Assassins creed ii ending relationship

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assassins creed ii ending relationship

So now I hear about Assassin's Creed II and I think hey this could be cool Then I get to the end of the game hey this is cool I killed a pope and. Assassin's Creed II is a video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published ―Ezio Auditore da Firenze, Assassin's Creed II Launch Trailer. .. made it so that an internet connection was only needed upon launching the game. Assassin's Creed II is a action-adventure video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and by an ancient race known as the First Civilization in the hope of ending the conflict between the Assassins and Templars. The PC version was met with some criticism in relation to the digital rights management system and.

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With several sections of memory too corrupted to access later made available as DLC Sequencesthe team sends Desmond to the final memory, set in Rather than kill his nemesis, he lets him live with the knowledge that he has failed. Inside, he is contacted by a strange woman named Minerva.

assassins creed ii ending relationship

Aware that Desmond is listening, she explains how her people, the "First Civilization", created humanity to serve them, but were subsequently destroyed by an unknown catastrophe. The survivors joined forces with their former servants, building a network of vaults to both preserve their technology and culture and serve as a preventative measure against a future disaster.

Before vanishing, she tells Desmond that only he has the power to fulfill this "prophecy", leaving both him and Ezio confused as to what she means. Shortly thereafter, Abstergo agents led by Vidic enter the hideout, forcing the team to abandon everything except the Animus. As they head to a new location, Lucy informs Desmond that the Assassins have detected strange occurrences in the Earth's magnetic field ; a solar flare scheduled to pass the planet in a few months would likely trigger the same event that ended the First Civilization.

Desmond prepares to reenter the Animus, beginning the story of Assassin's Creed: Development[ edit ] Ubisoft's Yves Guillemot officially confirmed that Assassin's Creed II was in development on November 26,during the company's financial performance report.

In an interview with GameTrailers Ubisoft Montreal creative director Patrice Desilets stated Desmond would be doing more than walking around and discovering clues. Lineagewould be released showing the events leading up to the game and the history of Ezio and his father Giovanni.

Shaun Hastings, a sarcastic historian assisting Desmond. The character's face would also be modeled after him. The second expansion, titled Bonfire of the Vanities, concerns the mass burning of sinful objects in Florence and was released on February 18, Both the retail and digital releases of the Deluxe PC version include these DLC packages as part of the main storyline.

Machiavelli, Mario Auditore, Ezio and da Vinci meet to discuss what to do to protect the Apple, and it is decided that it will be sent to Romagna, to be defended by Caterina Sforza.

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When Ezio arrives however, he finds that the city is under attack from the Orsi Brothers, who have been hired by Borgia to take a map featuring the locations of the Codex pages, made by Sforza's late husband. In an attempt to force Sforza to hand over the map, the brothers kidnap her children.

assassins creed ii ending relationship

Ezio leaves the Apple in Sforza's protection; he rescues her children and kills one Orsi brother. When he returns, he discovers that Checco, the other brother, used the distraction to steal the Apple. Ezio gives chase, and kills Checco. As he stands over Checco's body, Checco stabs Ezio.

assassins creed ii ending relationship

Ezio falls to the floor bleeding, and before he passes out, he sees a man missing a finger and wearing monastic robes take the Apple. Ezio wakes up with Sforza at his side. He sets out to reclaim the Apple, and Sforza gives him the map of the Codex page locations.

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He attempts to speak to the abbot, but the abbot recognizes him as the Assassin who killed Stefano de Bagnone one of the Pazzi conspirators and flees. When Ezio catches him, the abbot names the monk who stole the Apple as Girolamo Savonarola. Unlike regular memories, the player is able to play this memory an unlimited number of times.

Bonfire of the Vanities[ edit ] Sequence 13 begins intwo years prior to Sequence 14 and nine years after Sequence 12, after the events of Assassin's Creed II: Ezio has tracked Savonarola to Florence, where the player can now explore the southern district of the city.

After meeting with Machiavelli, Ezio devises that bringing unrest to the city will force Savonarola to come out and settle the unrest.

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In order to bring about this unrest, Ezio assassinates nine of Savonarola's lieutenants who preach within the city. The people become angry and a mob forms outside the plaza, where Savonarola preaches to the mob to disperse.

assassins creed ii ending relationship

He exposes the Apple to bewitch the mob, but Ezio quickly throws a knife at the Piece of Eden and Savonarola drops it. The mob proceeds to take the monk away, but a Templar courier quickly rushes in to retrieve the Apple; Ezio rushes after the guard and reclaims it. This would lead to a interesting sense of irony as protraied in AC1.

assassins creed ii ending relationship

Now in AC2 you are trying to help the people who once controlled humans. If Desmond is actually a decendent of the "gods" then this would be all good but he would also have to be part human Altiars children with templar. So it comes down which side is right, the "gods" who once controlled humans or the templars who want to control man now. I guess in the end it doest matter since the solar flair will whipe out everyone so that task would take priority over fighting with the templars.

In AC1 Vidik makes reference to the ones who came before which means they know who they were and where the POE came from. What I don't get is if they know so much why don't they know what will happen if they don't do something about the pending solar flair. I suppose if any record of that happening was lost no one would know about it and if the templars did they would most likely ignore and carry on with world domination.

Minerva also says let our message be written so its possible no one but Desmond and company know of the pending doom. Theres a lot of talk of what the next game will be and if its a trilogy or not. Either way I think at some point you will most likely play as Desmond in modern time.

Minerva makes reference to "temples built by people who knew to turn away from war and protect them from fire. All clues left in blood end of the world by Subject 16 also play into that.

So Desmond will most likely have to travel to each place and do something so as to prevent the Earths poles from flipping. Or they could have you go to these temples throughout time as different ancestors and do what ever needs to be done in each temple. Random thought don't know if makes any sense but just something I noticed.