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christ centered relationship tumblr

#God centered relationship#love#relationship So for you guys who are legit Christians and looking for a solid Christian girl or maybe you are currently in a. “You ought to marry someone who's willing to go anywhere for God. If they're Strongly, healthy Christ-centered relationships take time and spiritual maturity. A man after God's heart is a beautiful, honorable thing. A man christian guys on Tumblr Christian Relationship QuotesGodly RelationshipChrist Centered.

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We must constantly be running from all evil and trying our best to live like Jesus. I wanted to share. Btw, I would love to do a weekly devotional on here or somewhere on the web. I think it would build me up as a christian and I would love to share what God has spoken to me to encourage all of you.

christ centered relationship tumblr

Taking up a cross?! Are we actually supposed to find a wooden cross and carry it like Jesus did?! Of course not haha. Jesus already did that for us.

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I believe this is one of the most powerful verses in the bible. Let me go into what this means.

christ centered relationship tumblr

Take up your cross 3. Follow Jesus By living the life Jesus called us to live, we must first deny ourselves. That simply means denying our self will.

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This life is not about what we want, but all about what Jesus wants for us! We must constantly be surrendering our lives to Jesus and giving ourselves up to him so He may do a work in us. Let go of all your trials and problems and give it up to the God of all creation to take care of.

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Let Him be in control. I know every time I try to take control, I always fail.

christ centered relationship tumblr

Next, once we deny ourselves, we must take up our cross. I love how my ESV study bible puts this.

christian relationship on Tumblr

Every single moment throughout our days, wherever we may find ourselves, we must always be living a life pleasing to God. The way we talk to people, serve people, hang with our friends, etc.

Sin is sin and we must flee it immedietely. Then the last command is to follow Jesus. The more clear we can be about Who He is and what He has done, the more impact our testimonies will have, and the more glory will go to Christ. Follow the storyline of your life: Share key Bible verses. A helpful portion of Scripture that you can interweave into your testimony is Ephesians 2: Use words everyone can understand.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Propitiation, justification, and only-begotten may be fine words for a Bible study or theological textbook, but may sound like Christianese to someone not familiar with Christian lingo. Keep your vocabulary simple and easy to grasp.

christ centered relationship tumblr

Be ready to share your testimony concisely. Sometimes our window of opportunity to share is up in two minutes—be ready for any and every situation!

christ centered relationship tumblr

Practice sharing your story in a compelling fashion. Describe how you felt during specific times and give people details of the who, what, and where of important parts of your story so they can visualize it. Sharing about the grace of God through Jesus Christ in your life should be the most exciting thing you can tell people about—act like it! Be ready with good follow up questions. Print Friendly Related Posts.