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Goodman and his wife, Anna Beth, have relocated from their home in . I'm very happy for people when they win awards, but it's marketing.”. creasing the degree of sorting on education in marriage (Fernández et al. ). Despite these The first of these chal- lenges is to determine the role of search frictions in the marriage market. Annabeth Hartzog. John Goodman*. They were joined at the event by his co-star John Goodman and his wife Annabeth Hartzog as well as TV presenters Ant and Dec, Gary and.

Song performer, Get Bruce! Also appeared in Rebus, ; The Prophet, Ann Arden, The Two Mrs. Pamela Harriman, Life of the Party: The Pamela Harriman Story, Lifetime, Appeared in title role, Seduced by Madness: Rhinestone Cowgirl, NBC, Our Sons, ABC, Comedy in Bloom, HBO, I'm Only 31, CBS, Going Home, The Disney Channel, Host, Golden Globe's 50th Anniversary Celebration, MDA ]erry Lewis Telethon, syndicated, With Todd Gold Ann-Margret: My Story, Putnam, Entertainment Weekly, November 26, Interview, April, ; January, New Yorker, February 3, TV Guide, February 24, Producer, production executive, production, wardrobe, production assistant, production coordinator, set dresser, and art director.

Art director, The Singer and the Dancer, Columbia, Set dresser, My Brilliant Career, Production manager, Fatty Finn, Hoyts, Production manager and production assistant, The Earthlings, Earthlings, Production manager, Fighting Back, Production manager, Callipoli, Paramount, Wardrobe, Puberty Blues, Universal Classics, Production manager, The Best of Friends, Line producer, Outback, Line producer, Struck By Lightening, Executive producer, Good Will Hunting, Miramax, Stunt coordinator, stuntman, stunt arranger, stunt supervisor, actor, and director.

Trained horses as a teenager. You Only Live Twice, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Figure's in a Landscape, Stuntman, Side By Side, A Bridge Too Far, Escape to Athena, Associated Film, Second unitdirector, Bear Island, United Artists, Superman II, Warner Bros. Stuntman, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Paramount, Stuntman and stunt arranger, Invitation to the Wedding, Krull, Columbia Pictures, Stunt manager United KingdomSlayground, Universal, Conan the Destroyer, Universal, Stuntman, Brazil, Universal, And stunt double, stuntman, and unicorn master, Legend, Universal, The Mission, Warner Bros.

Empire of the Sun, Warner Bros. And second unit director, Million Dollar Mystery, The Sicilian, Twentieth Century-Fox, Stunt double, Frantic, Warner Bros. We're No Angels, Paramount, And second unit director, Total Recall, TriStar, And second unit director, FX-2, Orion, And second unit director, Universal Soldier, TriStar, The Last Action Hero, Columbia, And second unit director, Black Beauty, Warner Bros. Director, Army of One, Live Entertainment, Second unit director, Radioland Murders, Universal, Second unit director, Shadow Conspiracy, Buena Vista, And stuntman and second unit director, Black Dog, Universal, Second unit director, The Avengers, Warner Bros.

And second unit director, Entrapment, Twentieth Century-Fox, Big Youth, Expose, Nicky Baker, The 'Copter Kids, Drunken soldier, Tai-Pan, Stuntman, Ivanhoe movieCBS, Song producer, Godzilla, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Last of the Dogmen, Savoy Pictures, Independence Day, Twentieth Century-Fox, Godzilla, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Rosanna an actressRichmond an actorPatricia an actressAlexis an actorDavid an actor.

Graduated from high school in Hollywood, CA, Sailing, camping, graphic art. Actor, writer, producer, and musician. Columbia University, director of radio, ; Skymont, Ft. Royal, CA, chair, ; Sills and Co. Composer, song performer, song producer, song remixer, and music consultant.

Dramalogue Award, best ensemble, Johnny Cot His Gun, Hatcher, The China Syndrome, Columbia, Prison chaplain, Off the Wall, Jensen Farley, Fry, Nobody's Fool, Island, Man at the pool, The Check is in the Mail. Herm, The Great Outdoors, Universal, Stokes, Big Business, Buena Vista, Wyler, Tango and Cash, Warner Bros.

