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bosconovitch ending a relationship

bosconovitch ending relationship. He first appears in Tekken 2 in Yoshimitsu's ending. His first Doctor Bosconovitch appears in Bryan Fury's Tekken 4 ending. Sergei Dragunov (Japanese: セルゲイ・ドラグノフ Serugei Doragunofu; Russian: Сергей Драгунов Sergey Dragunov) is a character in the Tekken series. He was . Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Jinpachi Mishima Arcade Ending Character Relationships partners in Ghost Battle (from the lowest to the highest ranks) are Panda, Dr. Bosconovitch, Kazuya Mishima, Heihachi Mishima and Wang Jinrei.

Are you going on a date tonight? I am not that desperate for a date," The blonde interrupted him. The Swedish man's face relaxed and he heard Leo giggle from the other line, "I'm going out for dinner with Asuka. We celebrate the fact we have been single since the day we were born. As he drove through the city, he realizes that although he has feelings for Alisa, he was too shy to confess his attraction and this caused them to stay in what people call 'The Friend Zone'.

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He often asked her of her thoughts of him and she would always reply that he was a great person and friend. Lars always invited her on dates, although she saw it as a friendly dinner or as an idle stroll at the mall. He would buy her clothes and shoes that he saw her browse through and admire, just to keep her happy and increase her feelings about him. The fact that she isn't around him as always because of her new duty riled him a lot. He giggled to himself when he remembered the days when Alisa would hug or thank him for the wonderful time.

She would comment on his heart rate or the color of her cheeks and such things that indicate his attraction towards her. Lars is unsure if Alisa knows he has feelings for her and just doesn't want to get involved into a relationship. Either that, or she had no idea at all. He entered the city. The roads weren't as jammed as always and the pretty lights decorated the streets as they brought the Valentine's Day theme.

Lars enjoyed the view and sauntered around the city in his car before he spotted a stall selling flowers by the street. He parked his car by the shoulder of the road and approached the stall, only to find that the person there was a young girl who couldn't be any older than She rose from her seat to attend to the cobalt-eyed man. He pondered, wondering which one Alisa would prefer. I'm out of ideas. Roses are very common on Valentine's Day—maybe she would like something different for a change.

The girl reminded him so much of Alisa—she was pretty, well-mannered and smart. He reached his home in a small neighborhood not far from the Kazama house or the city where he worked. As he pulled up into his driveway, he paused. Oh no, these pretty flowers would wilt before she gets here…but, they look so precious and it'll be a pity if she doesn't receive them…I should put them in water. He was going to unlock his door until he noticed that it wasn't even locked, and this aroused suspicion.

The lights weren't turned on. He turned on the lights to find that somebody changed the bulb to make it shine yellow instead of white.

And the first thing—or person, to be more precise, that he saw was Alisa. Alisa, whom he thought was already in some unknown country, was standing right in front of him, wearing a whitish-pink dress that he remembered buying for her although she never wore it before. Behind the beauty was the dining table. Candles were lit up nearby, releasing an aroma that would arouse anybody into a good mood and making the scene much more romantic.

On the said table, a variety of foods were set out on it. The delicious smell reached his nose and he felt hungry already. However, before he sits down to enjoy the nosh—he must sort out what has happened. His trembling hand was pointing towards the dining table, "And there's food! I don't remember buying any of that…" He fell silent for a few minutes.

Her slight giggle revealed her excitement and she continued, "I was at Asuka's home earlier along with Xiaoyu and Leo, cooking the food that is already set out on the table.

A thousand thoughts came to his mind. Was that why the spelunker was giggling frequently? So the person squealing in the background was Xioayu? And was that why I heard Leo bump into pots and pans—it was because she was cooking with Alisa?

Alisa did not budge from her spot and smiled when he came closer, "B-But, why did you do all this? As Lars tried hard to prevent his blush from showing, Alisa looked up at him, "Besides, I wanted to spend my first Valentine's night with you! He felt happy and touched, allowing the smile to appear on his face as his cheeks tinted red.

However, he snapped out of his feeling when he heard her gasp. Lars held the bouquet of flowers up and was about to say something, but she interrupted him. I don't know how to thank you—they're just lovely. Alisa placed them on a table and admired them with a tender look in her eyes. Putting the nosh on his plate, he tucked into his meal, chatting with her about her job and experience with friends.

