Boyfriends daughter is ruining our relationship manga

Mangas and Manhwas With Arranged/Forced/Pretend Marriage

boyfriends daughter is ruining our relationship manga

The manga listed below are our absolute favorite school romance manga. Shizuku, being known as the cold-hearted girl, doesn't want something like this to ruin her finally agrees to help coach Haruna to help her get a boyfriend. Maki Mogami is the daughter of a very well-known doctor and knew. The global digital comics service platform, LINE WEBTOON offers daily Enjoy your favorite comics on your iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, Android, Windows, browser and more. My Giant Nerd Boyfriend Days of Hana. likeM. Romance her lifestyle is challenged after she ruins an unsuspecting strangers' clothes. I love mangas with an arranged marriage theme. to have a boyfriend in her entire life, who agrees to an arranged marriage with .. Will a couple forced to marry for the sake of their unborn child find love with Saddened by this emptiness in her life, she sheds tears that can end up destroying a city block.

Although he is well-loved by both of his parents, Sou is jealous that his father loves his mother more, and complains how strict Kyo is with him while Misao is very loving. Yoh Usui Kyo's father and the former head of the Tengu Clan.

He married Yuri, who was eleven years his junior, and through their marriage, Sho and Kyo were born. He is rarely present in the family and acts indifferent towards his sons.

Kyo believes that he doesn't love or care for him, his brother, and his mother. Kyo initially believes that his father murdered his mother after they engaged in a heated argument, but this turns out to be false, and Yoh actually feels guilty for his wife's death because he feels it was his fault.

Despite this, neither Kyo or Sho have any sympathy for their father. He is determined to have one of his sons marry Misao and father an heir for the clan.

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He is very fond of Misao, whom he remembers from her childhood. Yuri Usui Kyo's mother. She is Yoh's wife, and eleven years his junior. Her marriage to Yoh was always troubling. Before she died, she had a physical argument with Yoh, and soon after, she died from poisoning.

This causes Kyo to believe she was murdered by Yoh, but it turns out that she had actually committed suicide. He is 22 years old when he is first introduced. Once the clan realized how cruel he is, Kyo became the heir. When he was the heir, he was supposed to marry Misao. However, he is very cruel to her and does not love her, and even slapped her as a child. He hates that his brother was always there in case he failed to harm Misao. The previous Clan Leader called Kyo "the spare tire" or "back-up plan" because Sho was deemed unfit as the heir due to his abusive and cruel nature.

While he despises Misao, he hates that she chose Kyo over him because it made him feel useless to the clan. In later chapters, however, he shows an emotional side, as he saves Misao from being crushed to death inside a storage house.

He is later brought back to life by the efforts of his former attendant Roh. In the last battle between the two brothers, he is killed, but warns Kyo that he wouldn't be like him and kill Misao, implying that he read the last pages of the Immortal Fruit Record.

Taro One of the eight daitengu. He has two brothers, Jiro and Saburo, and they are triplets. They are six years old. After nearly being killed by Sho, Kyo trained him to become stronger. He enjoys cooking and preparing food for Kyo and Misao, and tending to the flowers in the courtyard, despite how much Kyo doesn't like plants that are grown by others.

Jiro One of the eight daitengu. He is the triplet brother of Taro and Saburo. He resembles Kyo almost as if they are related, which they are not.

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He loves Misao as a big sister figure and likes seeing her smile. He is later put in charge of taking care of Sou, which annoys him, as Sou tends to hide from and refuse to listen to him.

Saburo One of the eight daitengu. He is the triplet brother of Taro and Jiro. He has bushy dark hair, and enjoys doing things for Kyo and Misao. Sagami real name Ryo Another of the eight daitengu. He is very protective of Kyo, and dislikes Misao at first but he later grows to like her due to her caring personality.

He is Hoki's older brother. He has a sickly wife named Ayame, who was later cured by drinking Misao's blood. He is 24 years old and trained the daitengu to fight.

boyfriends daughter is ruining our relationship manga

Years later, he and Ayame have a son, Ryu, and a daughter, Tsubaki. He and Hoki are the last daitengu to serve Kyo. Hoki real name Yu Another of the eight daitengu, and Sagami's younger brother. He is 15 years old and he looks very feminine. He is very loyal to Kyo and Misao.

By the end of the series, he and Sagami are the last daitengu to serve Kyo. Buzen Another one of the eight daitengu who's a playboy but a mature person. He is 26 years old. He had loved Kyo and Sho's mother because he considered her to be the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, although he continues to flirt with other young women.

A few years after Sou is born, Buzen quits the daitengu and left for an unknown position. Zenki real name Gou Another one of the eight daitengu. Misao thinks he's scary but an easy-going and funny person. He's 20 years old. He loves and protects children who lost their families.

A few years after Sou is born, Zenki quits the daitengu and undergoes training to be a monk at an orphanage.

