Bangladesh korea relationship trust

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bangladesh korea relationship trust

North Korea needs more trust in the U.S. and their developing relationship before it will get rid of its nuclear weapons, Pyongyang's top. Kim Jong Un became the first North Korean leader to set foot in the South of peace, prosperity and a new era for North-South relations,” Mr. Kim said. the Koreas could help build trust between the North and the outside world, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belarus. The relationship between South Korea and Bangladesh has been broadened Apart from that, Youngone is trusted with developing a private.

Bangladesh–South Korea relations

South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation[ edit ] The government also pursued the expansion of co-operation among the nations of South Asia, bringing the process—an initiative of former President Ziaur Rahman—through its earliest, most tentative stages to the formal inauguration of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation SAARC at a summit gathering of South Asian leaders in Dhaka in December The member nations of this group are: Developing 8 Countries[ edit ] Main article: Developing 8 Countries Bangladesh is among the 8 member countries of this organization.

But no plans for expansion have been made by Bangladesh. The Developing 8 is an economic development alliance consisting of Muslim majority states which focuses in multiple areas which are rural development, science and technology, banking, agriculture, humanitarian development, energy, environment, health and finance.

On 14 May in Bali, Indonesia, Bangladesh was the only nation not to sign a preferential trade agreement. InBangladesh signed the APTA agreement which would enable it to reduce trade gaps between itself and other nations such as China, South Korea and its neighbour India. Connectivity, including transit, should be seen in the context of long term cooperation on a broad front which includes several sectors of the economy, he opined.

Transit is welfare enhancing for all cooperating countries, and augments public revenues and, the transit-user state should pays the transit-provider state for right of access, he stated. Rahman suggested Bangladesh and India may initiate consultations with Bhutan and Nepal for replacing the current bilateral agreements by trilateral agreements, having India as a common contracting party, which would accelerate the removal of the trade-obstructive rules and procedures.

It is estimated that South and South West Asia have grown at 7.

bangladesh korea relationship trust

Revival in investment and private consumption, growth in exports, rise in industrial production and improved performance by agricultural sector helped to achieve such strong growth. However, the region has been facing vulnerabilities to financial volatility, natural disasters, epidemics, food and energy insecurity, adverse impacts of climate change and so on.

However, it is agreed by almost all economists and politicians that facilitation of connectivity would help all the countries of the region to continue economic development and face emerging development challenges of the region. In his Chairman's remarks Ambassador Munshi Faiz Ahmad stressed on the importance of connectivity on global and regional agenda as a tool for promoting trade and commerce, and enhancing interaction, cooperation and understanding among peoples in different countries and regions.

He mentioned that regional countries of South and South West Asia have recognised the importance of connectivity and are undertaking policies to improve connectivity in and beyond their neighbourhood. In his speech he flagged three points. First, he considered transport connectivity as a tool for enhancing contacts and cooperation across borders, emphasising on the necessity of user friendly connectivity infrastructure. Then, he called for a big picture, a universal and global connectivity by ensuring unending linkages across countries and regions in all directions.

And finally, he asked the regional countries to agree on universally acceptable, user-friendly and easy regimes for visa and transit of goods, services and people across borders and to harmonise standards, customs, immigration, banking and other involved procedures.

Participants in the policy dialogue have emphasized the importance of proper transport connectivity and efficient linkages among the South and South-Western countries. The participants also opined that a multilayered regional connectivity will foster stable and optimum economic growth for the countries of this region by enhancing aggregate regional trade. Bangladesh as well as other countries of the region will be benefitted by the inter-connected transport system which is conducive to socio-economic development.

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An effective transport network is also directly contributes to the key development and poverty reduction strategies. Different scholars in the seminar also think that transport networks help to deliver economic and social benefits to their destinations and enables individuals to meet their necessary requirements, which in this age of globalization carries enormous importance.

Lee Yun Young ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Bangladesh, delivered the opening remarks in the inaugural session of the seminar. Shahidul Haque delivered the closing remarks to the daylong seminar. Scholars, members of academia and policy makers from Bangladesh and Korea participated in the seminar. The joint seminar has been divided into five working sessions including the opening and concluding sessions.

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The paper presenters were: In his Welcome Address the Director General told that the relationship between the two countries is marked by warmth, close friendship and good understanding of each other's positions. The two countries are closely cooperating in the fields of trade, investment, sharing of skill, development cooperation, technology transfer, education, training, employment, human resource development, cultural exchange and through people to people contact.

He also added that trade between the two countries is increasing at a phenomenal rate and Korea has reportedly invested in various sectors like ready-made garments, textiles, tanneries and shoe factories of Bangladesh. Dipu Moni, Foreign Minister noted that Korea is one of the leading countries of human rights, democracy and trade and Korea is the 13th largest economy of the world.

Bangladesh and Korea cooperate in various areas like the environment and culture. Korea receives a large number of Bangladeshi manpower and Korea contributes tremendously in the RMG sector of Bangladesh. She also added that Bangladesh can learn a lot from Korea through people to people communication, comprehensive partnerships can be extended on the areas like free trade and climate change issues.

North Korea's Kim Jong-un pledges 'new history' with South Korea - BBC News

Honourable minister also recognized Korean government's assistance to e-governance and green climate fund. The Ambassador of Korea H.

bangladesh korea relationship trust

Lee Yun-young opined that Bangladesh and Korea maintain a very friendly relation which is signified by the commemoration of 40th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between the two countries. The Classical Concert of last January, the Art Exhibition of last February and the Charm of Korea festival of last month stimulated the emotional Quotient in celebrating the 40th anniversary.

Foreign relations of Bangladesh - Wikipedia

Lee also noted that Korean people feel proud that the two countries have gone hand in hand for a long time while the economic cooperation encompasses a variety of projects from infrastructure, solar power system, education and public health, capacity building to IT such as e-Government system. He also commented that Bangladesh and Korea are enjoying excellent cooperation in the international arena including in the UN, and in climate change and security, more than ever before.

In his Chairman's remarks Ambassador Munshi Faiz Ahmad noted that Korea's development assistance have contributed significantly to the growth of many industries including RMG's, textiles and tannery industries. They both have a great labor pool, and are cooperating to bring out the best in both countries. Would you take this opportunity to explain the significance of Bangladesh Independence Day, March 26? The 26th of March is a glorious day in our national life.

bangladesh korea relationship trust

The Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman proclaimed the independence of Bangladesh at the first hour of the 26th of March,after the occupation forces launched a sudden attack on innocent and unarmed Bangalees on the black night of the 25th. This day marks the beginning of a bloody 9-month-long war and sacrifices made by the people of all walks of life, through which the nation achieved its independence.

The day therefore remains a symbol of unity and resilience of the Nation and its firm stance against repression. Every year, on this day, we renew our pledges to leave behind any social and political division and build a happy and prosperous Bangladesh. Please brief us on the history of diplomatic and economic relations between Bangladesh and Korea. Korea recognized Bangladesh in Maywithin six months of our victory in the War of Independence.

Formal diplomatic relations between Korea and Bangladesh were established the following year. Since then, our two countries enjoyed excellent bilateral relations. Both countries share common democratic values. Our bilateral relations are shaped primarily by political goodwill, economic, and commercial interests.

Every year visits of a good number of delegations are exchanged. Sheikh Hasina to Korea in at the invitation of the Korean President demonstrates the warmth that exists in the relationship between the two countries.