As he was halfway through his dinnertime, he realizes that he has yet another chance of admitting his attraction—and this time, he has no intention of wasting it. It's the one you bought for me the other day. It's lovely and I thought that it would be perfect for tonight. The aroma from the candles was motivating him to confess to Alisa, so he searched for another reason to flatter her, "The food tastes great, Alisa. Lars laughed, "It would be difficult to keep secrets from you," He said, "Besides, it's not like I have anything to hide.

He could sense her watching him eat in the air-conditioned, comfortable room. Then, Alisa spoke up, "But Lars, I'm sure there is a secret that you are not telling me. Seeing that he showed no reaction, she chuckled. My friends say that this is one of the signs that you are attracted to me. Is that true, Lars? His heart was throbbing as she approached him and bended down—and Lars could've swore that his heart skipped a beat when Alisa's soft lips came in contact with his cheek.

He allowed his own smile to play on his face as he cupped the beauty's cheeks, happy that his opinion of her was true all along. She was no machine.

She was no robot that was programmed to kill. As his and her lips met and formed into a tender kiss, he reminds himself that he fell in love with a young lady like everybody else. While Emmett leaves for L. Bay starts her community service. However, after giving a convicted criminal on probation a sandwich that had heroin in it, she is given another days and house arrest.

During season 4, Bay and Tank get drunk at a dorm party and wake up in bed together, with Bay unable to remember many events of the evening. This causes problems for her relationship with Emmett. Bay sees a guy walking with Travis walk past her at work and finds him attractive. She keeps her eye on him so she goes to their table and takes their order and they introduce each other.

Garrett asks Bay if she was deaf, and she responds no but that her sister Daphne is deaf. Bay acknowledges that she knows how to sign really well. Bay asks Travis about Garret. Bay meets Daphne after work to find a new outfit; Daphne asks for what. Bay tells her she met a guy and her plan is to ask him out with that top that she is going to wear.

Daphne asks who he is because he is a few years older. When Daphne learns it's Garrett, she says that he is a player and Bay said she can roll with that. Bay tells Daphne its time for her to move on. She asks him on a date. Bay gets a call to have her own gallery, only to find out that Travis paid for everything and asked the people who actually own the gallery to pretend for her. Travis admits that he loves her and kisses her outside the gallery.

She ends up going to China with Daphne for the summer but months later she gets a call that brings her back home. Travis later follows her to China where they start dating. They live together in China for a year before moving back home. When they get home, Bay and Daphne move in together but Travis and Bay still date. Bay becomes a tattoo artist. In the finale, Bay and Emmett remain friends but nothing more. Travis asks Bay to move to Japan with him where he got a job as a professional baseball player but she decides to stay home because she is just starting a new career but that she knows they will survive a long distance relationship and that she loves him.

Before moving into the Kennishes' guest house, she, Daphne, and her mother Adriana lived in fictional working-class neighborhood East Riverside, Missouri, where she worked as a hair stylist.

Prior to the beginning of the series, Regina had been raising Daphne as a single mother. Daphne's legal father, Angelo, abandoned their family after finding out that Daphne was not his daughter.

After Angelo's leaving, Regina had Daphne tested again, only for the tests to reveal that Daphne was not her biological daughter either. In spite of this revelation, Regina chooses to keep the information to herself for fear of Daphne being taken away from her. This fact comes to light when photos of Bay are discovered, Regina having had a Private Investigator keep tabs on her biological daughter throughout the years. After running into financial troubles, Regina and her family move into the Kennish's guest house so that the two families might get to know each other better.

She is also shown to be a talented artist, indicating that Bay inherited her skills as an artist from her biological mother. At first, there is tension between Regina and Kathryn and John, particularly regarding the way in which their daughters are raised.

Despite these personality clashes, Regina and Kathryn become close friends. Regina later assists Kathryn in writing her book. John and Regina are even seen to get along, despite John's longstanding resentment toward Regina over her keeping quiet about Daphne's true parentage. Regina's best friend is Melody Bledsoe, the mother of Daphne's best friend Emmett. Throughout the first season, Regina enters into a short-lived casual relationship with Bruce, the ex-husband of Kathryn's friend and Patrick, an art gallery owner.

Angelo, Bay's father, reenters her life after reading an article about the switch, wanting to get to know Bay. He indicates to Regina that he wishes for them to get back together, but she refuses.

Later, Angelo flees the Kennish household and it is revealed that he is under threat of being deported for an outstanding warrant for arrest in Italy. When he first returns, Regina wants nothing to do with him, but eventually she relents, even marrying him in order for him to avoid deportation. Her relationship with Patrick is effectively ended by this marriage. She later gets half of Angelo's money as a result of the marriage.

