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She has a love/hate relationship with JavaScript and thinks that package managers The Zoho Sites builder is part of Zoho Corporation, which currently services over 25 For example, if you create an online store and need to make frequent . This allows you to create blog posts and engage in two-way dialogue with your. Zoho Creator Scripts offers everything you need to grow your and phone number to Facebook-specific ones like relationship status. Zoho CRM comes with an in-house two-way sync integration with Google Contacts. Define bidirectional relation for a lookup field Open the form builder. Select the required lookup field. Navigate to the Field Properties > Bidirectional Relation.

Add a Lookup field in the Employee form. The Create Lookup Relation dialog will open. Import data by selecting Employee Manager - Roles - Role where, Employee Manager is the application name, Add Role is the form name, Role is the field whose data is imported. Select the Display Type as a multi-select lookup.

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Now in the Field Properties, specify a field name, for example, Roles. In the Employee form, the Role lookup field will display the name of all the Roles from the Role Form. You can relate one or more roles to each employee by selecting the required options.

Creating relationship from existing relations You can create a relationship from existing relations. Now, you can add the same relationship to the Department form and make it a bi-directional relationship.

This will enable you to track the related items from both the Employee and Department form.

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To create a bi-directional relationship from existing relations, Add a lookup to the Department Form. In the Select Form drop-down, the existing relationships will be listed under the head Existing Relations, as shown in the screen-shot below. For example, select Form as Employee - Department, select the required lookup field and the display type and click on Done to add the lookup field.

In the Department view, the Employees belonging to a department will be listed, as shown below. You can now manage the Employees belonging to a department from both the Employee form and Department form. Creating Combined Reports from Related Forms You can create combined reports that display the required fields from one or more related forms. For example, we created three forms - Employee form, Department form and Roles form and created relationship across these forms using Lookup fields.

Refer Combined Reportsfor more information. Customizing the Display of a Lookup You can customize the display of the lookup field by selecting the Display Fields options as shown in the screen-shot given below.

You will have an option to construct the display value using any separator between the fields that you choose. In the screenshot shown below, the Lookup field Department displays the values in the specified format Department Name - Department Head in the Add Employee Form, as shown in the screen-shot given below.

Users will be able to add new entries directly to the parent form by selecting this link. In Add Employee form shown below, the lookup field "Department" displays the link to add new entries directly to the Add Department Parent Form.

The new entry is also updated in the lookup field in Add Employee form. In addition to PayPal integration, you get a member portal and the ability to display up to 25 products. Pricing and Billing When purchasing a subscription to the site builder, you have the option of paying on a monthly basis or a yearly basis. You can downgrade your subscription at any time from the Zoho accounts area. Zoho Sites Customer Support Zoho Sites has staff offering email support 24 hours per day, five days per week.

For critical customer service issues, they also offer telephone support. Zoho provides a care center for various support queries, packed with quality information. They promise to respond to all support tickets within 24 hours. You can escalate using an email address dedicated to escalated incidents. Self-Help Resources For those looking for self-help resources, Zoho offers the following: A user guide features a complete how-to on using all of Zoho Sites features A section of FAQs Video tutorials that cover the most important functions of Zoho Sites Blogs, which are the go-to sources for news on feature additions and announcements Community, a message board where you can post questions, get answers, and help other people solve their issues Uptime Guarantee and Maintenance Downtime Zoho Sites offers unlimited bandwidth, so no matter how much traffic your site gets, it will always be available to your visitors.

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The company also guarantees an uptime of Essentially, Zoho offers a variety of products that it bundles together in different ways to meet the varying needs of its customers. As a small business, such packages might be of interest to you, especially if you want a specific set of features that you want to function well together and you are not interested in shopping around to build your own digital bundle. While Zoho may not offer the bells-and-whistles of major competitors like SalesforceZoho offers solid solutions, likely at prices that are more palatable to a small business.

Furthermore, Zoho, as a smaller company, may be friendlier and less confusing to use than its major competitors.

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You may not get the integrations offered to those who stick with one brand umbrella, but you can choose the options that are best for you — maybe Salesforce offers a better product in one area, while Zoho leads in another. Think of this as your tracking solution for your customized marketing efforts.

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Zoho Campaigns If you reach out to your customers via email or you would like toZoho Campaigns is an email marketing service that allows you to manage your mailing lists and create, send, and track the effectiveness of your emails. Other Zoho Offerings In addition to the products mentioned above, Zoho offers the following: If a many-to-many M: Relationships between these Forms were created using Lookup Fields.

Refer Combined Reportsfor more information. Customize the data a lookup field displays You can customize the data that the Lookup Field displays from the Display Fields section of its Field Properties.

You can select the Fields and mention if any separator is to be used between the Field values, and Preview how the display will be. In the following image, the lookup field named Select an employee displays data from two fields First Name and Last Name in the format: First Name Last Name.

The lookup field supports search using autocomplete.