his first big career decision to make. Before that he would win another title at Renault, but he still believed it was the right time to leave. McLaren were very strong with Kimi Raikkonen inthey were getting better and better in every single race with Kimi and Juan Pablo Montoya in Alonso expected to be a No.

Alonso feared his team were not helping him claim a third successive title, and felt let down.

alonso raikkonen relationship advice

It was not a problem with Lewis, it was just Ron Dennis and the high side of the team.