Sheriff Bugiere, Chopper Chicks in Zombietown, Ethan, Syngenor, South Gate, Malloy, Book of Love, New Line, Tarlow, Double Trouble, Charlie, Mojave Moon, Mayor Cosgrove, Kid Cop, Cardinal, Meet Wally Sparks, Chief Louis Hartley, Scream 2, Dimension. Water pistol man, Twilight, Paramount, Merchant, Almost Heroes, Warner Bros.

Contemporary Theatre, Film and Television, Volume 28

Kid Cop, Brainstorm Media, Challenge of the CoBots, Voice of Horten, Hypernauts, A Symbol of the '50sCBS, Pawnbroker, Dance Til Dawn, Ingersol, Attack of the 50 Ft. Sal, Dribble, NBC, Prime Times, NBC, Kolovson, Just a Regular Kid: Voice, The Wild West, syndicated, The Waltons, CBS, Ed, "Where's the Boss," Married.

With Children, Fox, Camp Candy, NBC, Commissioner, "The Narc," Matlock, Beverly Hills,Fox, The New Class, Graduated from Harvard University. Also appeared as voice, The]etsons animated ; voice, Captain Planet and the Planeteers animated. Screenwriter and television series creator. Served in the armed forces. Writers Guild of America East. Generation, New York City, ShoWest Award, ShoWest Conventions, screenwriter of the year, ; Academy Award nomination, best screenplay based on material from another medium, Golden Globe Award nomination, best screenplay,for Quiz Show; Academy Award nomination, best screenplay based on material from another medium,for Donnie Brasco.

Scholastic children's record Host, The Movie Show, Cinemax, Camp and the Skymonters. Life on the Streets also known as H: With Cindy Cirile and Alan B. Quiz Show, Buena Vista, Uncredited Armageddon, Buena Vista, Contributer to periodicals, including Esquire. Entertainment Weekly, December 16,p. Attended New York University's film school. Costume designer, costume consultant, and production manager. Costumes, Firstborn, Paramount, Bring on the Night, Costumes, Critical Condition, Paramount, Someone to Watch Over Me, Columbia, For Keeps, TriStar, Fresh Horses, Columbia, Married to the Mob, Orion, The Handmaid's Tale, Cinecom, Edward Scissorhands, Twentieth Century-Fox, The Silence of the Lambs, Orion, Lorenzo's Oil, Universal, Michelle Pfeiffer's costume designer, Love Field, Orion, Bom Yesterday, Buena Vista, Cabin Boy, Buena Vista, Ed Wood, Buena Vista, Little Women, Columbia TriStar, Wyatt Earp, Warner Bros.

That Thing You Do! Beloved, Buena Vista, Mumford, Buena Vista, Sleepy Hollow, Paramount, Also worked as a production assistant, Ragtime.

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Harper's Bazaar, Novemberp. TCI, Novemberp. Actor, set dresser assistant, and props. Appeared in more than 20 plays with the New Paltz Theatre Company. Q Award nomination, Viewers for Quality Television, best supporting actor in a quality drama series,Screen Actors Guild Award nomination, outstanding performance by an ensemble in a drama series with others, both for The Practice.

Soda fountain clerk, Raging Bull, United Artists, Money ripper, Broadway Danny Rose, Orion, Sal, Men of Respect, Frankie Botz, ]ungle Fever, Universal, Hard hat, Switch, Warner Bros.

Pizza man, The Hard Way, Universal, Vico Vitelli, Mac, Samuel Goldwyn, Detective Kelly, juice, Paramount, Statistician, Blue in the Face, Cop number one, Clockers, Universal, Charlie, Lesser Prophets, Detective, Commandments, Gramercy Pictures, Eric the soda man, The Deli, Elevator man, You've Got Mail, David Berkowitz, Summer of Sam, Property assistant, The Hard Way, Universal, TV, Warner Blvd. State trooper, Path to Paradise: Attended North Carolina School of the Arts.

Brad, Frasier, NBC, The Searcher, Danger Theatre, Also will be appearing as Voice of Kenny in upcoming Baby Blues. Tactical crewman, "The Emissary," Star Trek: The Next Generation, Syndicated, Chucky, "Chucky," Broken Badges, Brad, "The Innkeepers," Frasier, Jason Canmore voice"Hunter's Moon," Gargoyles, Part One," Gargoyles, Part Two," Gargoyles, Part Three," Gargoyles, Life with Roger also known as Roger and Mesyndicated, Himself, Happy Hour, Golf, snowskiing, Cajun food.

