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Why Brendan Hines Wishes He Had Said Hello to Elvis Costello . mixed feelings around the success of his acting career in relation to his. Brendan Hines is back in the spotlight as Superian in Amazon's The Tick, and Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. has to wreck someone's relationship or stir up a problem for somebody. Actor Brendan Hines says James Corden is a sexual predator I saw people saying that it was bad that people discovered the relationship. .. and carry on answering other non serious questions as if nothing has happened.

But we were able to isolate and focus solely on recording for days.

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Wake up, eat, record all day, open multiple bottles of wine, make a fire, bullshit and go back to recording well into the night.

We were there during a supermoon, which was pretty to look at and, according to some people, may have also had some unquantifiable effect on our behavior.

How did time affect the recordings or your approach? It defined the process completely. We only had three days to get everything we wanted. We had barely rehearsed before arriving in the desert and a bunch of the songs were unfinished, lyrically-speaking. It was hurried, but not frantic. Five years separated your previous album Small Mistakes and this one. What was your personal journey between those two points? I was lucky enough to be working on various TV shows pretty steadily in that time.

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But that meant lots of traveling to other cities and spending weeks and months away from home. So, I was writing quite a bit but unable to find time to record anything, which has both benefits and drawbacks. I think I got better at revising and being more selective about what I wanted to say, but a handful of songs probably got lost along the way. What led you back to making music?

I missed playing live for strangers. Were you aware of how diverse the music ended up?

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But bad music has its place and good music can be downright unbearable. Did you have concrete ambitions about what you wanted to do on this album, musically?

I specifically wanted to avoid having it sound too much like my previous two records, hence the live band. But ultimately I wanted it to feel to people the way it felt to us in the room that weekend.

Do you find any of your musical heroes were reflected on this collection?

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What is the backstory there? That was originally a song about temptation and blackmail that I started writing one night in New York before waking up with an unbearable hangover and an embarrassing flood of memories from the night before. It went through a bunch of permutations over a few years and finally, the day we were recording it, I started changing the feminine pronouns to masculine ones, and it suddenly felt as if it was about buyers remorse and applicable to either an object of desire or a scummy presidential candidate.

I had somehow never used one in a song, so I threw a Cmaj7 in there, and it makes me happy still. Was there ever any difficulty getting this recording just right?

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