Even though it happened before they married, Regina goes to tell Kathryn and tries to figure out how to tell Bay. Later however, when she's having lunch with Bay, she finds out Bay already knows and that Bay had gotten into a quarrel with him about it. Regina then realizes that Angelo told her about the pregnancy simply because he was afraid Bay might tell her first. Later, however, Lana decides to give the child up for adoption.

In the second season, Regina finds out that she can no longer cut hair or sign anymore, due to a medical problem with her wrists.

She gets a new job, but is fired after the first day, because she oversleeps due to being drunk from a celebratory glass of Champagne. After this, and through the influence of Zane, a friend from her past, she starts drinking again.

Bay, after finding out about Regina's drinking, confronts her about it and the two get into fight. Regina realize what she said to Bay she later apologize and asks her to forgive her and keep it a secret with the promise of returning to AA. Daphne later discovers her mother's alcohol problem when she finds her passed out on the sofa, smelling of alcohol. This further strains their relationship, which had already been suffering due to Regina's inability to sign.

In "Introducing the Miracle", Regina's drinking is discovered on all sides and she's sent to rehab. Regina returns early from rehab to find that Daphne has grown closer to the Kennish family. Feeling left out, she decides to move in with Angelo. Hours later, Bay also moves with Angelo, leading to her and Regina developing a stronger mother-daughter bond and relationship. Daphne and Regina begin to grow apart. Regina tells Daphne that life is easier living with Bay. Their relationship improves and they will cohabitate.

Regina later supports Daphne when she is charged with blackmail. Angelo and Regina reconsider their relationship, and decide to cohabitate after Bay and Daphne graduate from high school and leave for college. Regina eventually gets a second chance at the job that she was fired from and begins to enjoy her work. However, in the third season premiere, her boss announces that she is selling the business and Regina will lose her job. After getting advice from Bay, Regina decides to open her own business as an interior decorator with Angelo as chief investor.

She is later hired by a property developer named Wes and her business begins to expand, unfortunately she finds out that Wes is scamming the people of East Riverside. As a result of this, the community retaliates and a brick is thrown through the window of Regina's store. After she begins carrying a gun in order to defend herself, Regina accidentally pulls the gun on Daphne after she enters Regina's store unannounced.

This causes Angelo and Regina to get into a big fight during which Angelo storms off. He is later shown to have suffered a brain aneurysm and died. As a result of this fight, Daphne blames her mother for Angelo's sudden death. John Kennish Played by D. He used to play professional baseball, and he and Daphne share a love for athletics. John later becomes friends with Daphne's basketball coach, Melody Bledsoe.

Toward the end of the first season, John announces his intention to run for office. John's relationship with his children, although close, is often strained. He and Bay clash repeatedly over her choices regarding her street art, particularly after his car wash gets tagged by graffiti artists.

John and Toby find themselves at odds when Toby reveals his decision to get married, despite only being nineteen. His relationship with Daphne comes under strain when he finds out that she was charged with blackmailing a United States Senator. Despite this, John remains a dedicated father to all three of his children and husband to Kathryn. Throughout the first two seasons, John frequently finds himself at loggerheads with Regina.

The two strong personalities often clash over how to raise their children. For example, they run into conflict when John attempts to buy Daphne a car for her sixteenth birthday, much to Regina's disapproval. Their biggest argument, however, comes after John revealing his longstanding resentment toward Regina from keeping Daphne from him for thirteen years. The strain of the fight causes John to have a heart attack, Regina in effect, saving his life.

While in an altered state, John has a dream in which he sees how different and dark their lives would have been had Regina told the hospital of the switch after learning about it. In the dream, Regina has lost her life due to alcoholism and the girls did not get along. He comes to appreciate Regina and her place in their lives. The third season sees John and Kathryn run into marriage troubles. A confused John struggles to understand the plight of an unhappy Kathryn, who is beginning to feel a little lost.

Eventually, the situation becomes so desperate that John, in a drunken haze, kisses Nikki's mother Jennyne, for which Kathryn kicks him out of the house. In turn, John finds out that Kathryn plans on writing an erotic novel based on the sex lives of their friend's from John's baseball days.

She finally tells him how unhappy she is, stating that they have nothing in common anymore and that they have fallen into a repetitive rut.

John, determined to make things work with his wife, does not give up. An argument with Renzo leads him to the realization that their biggest blunder may be his inability to change.

