Brittany nandina flirt

Brittany Nandina Flirt

in Tennessee, United States. Bareroot Hemerocallis Daring Dilemma Daylily Fans. SGD · Nandina Obsession one plant per cup, 4 inch cups. Stunning, deep red, new growth accentuates the evergreen leaves of this nandina. Flirt™ has superior color through the summer unlike similar varieties. Nandina twilight® Nandina domestica flirt Murasaki® in a magnificent park, or in cold greenhouses, in our nursery on the south coast of Brittany, in France.

Although it belongs to the Barberry family, it is commonly called heavenly bamboo because its erect, cane-like stems and compound leaves resemble bamboo. Tiny whitish flowers with yellow anthers appear in late spring in loose, erect, terminal clusters. Flowers are followed by sprays of spherical, two-seeded, red berries which persist from fall to spring, providing winter interest.

Obsession™ Nandina

Heavenly bamboo tends to invade adjacent lands including certain forested areas of the southeastern U. It is now considered to be an invasive species in some southern states. Genus name is the Latinized form of the Japanese name of this plant Nanten. Specific epithet means domesticated. Staying small at " tall with a spread of " it is characterized by its tight, dense mounding plant habit.

It is a sport of Nandina domestica 'Harbour Dwarf' but differs in having wine red colored young foliage. Mature foliage is deep blue green in color. It was discovered at Magnolia Gardens Nursery tissue culture facility. Problems No serious insect or disease problems. Foliage may develop chlorosis in alkaline soils.

Plants tend to be invasive in the South. Garden Uses Plant form, foliage, fall color make this an interesting ornamental for the landscape.

Flirt™ Nandina

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Noteworthy Characteristics The foliage of Nandina turns red only during the winter, right? The possibilities are endless. Framed intaglios and silk draperies further enhance the elegant look. New and gently used clothing. For more information, callor email sarah. Towels available through Gramercy Home.

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