The Sis and ]erry Levin Story also known as Forgotten: Harvest of Lies also known as Seduction in a Small Town Remsen, "Mortal Sin," Harry O, Slade, "The Vampire," Starsky and Hutch, Ralph Coulter, Ruby Ridge: Carrion the chief engineerFog, CBS, Host, True Stones, Fox, Skroeder, Short Circuit, TriStar, Ray Kirschman, Burglar, Warner Bros.

Felix nightwatchmanMannequin, Twentieth Century-Fox, Citizens on Patrol, Warner Bros. Assignment Miami Beach, Warner Bros. City Under Siege, Warner Bros. Mission to Moscow, Warner Bros. Appeared in an early music video with Richard Marx. Appeared in a television commercial forJ. Byryder Car Sales, Chief, Runaway, TriStar, Peter, Rustler's Rhapsody, Paramount, Lauderdale International Film Festival, best film,Independent Spirit Award nomination, best male lead,both for Happiness.

Jeffy, "Grosse Pointe ," Northern Exposure, Film debut Ishtar, Prince Geoffrey, Love Potion No. Unsworth, Passed Away, Buena Vista, Jasper, Radioland Murders, Universal, Philip Blackburn, Disclosure, Warner Bros. Bill Maplewood, Happiness, Good Machine, Priest at Catholic retreat, Celebrity, Miramax, Richard Judd, Random Hearts, Also appeared in Talk Radio. The Plea, PBS, Stephen's Church, New York City, Directed photography for first film, ; worked with German filmmaker Rainer Werner Fassbinder, C.

Film Strip in Gold, German film Awards, outstanding individual achievement: Tschetan, der Indianerjunge also known as Tschetan, the Indian Boy f Aus der Familie der Panzereschen, Satansbraten also known as Satan's BrewNew Yorker, Summer Guests also known as Sommergaeste,Constantin, Also es war so. Spiel der Verlierer, Die erste Polka, Valeska Gert, nur zum Spass-nur zum Spiel documentary Trilogie des Wiedersehens, Gross und Klein also known as Big and Little Oye Ralmundo, adonde vas?

Der Zauberberg also known as The Magic Mountain Baby, It's You, Paramount, Friends and Husbands, Miracle, Sal, Men of Respect, Vico Vitelli, Mac, Samuel Goldwyn, Men Lie, Panorama Entertainment, First police officer, Clockers, Universal, Richards, Dearly Beloved, Property person, Manhattan, United Artists, Property person, She—Devil, Orion, Daily Variety, March 3, People Weekly, July 26,pp.

TV Guide, February 12,pp.

Attended North Carolina School of the Arts. Actor, voice performer, and producer. Appeared in television commercials. ABC Studios, worked as a security guard. DS9syndicated, The Searcher, Danger Theatre, Fox, Himself, Ernest Goes to Hollywood: Jim Varney, the E! True Hollywood Story, E! Voices of Jeffrey Cat and Mr. Letterman for Jeffrey Cat: Ronald, Certain Guys, Voice of Adonis, Hercules: Zero to Hero animatedWalt Disney, Voice of second guard, Recess: Rex, Napoleon Dynamite, Paramount, Voice of John, Dinotopia: Executive producer, Jimmy Scott: Payback, Trimark Pictures, Far from Home, The Criminal Mind, Special effects artist and stunt performer.

Bellissimooutstanding special effects in service to visual effects in a televised program, music video, or commercial,for the pilot of Carnivale.

Film Special Effects Assistant: The Mask, New Line Cinema, Film Work; Special Effects Coordinator: With others Tales from the Crypt Presents: Bordello of Blood, Universal, Dogma, Lions Gate Films, House on Haunted Hill, Warner Bros.

The Moguls, Newmarket Films, Film Mechanical Effects Worker: Suburban Commando, New Line Cinema, Jason Goes to Hell: Film Special Effects Foreman: Jackie Brown also known as Rum PunchMiramax, Paparazzi, Twentieth Century—Fox, Television Special Effects Worker; Series: Deadly Games, UPN, — Television Special Effects Worker; Miniseries: Film Special Effects Technician: Killer Klowns from Outer Space, Worked as a model in Japan; appeared in commercials as a child.

Appeared as a body double in the film Death Becomes Her. Television Special Effects Coordinator; Movies: As Charlie Belardinelli Frankenstein: The College Years, Fox, Double Tap, HBO, The Blanche Taylor Moore Story, The Winner, The Movie Channel, Blade Squad, Fox, Police officer, Alien Nation: Body and Soul, Fox, Lieutenant commander Lisa Stark, Crash Dive: Lisa, Black Thunder, Television Stunt Performer; Movies: Reform School Girl, Shake, Rattle and Rock!