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After a failed attempt at winning Kathryn back, he finally gives her the 'adventure' she so longs for, staging a full scale dance number involving the whole family.

After Angelo's death, John feels guilt over denying Angelo a loan. He feels that this may have contributed to the stress that caused Angelo's brain aneurysm and subsequent death. At first, she wasn't too excited about telling her friends that Bay and Daphne were switched at birth for the sake of maintaining her reputation, but after some pressing from Regina, she finally comes clean at a fundraiser.

Despite initial tension and disagreement, Kathryn forms a close relationship with Regina. Kathryn helps get Regina a job at a local salon and, in turn, Regina helps Kathryn write her book based around the switch.

Kathryn is committed to caring and looking after her children. She finds a way to get a mopey Toby out of the house after his break-up with Simone and consults with Regina about how to tell Bay about Angelo's baby. Kathryn later finds out from Bay that Regina has begun drinking again and was sent to rehab.

In the third season, Kathryn going to therapy, stating that she has been feeling 'lost' since the switch. Her psychiatrist proves to be unhelpful, cutting her short to prescribe her drugs and send her on her way. While wandering the streets, Kathryn decides, on impulse, to attend a tap dancing class. Here, she befriends Renzo. Kathryn also comes to realise that she is unhappy with herself and in her marriage. Even after confessing her unhappiness to John, he fails to understand her emotions and situation.

In turn, John finds out that Kathryn plans on writing an erotic novel based on the sex lives of their friends from John's baseball days. After John tried to win her back by unintentionally buying her a piece of jewelry identical to one he had given her years before, Kathryn tells him that she wants adventure in their lives and that they have just grown apart. However, John, intent on winning his wife back, finally decides give her the 'adventure' she so longs for, staging a full scale dance number involving the whole family.

After realising that John had gone to the effort to plan the entire event and was willing to do anything to make their marriage work, the two reconcile. Toby plays guitar in a band called Guitar Face with his best friend Wilkie and Daphne's best friend, Emmett, who joins the band in "Dance Amongst Daggers. He tells his parents that he's playing miniature golf with his friends when, in reality, he is gambling.

Asuka Kazama

He has Daphne and Emmett help him win several poker games to help him get out of debt with Wilkie, but after Daphne misreads Wilkie's intentions, he loses a lot of money and is furious with Daphne. He subsequently sells his band equipment to help pay off the debt. He begins dating Simone, an ex-friend of Bay's with a known reputation.

She ultimately ends up cheating on him with Bay's boyfriend, Emmett. Toby breaks up with Simone upon learning about the affair. Toby soon begins to consider starting a new band after another hanging out with Nikki, a girl he meets while performing gospel music, at his mother's request. As a result of his time with Nikki, he has a change of heart about Emmett and rekindles their friendship. Nikki eventually becomes his girlfriend. Their relationship is rocky as Nikki refuses to have sex with Toby because of a pledge she took.

Emmett shows Toby a picture of Nikki at a party topless. Toby questions her about it and she explains that she is a changed person and owes him no explanation. Toby later realizes that he was wrong and surprises her at her youth group to apologize. When Nikki then tells Toby that she is leaving for to work in Peru, Toby proposes, and she accepts. Later, when the man who killed Nikki's father is imprisoned, Toby decides to arrange a visit with him for Nikki in hopes that she will find closure over her father's death.

After Nikki walks away from the man in the visiting center, Toby begins to chastise the killer. During the conversation, Toby is told that Nikki's father was a meth dealer and was killed as part of a deal gone bad. He eventually tells Nikki and the two then find that Nikki's mother had known all along. Wedding plans for the two are made during the second half of Season two. Upon realizing the resistance to their nuptials by Toby's parents and Nikki's mother, the two call off the ceremony on the actual day, after sleeping together the night before, and they choose to elope instead.

Nikki and Toby later separate as she is offered a permanent job in Peru. Determined to find himself, Toby subsequently packs up and leaves the country for his own adventure. The two date for the first half of season four, but break up after Lily develops a crush on a teacher at UMKC.

It was revealed during the mid-season premiere of season four that Lily is expecting Toby's baby. After Lily finds out she is having a baby, she discovers the baby has Down Syndrome. After many bumps in the road they decide to keep the baby.

Lily gives birth in the last episode and the child is named Carlton after the school at which Toby and Lily met. He is deaf and rarely speaks verbally, preferring to communicate through American Sign Language. He rides a motorcycle and drives Daphne to their school, much to the dismay of the Kennishes. Despite their concerns and his being deaf, Emmett is proven to be a good driver. He is very protective of Daphne and has had a long-time crush on her, but doesn't make his feelings known to her.

