Bill shorten nicola roxon relationship

Bill Shorten, the MP, the split and the G-G's daughter

bill shorten nicola roxon relationship

Sep 20, LABOR MP Bill Shorten has left his wife for the daughter of Kevin month and is understood to be in a relationship with Chloe Bryce. Mr Shorten formerly dated and lived with current Federal Health Minister Nicola Roxon. Sep 20, Deborah Beale and Bill Shorten were considered a power couple of the dated and lived with current federal Health Minister Nicola Roxon. Okay, so you all knew that one. WHAT ABOUT BILL SHORTEN AND NICOLA ROXON?? Am I just completely out of the political sex loop? PM - 2 Aug.

We need to say that sort of thing when they reckon their jobs are under threat. It was a brief burst of fame, still more than a year before Shorten resigned as head of the Australian Workers Union to enter parliament and have a shot at realising his dream of becoming prime minister one day.

It was a Sunday night and all hope of finding survivors of the mine collapse was lost. In quick time, Shorten was back in Beaconsfield. But that was far from the first, or last, time that Shorten would fly Air Pratt.

bill shorten nicola roxon relationship

One Shorten acolyte put it this way: Voters now have an inkling, thanks to Turnbull, that it is rich indeed for Shorten to needle him about his wealth.

Election-night festivities had two classes of guests: The problem is he always takes the low road, the easy way. There is, however, much other negative Shorten material that Turnbull has shown an inclination to exploit.

But Turnbull and his frontbench have started gnawing at commission evidence that does not show Shorten in a favourable light. It was nasty for Turnbull to claim Shorten was unfit to be prime minister. You can see his insincerity written all over his face: If you want to see a ruling class whose exit from the stage of world history is well overdue, you only have to look at Bill, his union mates and the vacuous rantings of the Labor front bench.

It is they who have lived off the backs of the working class, and Bill is their leader because he has done more of it than anyone else.

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Reply Karen May 13, at Eventually, babies, just like the truth, will come out. Those two cheated on their previous spouses when they got together so its just a repeat really of the past. As a young woman I felt sorry for the wives of politicians but no more. They have to go into this with their eyes open and expect betrayal. Reply mareeS May 13, at 4: Furthermore, has this particular baby now been born?

bill shorten nicola roxon relationship

The first pic will be a scoop. Much was made about Richard Pratt and his various ladyloves and offspring, so why should the Shorten situation be given special dispensation from scrutiny just because of his political and union affiliations?

Reply Allison May 13, at Paul May 13, at 8: Reply Blackswan May 13, at If you consider discussion of such matters to be idle talk or speculation, then you also need to check the definition of integrity, honour, commitment, loyalty and character — the latter not applying to soap opera roles.

Bill Shorten, the MP, the split and the G-G's daughter

We are discussing the very nature of the people leading our nation, who hold the purse-strings, who frame the very laws we are expected to live by, whose professional judgement is relied upon to lead our nation, not to bankrupt us and bring the country to its knees.

Did he deny it? Appears not to be the case. Exactly who are these people?

bill shorten nicola roxon relationship

So far we have a Prime Minister who, as a partner in a law firm with multi-million dollar contracts with the Union movement, not only screws her major client but is yet to deny her involvement in his theft of millions belonging to hard-working union members. There is little doubt she received financial benefit above and beyond the call of her duty as a lawyer.

Was she similarly young and naive when she had a relationship with a cabinet colleague, a man who was married with children and remains in her cabinet today? He is one of her most vocal defenders in the face of increasing media criticism. Firstly, did a child result from the reported union? Does the woman concerned still retain her job on his staff?

Nicola Roxon

Perhaps she is on maternity leave. It simply remains a fact that this amoral and unprincipled nest of vipers that currently holds sway in our halls of power are beyond anything seen in this country before.

Good on you Shane — you seem to be the only person in the MSM with the cojones to actually raise the truth of these matters for rational discussion.

That twit seems to have vanished. Veronica Nicholls May 13, at 1: I believe he swallowed her contact lens after a night of passion. Veronica Nicholls May 13, at Blackswan May 13, at 3: I remember those previous times too and well may we wonder how our country is going to survive the current fiasco that that scurrilous Due-Lie-Air has perpetrated on the rest of us. Reply rob May 13, at Unlikely but certainly an entertaining idea.

Reply Bruce Whiteside May 13, at 1: I then discovered it was apprently wriiten by Glen Milne back on July 19th Is something amisss here? Bruce Shane Dowling May 13, at 1: Bruce Whiteside May 13, at 6: Here is the link to what i read: Not your average Aussie hero.

Reply George Mcmillan May 13, at 1: He could come out and deny it however it is hard to deny something that may be true. Thanks To Shane and Black Swan for their comments. Reply Allison May 13, at 1: Veronica Nicholls May 13, at 2: I am sure that this Shorten rumor is a beat up to get shorten on the front page and in a round about way help his PM ambition.

However, if, as has been suggested he was the one impersonating Craig Thomson then he is toast.

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Put the champagne on ice everyone it will not be long before they are cast out. They will be crying in the wilderness and australians will rejoice.

Reply Allison May 13, at 2: Heath May 13, at 3: Everything he does is tactical. Shorten was trying to distinguish himself from those in ALP that wanted to stick with Thompson and endure.

bill shorten nicola roxon relationship