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He is killed by Kyo when they fought for Misao's love. Tadanobu Kuzunoha Kuzunoha Tadanobu Kyo's childhood friend. They met completely by accident, and formed a friendship based on their shared love of porn. He allowed his younger brother Shuhei to beat him when they fought for the leadership of the Kitsune Clan, because he never wanted to fight his best friend.

boyfriends daughter is ruining our relationship manga

He is in love with a human girl named Renko. After Kyo kills Shuhei, he becomes the head of the Kitsune Clan. Eventually, he is forced to challenge Kyo for Misao, but loses. However, he is allowed to live. Renko Jounouchi A human girl who attends the university that Misao's father teaches at. She is Tadanobu's lover, and will do anything to protect him. She even goes as far as to threaten to kill Kyo if he hurts Tadanobu.

She has competed in archery tournaments in the past. Eventually, she is accepted by the Kitsune Clan. Only Tadanobu is allowed to call her Ren. Yoshio Harada Misao's father. He is a university professor and participates in digs. He teaches Renko, who attends the same university. He is very protective of Misao, but says that he will accept Kyo as her boyfriend if he makes her happy.

When Misao becomes pregnant, he is happy and encourages her and Kyo to be happy with their child, Sou, whom he dotes on. Yoko Harada Misao's mother. After summer vacation ends and the new term begins, Yoshihisa reveals he was saving money in order to prepare a surprise birthday party for Haruka.

As Yoshihisa decides to look after her, he discovers Haruka's cold is affecting her mind-reading ability. As Haruka is unaware of this, Yoshihisa initially sees this as an opportunity to be as perverted as he wants, but can't bring himself to go through with it.

Although Haruka eventually recovers from her cold, her ability still has to. As punishment for lying to Haruka, Yuriko sets the two of them up on a date. They visit many different spots, with Haruka picking out a photo of the two of them to put in her locket. Near the end of the date, however, Haruka passes by someone and ends up reading the person's horrifying and murderous thoughts, the shock of which causes her to fall unconscious.

Too afraid to be alone that night, Haruka asks Yoshihisa to stay at her house, but Yoshihisa's planned perversions are stymied by Hiyori's arrival. The next morning the group is approached by a pair of police officers, who are questioning the students about the attacks.

Haruka is left feeling depressed about not being able to say something since the police would not likely believe that psychics exist. Later on, a discussion between Hiyori and Haruka between classes causes a rumor to spread that Haruka knows something about the attacks, which puts her at odds with her schoolmates.

Zenzou, having been called by Yuriko to help cheer Haruka up, takes her and the others to dinner at a hotel, where Kumiko coincidentally shows up on a date. When she begins to berate Haruka for allegedly using her powers on her, Yoshihisa and the others rush to support her, with Yoshihisa's perversity even managing to coax Kumiko into unconsciously showing concern for Haruka. After Kumiko leaves, Zenzou offers to call off dinner out of concern for the gang, but they decide to stay.

Later that night, Hiyori is in total shock after seeing one of her murdered classmates in an alley and screams in agony after seeing her blood on her hands. The two visit the police station and vouch for Hiyori's innocence, which helps calm Hiyori's nerves. After one of the detectives, Tsukino, lets Haruka and the others in to support her during the interrogation, Hiyori explains how she had tried to get her friends to stop spreading rumors about Haruka, only to discover she had been attacked and accused of the crime herself.

Not wanting Hiyori to suffer because of her anymore, Haruka decides to tell the detectives what she knows. Despite convincing the detective of her ability, he reveals he cannot let Hiyori free until they find tangible evidence, leading to Yuriko to bring up her mother.

Feeling they can't rely on the police, Yuriko decides they should find the true culprit themselves. Although Haruka agrees to help, Yoshihisa objects to it because he doesn't want to see Haruka getting hurt, leading the two to have a fight, after which Yoshihisa stops visiting the clubroom.

Later that evening, Haruka runs into Tsukino, talking a little about her desire to help. The next day, Hiyori is released due to another attack taking place whilst she was incarcerated, though Haruka decides she still wants to find the culprit. After learning of a potentially dangerous alley from Tsukino, Yuriko offers to use herself as bait to draw out the culprit.

As Haruka starts hearing the attacker's thoughts, Yuriko is attacked by the culprit. Haruka once again feels guilty about what had happened, not wanting Yoshihisa getting involved having read his thoughts of concern over her. She ends up wandering around until she reaches a park, where she once again encounters Tsukino, who takes her to her apartment.

Meanwhile, Hiyori informs Yoshihisa on the situation, hazing him for not staying by Haruka's side. Hiyori then confesses that she loves Yoshihisa, to which he responds that he loves Haruka, which Hiyori believes is the way it should be. After Yoshihisa heads off to search for Haruka, Hiyori laments over her rejection.

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Meanwhile, after recovering from his injury and assuring Yuriko, Daichi deduces that the attacker is in fact Tsukino. Yuriko's phone call to Haruka helps her avoid an attack from Tsukino, who has a violent split personality that emerged from years of bullying. As Haruka is chased into a corner on the terrace, Yoshihisa comes to her rescue and manages to ward off Tsukino's attack. Haruka then calls out to the true Tsukino, reminding her that there will be people who care for her, enabling her to overcome her dark side, after which she turns herself in to the police for the crimes that she committed.

During the commotion, Haruka learns of Hiyori's failed confession to Yoshihisa, along with his feelings for Haruka. As the others head to book a room for a karaoke place, Yuriko expresses her apology towards Haruka, who tells her she has no reason to apologize.