He is the only child in an all-deaf family, and for this reason has grown up having trouble relating to people who hear. In the first season, despite of the language barrier, Bay and Emmett form a bond after he assists her in finding her father.

The two eventually begin a relationship. When they first get together, Daphne realises her feelings for her long-time best friend, culminating in them kissing in a car wash. Emmett, however, reaffirm his loyalty to Bay.

He reassures Bay of their relationship by communicating with her verbally for the first time. This relationship, however, runs into a multitude of troubles throughout its course, including Emmett's family troubles and the interference of third parties.

Throughout his relationship with Bay, Emmett faces difficulties at home. He learns that his parents are getting a divorce and that his father has moved in with another woman. Bay, concerned for Emmett's well-being, goes behind his back to confide in his mother about her fears regarding Emmett living with her father. Emmett learns about their discussion and a fight ensues, resulting in Emmett sleeping with Simone, Bay's former friend and Toby's girlfriend.

He does not reveal his actions to Bay until the night of prom, after which she promptly breaks up with him and leaves in tears. Emmett, however, is determined to win her back. Months later, in an effort to win Bay back, Emmett paints their relationship in a timeline on a brick wall.

Bay and Emmett meet and Emmett tells Bay that he is deeply sorry about what happened between him and Simone, and that it meant nothing to either him or Simone. However, Bay doesn't think they will ever be the same. Despite this, Emmett tells Bay he's going to keep trying to win her back no matter how long it takes, which is later confirmed by Daphne, who tells Bay that if Emmett has as so much as a sliver of hope, he'll wait forever.

After Bay attempts to run away from home, it is Emmett who helps John find her. Bay and Emmett share a moment where he tells her that he will 'always come and find her'. They almost kiss but are interrupted by Bay's father. At the beginning of the second season, a nervous Bay tells Emmett that she has begun a new relationship with Noah, in response, Emmett kisses her and asks her whether she has really moved on from him before he walks away.

Later, Emmett tells Bay about the kiss between Noah and Daphne. He also meets a deaf girl Ashley Fiolek who is a fellow motorcycle enthusiast. Daphne, who is eager for Emmett to simply move on from Bay for the sake of his happiness, tells him that the new girl is perfect for him because she's deaf and into motorcycles, but Emmett tells her that he already has found his perfect girl in Bay.

Over the course of the second season, Emmett and Toby reconnect, with Toby even forgiving Emmett for sleeping with Simone. The two renew their friendship and form another band. Emmett even stands as best man at Toby's wedding.

bosconovitch ending a relationship

At which he makes a toast appearing to subtly be directed at Bay saying that He and Bay are meant to be together saying that she is the one he found. In the final episode of season 2, Emmett comforts a crying Bay after finding out about the end of her relationship with Ty. The third season sees Emmett dealing with the integration of hearing kids into Carlton.

He finds himself somewhat of an outcast among his peers after revealing the identity of a friend who had been slashing tires in order to make the new kids look bad. Emmett asks Bay's help on an astronomy project, where it is revealed that he is dating a new girl, Mandy, whom he met online. Bay, however, apologizes and promises not to bring it up again, leaving some hope for a future for the two of them.

In a later episode, after seeing Bay struggle to paint with a hand injury, Emmett helps inspire her by taking her to a replica of 's Las Vegas built by a millionaire for his dying wife. He also helps her create the project and submit it to her class.

In the spring finale Emmett goes to meet Mandy for the first time. However, Mandy is revealed to be Matthew, a classmate wanting to get back at Emmett for having him suspended earlier in the season. Bay later finds him and after admitting their love for each other, the two sleep together After some initial apprehension due to the two of them having unprotected sex, Bay reaffirms her commitment to Emmett and promises to break things off with Tank.

He also runs into some trouble with Matthew, who is now blackmailing him into staying quiet about the beating. In 'Oh, Future' Emmett's father surprises his guests at a housewarming party with a wedding and the revelation that Emmett is to become a big brother. Emmett is initially angry with his father, but after some advice from Bay and his mother, he warms up to the idea of a new sibling.

In the beginning of season four Emmett decides to go to film school in LA after much persuasion by Bay which leads them to have a long distance relationship. He doesn't make friends at first but then meets Skye. Skye instantly become fast friends with Emmett and accidentally kisses Emmett on a movie set. Emmett discovers the hardships of the long distance with Bay and wants Bay to come to LA despite her on probation.