Behind the Scenes, E! Television Special Effects Operator; Specials: Motorcycling, kickboxing, bungee jumping, snowboarding, motocross racing, water skiing, painting. Manager—Anthem Entertainment, Wilshire Blvd. The Legendary Journeys, syndicated, Guest, The View, Guest, On Air with Ryan Seacrest, syndicated, Playing guitar, composing music, writing short stories.

East Los Angeles Classic Theatre Group, founding member, coartistic director, director, and coproducer. Performer at poetry readings. Also held other jobs. Susan Ortega, Bruce Almighty, Universal, Duke Rado, Veronica Clare, Lifetime, Lieutenant Louis Soto, Models, Inc. First officer Chakotay, Star Trek: Voyager also known as VoyagerUPN, — Entertainment Weekly, April 9,p. Parade, January 7,p. People Weekly, February 8,pp. Frank Totsoni, Shadowhunter, Showtime, Manticore, Sci—Fi Channel, Jack, Forbidden Sun also known as BulldanceFilmscreen, Alejandro, Bugsy, TriStar, Frank Sturgis, Nixon, Buena Vista, Ramon, Managua, Cabin Fever Entertainment, Himself, Trekkies documentaryParamount, Joe, Luminarias, New Latin Pictures, Voice, Nations, CBS, In archive footage Ultimate Trek: Romeo and Juliet, The Taming of the Shrew, The Quartered Man, A Touch of the Poet, Mike Perez, Sisters, Commander Chakotay, Star Trek: Bard in the Box Tour, Also coproducer of stage productions.

Lowrider, Zoot Suit, Universal, Eddie Guerrero, Latino, Cinecom, Reynolds Dey, Chapter Perfect, Vivafilm, Karen, Shaft also known as Shaft—Noch Fragen? Elite Force, Activision, Cinefantastique, November, ; November,pp. Cult Times, December,pp. DramaLogue, April 17, Hispanic, April,pp. Starlog Platinum, April, Star Trek Communicator, August,pp.

TimeOut New York, June 12, TV Guide, January 14,p. TV Zone, May,pp. TV Zone Special, December,pp. Criminal Intent, NBC, Anna, Italian Movie also known as High Stakes Bridgette, Lowball, Bruder Releasing, Agent—Innovative Artists, 10th St.

Film Appearances; As Wendy Benson: Brigitte, Still Breathing, October Films, Misty, Secret Service Guy, Fox, Rebecca Johnson, Luck of the Draw, Cinemax, First Corps Endeavors production companycofounder and partner, — Appeared in print advertisements and television commercials. Rock Reilly, Chasers, Warner Bros. Shale, The Substitute, Orion, Admiral Cunningham, Sea Devils, c. Sheriff, The Final Witness, Richard Moore, Rush It, Gary Cooper White, Looking for Mr.

Man at end, The Sentinel, Universal, Sam, The Big Chill, Columbia, Staff sergeant Bob Barnes, Platoon, Orion, Jake Taylor, Major League, Paramount, Fear of FlyingCinemax, Thomas Beckett, Sniper 2, National Anthems, Long Wharf Theatre, Gettysburg Journal, TNT, Narrator, American Heritage Presents: The Lincoln Assassination, History Channel, The Great American History Quiz: America at War, History Channel, Also appeared as Orestes, Electra.

Parade, August 17,p. People Weekly, May 13, Sports Illustrated, December 2,p. Rough Riders, TNT, The Last Guardian, The Legend Continues, syndicated, Fast Track, Showtime, Contact—Tribune Entertainment, Sunset Blvd.

Kilcoo Camp, ceramics instructor, Worked as a waitress and in retail. Jynx, Eyes of Amyphysto, beginning Elimination Dance short film Solitaire, Prince Caspian Productions, Some sources also cite appearance in a film titled Third Eye, Title role, Cinderella, Canadian Opera Company, Sins of Silence, CBS, Mary Driscoll, Dear America: And story Interceptor, Trimark Pictures, Into the Sun, Trimark Pictures, The Net, Columbia, Idle Hands, Sony Pictures Releasing, And story Terminator 3: And story Catwoman, Warner Bros.