Emmett finds out about Tank and disconnects with Bay in anger. She flies down to LA only to find out Emmett made a script about personal things in their relationship. Emmett admits he feels that they have changed too much and he wants to break up with Bay. She says it's forever if he does this now and they end up going separate ways. After the breakup, Emmett decides to start dating Skye as they have common interests but when Travis comes to visit he thinks that she is only hurting him.

Emmett also comes to visit on the Mexico trip to help deaf kids there which ultimately leads to Bay finding out about Skye. Bay tries to make Emmett jealous out of anger and in the end the two come to an understanding to not hurt each other anymore. Later on, in season 5 "—The Call", he said to Bay that he never should let Bay go meaning that he still has feelings for Bay.

When Daphne was three, he became suspicious that she wasn't his daughter due to her fair skin, red hair, and green eyes. When Daphne contracted meningitishe has a DNA test done and discovers the Daphne is not biologically his. Believing that Regina had an affair and not wanting to raise another man's child, he leaves Regina and Daphne. After learning about the switch, Angelo returns looking for Bay in "The Homecoming", surprising her at her art show.

Despite resistance from the rest of her family, Bay forms a relationship with him, while Daphne and Regina want nothing to do with him. Angelo later implies to Regina that he would like to get back together with her and that had the girls not been switched, they would still be together. When it comes out that Regina knew about the switch, Angelo is furious with her and felt that she kept him away from his daughter.

They later reconcile and end up sleeping together, much to the dismay of Regina's mother. Angelo is arrested due to an outstanding warrant in Italy and faces deportation. When he was drunk, he beat a man for having an affair with his ex-fiancee. Regina's mother contacts the police so that Angelo would be arrested, and he is ordered back to Italy. In order to keep him in the country, Regina marries him so that he can gain US citizenship.

Right after that, it is revealed that he got a woman, Lana, pregnant in a one-night stand. Regina is furious with him at first but they later reconcile.

Abraham Hicks - How do I end a relationship

Lana wants to give the baby up for adoption, but Angelo convinces her not to at first. After Regina relapsed with her alcoholism, she shows up at Angelo's apartment drunk. Angelo contacts Bay, who then gets Daphne, and they go to retrieve Regina. Angelo instead promises he will take care of Regina and asks Bay to go to the hospital with Lana, who is in labor.

Lana gives birth to Bay's half sister. In the third season, Angelo and Regina continue their relationship, having decided to wait until Bay and Daphne go off to college before moving in together. Daphne asks him to learn ASL and to move in with them since Regina has been in danger due to her job.

Angelo dies following a car accident as a result of a brain aneurysm. After doctors attempt to save his life, he is declared brain dead and the decision to take him off life support rests with the family. While searching his apartment for a way to contact Angelo's mother, Bay and Emmett discover Angelo's Last Will and Testamentwhich states that he should be taken off life support.

Bay calls Angelo's mother who also is Bay's biological grandmother and speaks to her in French for the first time and gives his mother the opportunity to say goodbye to him over the phone. The family decides to have Angelo's organs donated.

He is a fraternity pledge and ex-boyfriend of Bay Kennish in season three. The two met in an art class and bonded after he gave Bay advice on handling her break up with Ty. After taking care of an injured Bay at a party, the two get together. Despite many tensions in their relationship, Tank de-pledges his fraternity for Bay. The two break up after Bay cheats on him with Emmett. Emmett initially conceals his identity from Tank, but after he is discovered an intoxicated Tank attempts to swing a punch at Emmett.

He is shown to still have feelings for Bay. In season four, Bay and Tank get drunk at a dorm party and wake up in bed together.

Bay doesn't remember parts of the evening, and during her attempt to figure out what exactly happened, the situation is reported to the college against her wishes.

bosconovitch ending a relationship

Despite Bay not remembering the night or coming to any conclusion as to what happened, the school ignores Bay's request not to punish anyone, and Tank is expelled. His fate after that is working at a restaurant revealed awkwardly on a date as he expresses that it is hard to get a job now that rape is on his record and Bay wants to fix it but comes to peace that she cannot.

She is divorced from her ex-husband, Cameron, her polar opposite when it comes to parenting. Like her son, Melody is deaf although she can speak on some occasions due to being forced to attend speech therapy when she was young.

She is overprotective and judgmental. Melody is upset when Emmett initially tells her that he wants to date Bay, believing that hearing and deaf relationships cannot succeed.